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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014


I hope everyone is doing well!!!! All is well here in Singapore!!! :) This week has been CRAZY!!!!!! Oh my goodness!!! So!!!!! It started off on Tuesday when we went to Kuala Lumpur!! We arrived around 2pm and I noticed immediately it was totally different!!!! Singapore is really clean, nice, proper, and everything is kept up really nice and new! Malaysia is dirty, smelly and SCARY!!! Hahaha, we arrived a little early so Sister Guzman could see her recent convert and pick up a few souvenirs!!! We didn't have much time, but we found some good stuff!!! Everything is CRAZY cheap! So we loved it!!!! :) (Mom and Dad, if you come pick me up, this is the 1st place we are going!!! :))

Anyway, we went to dinner with the Assistants that night! After I had done a lot of things that scared me, like… 1) riding an air plane in and out of Kuala Lumpur 2) riding a really sketchy bus that drives with the door open as ppl jump on and off 3) whistled at by one too many people 4) crossed streets with cars driving like maniacs 5) to top it all off everywhere in the city smells like urine!!! I explained all of this to the AP's and they just died laughing at me! I’m a bit of a princess!!! Anyway!!!! :) Let’s just say it was a totally different experience from Singapore!!!! It was crazy culture shock for me!! BUT!!! Exchanges were a BLAST!!! I went with Sister R. (From Madagascar) and Sister L. from Utah!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!! It was so much fun to get to know both of them! They work so hard and we were able to get 2 new investigators the day I was with them!!! :) They are ROCKIN missionaries!!! :) I learned so much from them about diligence and really expressing love to investigators and helping them have a spiritual experience. They have deep testimonies! I'm very proud of all the sisters in this mission!!! THEY ROCK!!!! <3 So! We had a lot of really great experiences that you will see in pictures!

ALSO! I was able to see the PETRONAS twin towers!! IT WAS COOL!!!! I want to go inside someday and walk across the high bridge that connects the two towers!!! :) Anyway!!! The next day we went to PJ. I was with sister Fa from Samoa (She is the coolest person ever!!!) I told her I was going to come visit her in Samoa when she gets home!! :) I want her to be my next companion!! :) haha anyway!! I was really sick the day I was with her so sadly we took it a little slow! BUT! We were able to visit a lot of people and we even had a great lesson with a new investigator!! It was cool to see how hard working of a missionary she is!!
Malaysia eventually grew on me and I actually hope to serve there someday! The people are so humble and ready to hear the gospel! It was a very neat experience to see how missionary work is done there! :) We came back home to Singapore and unfortunately Sister Guzman’s bag was lost :( BUT! We got it back later that night so we were quite happy! I was able to go on exchanges with my daughter Sister Zhang!!!! :) It was fun! We went to the RS birthday party and I was able to see everyone from Woodlands and Ang Mo Kio! It WAS A BLAST!!!!!! I was so happy to see everyone! Sister Zhang is doing really well! Her English has improved a lot and she is a rockin missionary! Wants to build her area up so much!! :) My posterity ROCKS!!!! :) haha Church yesterday was really hard!!!!! One of the recent converts (who was less active for a while) came to church and had a huge break down :( one of her missionaries that taught her made a really bad decision which affected her (she has a very big heart) and so we spent most of church talking with her, and trying to help her see that she can be an example in this situation.

SO! Here is my soap box!!!!
When you choose to serve a mission, you are not just serving for a 1 1/2 or 2 years! YOU ARE SERVING FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!!! And even if we don’t have that name badge above our heart! We should put an invisible one on it! We are representatives of our Savior Jesus Christ! We should always act like it! Our purpose in this life is to Prepare to meet God again... THIS SHOULD BE OUR PRIORITY! Always ask ourselves, does this help me grow so that I can live with my Father in Heaven again? I know that work, school, lives, and everything keep us busy... BUT! WE MUST MAKE TIME FOR OUR HEAVENLY FATHER!!!!!!!! He NEVER forgets us... let us NEVER forget him! :) <3

Anyway!!! This week was amazing! Full of a lot of ups and downs! But that’s life! You learn to take it as it is, and when you involve Christ you become stronger, and you CAN do ALL things!! :) I love you so much family!!! Keep on keeping on!!!


