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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

July 29, 2013 Sorry!! i didn't have much time to write, things are so amazing here! i dont want to leave!!! hahahah i loved being a sister training leader! i was able to have spencer jackson in my zone which is crazy! hahah the girls are so sweet! i have gotten to know them, and will send the pictures that we all took together! they are like my best friends! i was able to see austin again! it was so nice, we had lunch together and really got to catch up! did you get the picture from a random e-mail???? there was a really nice man who took a picture of us, and wrote down your e-mail :) so he could send it to you! Any way how are you all?! this is nice that we are able to e-mail today, as we do our laundry! its so weird i leave tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crazy!!!! so dont forget i will call anytime between 4pm and 8pm :) cause we take a train to SLC at 4 or 5 then we will call you once we get to the airport in SLC! I loved that you wrote me mom and dad!!! thank you! it meant so much! and all the amazing e-mails bring me so much joy! i love you all!!! well MOM: would you please e-mail my e-mails as soon as you can, and maybe upload the blog please??? thank you so much! Peo ple keep saying they aren't getting the e-mails! I seriously just love being here! i have become best friends with the elders in my district! we all act like siblings! its so great! i have seriously learned so much being here at the MTC! i just want to learn more and more! most importantly i have learned the importance of having the spirit teach! I have learned the importance of having Faith so that we can be successful for our Heavenly Father! i have learned that this is Heavenly Father, Christ, and MY work!!!! i need to work hard, be obedient, and most importantly love just as they would! i can't even tell you how much i have really tried to follow the O.W.L.E motto! i have made it my personal motto! it has helped so much! i am so grateful for your support, love, teachings, and being the most amazing parents and family ever! i seriously pray daily for you! i am so beyond blessed!!!!!!!!! i can't wait to let you know how singapore is! i'm so grateful for this work! i can't wait to talk to you!!!! LISTEN FOR THE PHONE! (DADS PHONE) LOVE YOU!!!!!! Itinerary; Leaving: SLC at 8:25 PM on July 30-American Airlines Flight 3652 Arriving: LAX at 9:25PM on July 30 Leaving: LAX at 11:55PM on July 30-Cathay Pacific Airways Flight 883 Arriving: Hong Kong at 5:45AM on August 1 Leaving: Hong Kong at 8:05AM on August 1-Cathay Pacific Airways Flight 691 Arriving: Singapore at 11:45AM on August 1 this is our travel plan, i will call dads cell tomorrow Tuesday the 30th anytime between 4pm or 8pm so make sure your watching the phone! :) i love you!

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