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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

January 27, 2014 Hi Family!!!! Well this week has been CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!! :) We had zone meeting this week which ROCKED!!!! It was centered on being master finders and was so uplifting!!!!! The sisters sang a musical number and we had brilliant trainings!! Our zone pretty much rocks my world!!! The next district (those who know of the district will understand) anyway!!! For role plays they made me do one in front of everyone!!! It was with my zone leader, centered on a person who has not so great intentions, haha needless to say it was awkward, but I learned a lot! I have really made it a point to focus on how to begin teaching!!! Best PMG chapter ever! Anyway!!! We also watched a video about the atonement and how it applies to missionary work!!!! *everyone watch it* it will change your life! It’s so amazing!!!! We go through hard things, because we are allowed to feel just a token of the price he paid! It wasn't easy for him...why should it be easy for us?! It was the greatest day ever! Anyway! We were able to stop by and visit S. for dinner! It was so nice to talk with her and see how she is doing! It's hard for her to be in a different ward, but she is really doing well! Couldn’t be more proud of her!!!! We went on splits with the Assisters!!! And it was a blast!!!!!!! I went with Sister Bishop!!! LOVE HER!!!! She is my old house mate and is the greatest person ever! :) We had a really good RC lesson with S.S! She is so good! Practically taught us the restoration! :) We met with one of our less Actives and the lesson was completely lead by the spirit! It was one of those lessons that make being a missionary completely worth it!!!! :) I love being able to feel the spirit!!!!! "You know your teaching by the spirit when you learn from your own words...." Also, we had interviews with President!!!! He is the most inspired man ever!!!! SO COOL!!!!! When he blessed our house we all felt such a huge lift in our hearts!!!!! The power of the spirit after he left was so amazing!!!!!!! Interviews were awesome! We have some work to do on our area book and finding new investigators! BUT!!!!!! We already had a lot of plans for this week!!! And were ready to ACT!!!!!! We finally met with F!!!! It was so good! She just called us up and asked if we could meet!!!!! We shared a message about the priesthood and invited her to receive a priesthood blessing... she needs a lot of prayers right now!!!!!!!!! We are really striving to help her!!! :) We had a really hard experience with one of our investigators and their family... it was very difficult, but I am putting complete faith in the Lord that all things will work together as we all do what is right! It’s really crazy how many things we go through on missions!!!! I wish I could share the experiences but for confidential purposes I can't. I have really learned about relying on the spirit!!! THAT’S FOR SURE!!!!!!! Anyway!!! A. came to a baptism with us, and she LOVED it!!!!!!! We are sad because she is going to be baptized in Mongolia, but we feel very blessed to have been a part of her story and conversion experience!!! WE LOVE HER AND M!!!!!!<3 that’s her daughter and they are the cutest!!!!!!! AC is so Fun!!!!!!!! I love that lady so much! She gave us love letter cookies (Chinese New Year thing) she is so funny and wants us to make her cookies!!! So during nightly planning we whipped up some cookies to give to her! hahah luckily my comp rocks and knows how to cook and bake and she is AMAZING!!!!!!!! This week she has just seriously stepped up her game on everything! She is a wonderful example of how to be a true disciple of Christ! And she just wants so badly to be the best she can!!!! WOW! She rocks!!! The end! :) We met with sister J. at little India!!! She said to say hello to you! It was an amazing experience!!! We love her! She talked to us about a lot of concerns she has with leaving her family for her mission and how to prepare! She is just amazing! And has such great life experience and she is going to be the best missionary ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! S.S. is being a rocking Member missionary! We met with her and one of her friends and shared the book of Mormon with her friend!!!!! We hope that she will really want to learn and pray that S.S. will continue to be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Church was so good!!!!! A. T. had his farewell this Sunday!!!!!! It was so sad!!!!!!!! He did an amazing job!!! I know that he will be a rockin missionary!!! He talked a lot about the atonement! He rocks!! Anyway! I was sitting in church and realized I was wayyy to comfortable there! It feels like my home ward now!!!! I love the people a lot!!!! It’s going to be so hard to leave :( I really want to focus on just building this area up!!!! Helping the Ward members be member missionaries and really finding new investigators!!! So next week we will have a lot to report on!!! It’s gonna be good!!!!!! I love you all soooooo much!!!! You are amazing! I appreciate the emails and the prayers!!! I feel them! It’s been a little bit of a rough week with a few break downs, but I know God is aware of everything we go through!!!!! :) I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep on keeping on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Eternally Sister Waldvogel O.W.L.E <3 "One cardinal lesson of the parable, apart from the representation of actual conditions present and future is that of patience, long suffering, and toleration... each an attribute of Deity and a trait of character that all men should cultivate." Jesus the Christ <3

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