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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Monday, March 17, 2014

March 16, 2014

HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY!!!

I heard that it's St. Patty’s day! haha they don’t celebrate here! SO! Hope everyone is doing AMAZING!!!! :) WOW! This week went by FAST!!!!! Well, last Monday we played capture the flag... I wrote letters because I was sick and couldn't breathe!!! Kept coughing!!! But it was fun! Some of the elders in the mission have a broken arm or sprained wrist so they helped me write letters :) mom and dad!!! You should be getting a letter soon!!! :) Anyway! It was way fun! We went to FHE later that night and taught them about how to put on the armor of God! It was a ROCKIN lesson! :) And then we played the question game which was way fun! You sit in a circle and you can only ask questions back and forth… if you answer one, you’re out! :) We had Zone Meeting which was AMAZING!!!!!! haha we worked with Elder H. and I. (our zone leaders) and planned it together! So Sister G. and I taught the majority! I wanted everyone to be really excited… so I was a little over bubbly! BUT! It worked :) they got excited and zone meeting was a lot more fun! We just UP'd our mission standard of excellence from 1 new invest. a week to 2 so we can hit our baptism goal! :) and find more people to teach! SO! We really focused on faith and finding new ways to find investigators! It was really cool to be with the other missionaries and see their concerns... and try to help them, and support them! I LOVE MISSIONARIES!!!!! They ROCK!!!!! The missionaries in Ang Mo Kio are trying to help the ward to really clear up the ward directory! SO! We are finding a lot of less actives!!! One part of trying to do this is finding them on Facebook. SO! We use some different ward members to search for these wonderful people on Facebook, and we have found a lot of success in doing so!!!! We have been in touch with a lot of them and are even planning on visiting some! It's really cool that we have this technology to use!!!! :) WE HAVE THE COOLEST PEOPLE IN OUR WARD!!!!!!!!!!! The L. family! They met while ballroom dancing!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 I died! They were at the same studio... and were dance partners! IT WAS SO CUTEEEEE!!!!!!!! Anyway!!! They have the cutest kids ever! Their daughter A. is so sweet! She is 4 and we bring her stickers to church every week! She wants to be a missionary and give stickers to little girls like we do! IT’S ADORABLE!!! We went on exchanges this week! I went to Woodlands!!!! IT WAS SO FUN! I went with Sister N, and was able to see D.O. (just left for her mission to the Philippines!) and the S. family! It was really fun to talk with Sister N. and to be in my old area! I miss those people so much!!!!! We have been able to do a lot of heart attacking this week! It was fun! hahah it was hard to not get caught!!!!! A. one of our RC, it was her birthday and she sent the sweetest sms when she saw we heart attacked her! She just explained how she really felt love from God through us, and she is just the sweetest lady ever! I went on exchanges with Sister K. in Choa Chu Kong area and it was a BLAST!!!! She has the CUTEST recent convert, her name is F. and I had her add me on Facebook! She is ROCKIN and wayyy fun! We talked to her about the gospel of Jesus Christ... and her testimony is so strong. It is really admirable to see how much she has let it change her life!!! We also helped them plan for their area because they are in a trio and over two wards, so it was really fun to be with all of them!!! We did a service project with them and some of the elders in their area! THEY ARE WAYY TO FUN!!! I love the fun personalities all the new missionaries have! They are the best!


Sister G. and I get on the MRT and this guy just stops and asks us (HE ASKED US!!!!!!!!!!!!!) if we were missionaries..... and then asked for our name card!!!! WHAT?!?! 1st time that has EVER happened to me!!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He came to church, had an amazing experience and we are meeting with him next Sunday!!!!! <3 I love being a missionary!!!

SO! hahah we had a rockin lesson with a less active P! He is speaking in church in a few Sundays... but he didn't know that! We read over his topic and helped him pretty much write a talk... than we took him up to the chapel pulpit and had him give this talk. Than we asked him if he would for real give it march 30th. It was pretty much the greatest lesson ever! haha :) it was fun! We were able to visit a lot of members this week! Carol and Nikkie with their daughter F. are SO CUTE!!!!! They are Filipino and just got sealed in the Manila temple together!!! It was amazing to talk about enduring to the end with them!!!!

We also visited the M. family! The husband is from Ireland and the wife is from Singapore and they have the most ADORABLE 3 sons ever!!!!!! The whole night was just a party :) we had a fun lesson! we had them write down the things they had done over the past 2 days... then went to a diff. room in their house and talked about the pre earth life (what it was, who was their etc.) then went to a diff. room and talked about this earth life... and why we are here! We then had them look at the things they had been doing to see if it matched up with why we are here! We are here to prepare to meet God! To return to him! And it was cool for each of us to think of what we can do better! ANYWAY!!!!!!!

This week was AMAZING!!!!!!!! Yes I did go to the Dr. Mom and Dad and I’m on antibiotics and cough syrup that makes me super tired!! BUT! It’s helping a lot! :)

Going to Kalua Lumpur tomorrow!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I can't wait!!!! It’s going to be a blast!!!! I’ll send pictures :)

This gospel is true... it brings joy and light into darkness... it changes hearts and lives for the better, and our savior Jesus Christ carries us when we cannot! Life may be hard... but it's supposed to be! That’s how we grow... and are able to return to our loving Father in Heaven! I love you so much everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 keep on keeping on!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Waldvogel
O.W.L.E <3



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