Sister Waldvogel
O.W.L.E <3

Monday, March 17, 2014

March 16, 2014

HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY!!!

I heard that it's St. Patty’s day! haha they don’t celebrate here! SO! Hope everyone is doing AMAZING!!!! :) WOW! This week went by FAST!!!!! Well, last Monday we played capture the flag... I wrote letters because I was sick and couldn't breathe!!! Kept coughing!!! But it was fun! Some of the elders in the mission have a broken arm or sprained wrist so they helped me write letters :) mom and dad!!! You should be getting a letter soon!!! :) Anyway! It was way fun! We went to FHE later that night and taught them about how to put on the armor of God! It was a ROCKIN lesson! :) And then we played the question game which was way fun! You sit in a circle and you can only ask questions back and forth… if you answer one, you’re out! :) We had Zone Meeting which was AMAZING!!!!!! haha we worked with Elder H. and I. (our zone leaders) and planned it together! So Sister G. and I taught the majority! I wanted everyone to be really excited… so I was a little over bubbly! BUT! It worked :) they got excited and zone meeting was a lot more fun! We just UP'd our mission standard of excellence from 1 new invest. a week to 2 so we can hit our baptism goal! :) and find more people to teach! SO! We really focused on faith and finding new ways to find investigators! It was really cool to be with the other missionaries and see their concerns... and try to help them, and support them! I LOVE MISSIONARIES!!!!! They ROCK!!!!! The missionaries in Ang Mo Kio are trying to help the ward to really clear up the ward directory! SO! We are finding a lot of less actives!!! One part of trying to do this is finding them on Facebook. SO! We use some different ward members to search for these wonderful people on Facebook, and we have found a lot of success in doing so!!!! We have been in touch with a lot of them and are even planning on visiting some! It's really cool that we have this technology to use!!!! :) WE HAVE THE COOLEST PEOPLE IN OUR WARD!!!!!!!!!!! The L. family! They met while ballroom dancing!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 I died! They were at the same studio... and were dance partners! IT WAS SO CUTEEEEE!!!!!!!! Anyway!!! They have the cutest kids ever! Their daughter A. is so sweet! She is 4 and we bring her stickers to church every week! She wants to be a missionary and give stickers to little girls like we do! IT’S ADORABLE!!! We went on exchanges this week! I went to Woodlands!!!! IT WAS SO FUN! I went with Sister N, and was able to see D.O. (just left for her mission to the Philippines!) and the S. family! It was really fun to talk with Sister N. and to be in my old area! I miss those people so much!!!!! We have been able to do a lot of heart attacking this week! It was fun! hahah it was hard to not get caught!!!!! A. one of our RC, it was her birthday and she sent the sweetest sms when she saw we heart attacked her! She just explained how she really felt love from God through us, and she is just the sweetest lady ever! I went on exchanges with Sister K. in Choa Chu Kong area and it was a BLAST!!!! She has the CUTEST recent convert, her name is F. and I had her add me on Facebook! She is ROCKIN and wayyy fun! We talked to her about the gospel of Jesus Christ... and her testimony is so strong. It is really admirable to see how much she has let it change her life!!! We also helped them plan for their area because they are in a trio and over two wards, so it was really fun to be with all of them!!! We did a service project with them and some of the elders in their area! THEY ARE WAYY TO FUN!!! I love the fun personalities all the new missionaries have! They are the best!


Sister G. and I get on the MRT and this guy just stops and asks us (HE ASKED US!!!!!!!!!!!!!) if we were missionaries..... and then asked for our name card!!!! WHAT?!?! 1st time that has EVER happened to me!!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He came to church, had an amazing experience and we are meeting with him next Sunday!!!!! <3 I love being a missionary!!!

SO! hahah we had a rockin lesson with a less active P! He is speaking in church in a few Sundays... but he didn't know that! We read over his topic and helped him pretty much write a talk... than we took him up to the chapel pulpit and had him give this talk. Than we asked him if he would for real give it march 30th. It was pretty much the greatest lesson ever! haha :) it was fun! We were able to visit a lot of members this week! Carol and Nikkie with their daughter F. are SO CUTE!!!!! They are Filipino and just got sealed in the Manila temple together!!! It was amazing to talk about enduring to the end with them!!!!

We also visited the M. family! The husband is from Ireland and the wife is from Singapore and they have the most ADORABLE 3 sons ever!!!!!! The whole night was just a party :) we had a fun lesson! we had them write down the things they had done over the past 2 days... then went to a diff. room in their house and talked about the pre earth life (what it was, who was their etc.) then went to a diff. room and talked about this earth life... and why we are here! We then had them look at the things they had been doing to see if it matched up with why we are here! We are here to prepare to meet God! To return to him! And it was cool for each of us to think of what we can do better! ANYWAY!!!!!!!

This week was AMAZING!!!!!!!! Yes I did go to the Dr. Mom and Dad and I’m on antibiotics and cough syrup that makes me super tired!! BUT! It’s helping a lot! :)

Going to Kalua Lumpur tomorrow!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I can't wait!!!! It’s going to be a blast!!!! I’ll send pictures :)

This gospel is true... it brings joy and light into darkness... it changes hearts and lives for the better, and our savior Jesus Christ carries us when we cannot! Life may be hard... but it's supposed to be! That’s how we grow... and are able to return to our loving Father in Heaven! I love you so much everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 keep on keeping on!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Waldvogel
O.W.L.E <3



Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We received this wonderful email from a dear Sister in Singapore (November 2013)

Dear Bro & Sis Waldvogel: I’m EL from the Woodlands Ward, Singapore Stake, where your daughter is currently serving. I serve as the Stake Relief Society secretary and my husband, T, serves as the Stake Young Men president. Our oldest, J, has finished serving in the San Jose CA mission and is currently schooling at LDSBC, SLC. My youngest, S, will be finishing school in the first quarter of next year and will proceed to serve in the military (compulsory) before going on a mission. He serves alongside with the missionaries as a ward missionary. The missionaries are an impact and example in influencing the young minds as they serve in our midst. The missionary force in our Ward has doubled and our missionaries have stepped up their effort in helping us be better missionaries.

Sis Waldvogel and her companion had been to our home and shared simple meals with us. She is an amazing and spunky missionary. There’s just something abt her. We love having her in our ward. I’m so happy to be acquainted with them and what strength they will bring when they return home. Thank you for sharing your daughter with us during these passing months. We know she will go on to do great things in life.

Recently, something just happened to us. I have attached a picture of what Sis Waldvogel, her companion and 2 other Elders, did to our door. They totally BOMBED our door with LOVE!!!!! I was home the whole time and they were so quiet abt it. S. came home from school and had asked me to check out our door. What a pleasant surprise!!!! I had since left my door looking so pretty. My neighbors had come by asking what it was all about. It had created a good conversational piece to introduce the church to them. I hope they will accept invitations to our home for a brief visit with the missionaries. Sis Waldvogel is just AWESOME!!!!!!!

Thank you for watching over Sis K. L. and making her feel welcome in your home. I am happy that she has decided to serve a mission and be able to serve in the St George area. She truly loves the mission and for the miracles she has experienced,

Thanks again for your kindness toward Sis L. and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Sincerely, Evelyn
Monday, March 10, 2014

FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!!! <3 How is everyone?! :) i hope your all doing FANTASTIC!! Singapore is AMAZING as always!!! this week was sooooo busy, and cool, and hard, and all of the above!!! :) IT ROCKED!!! lets start with monday!! :) we went to the Zoo with Sister A, H, G and Elders C, H, F, and Ha! IT WAS A BLAST!!!!!!! i'll send lots of pictures! we went to the elephant show, and a sea lion show! took a million ridiculous pictures and had a lot of laughs!! :) We went to the A. families house later that evening for dinner and had an AMAZING experience! Their daughter is getting married next month, and they are having a reception in Singapore before they go to the Hong Kong Temple! And they really want to involve the missionaries! and share the gospel during it!!! I WAS AMAZED!!! at all the ideas they had! they want us to come early, and just talk with lots of people, and they also want to have some mormon messages playing, and talk about how families can be together forever! I CANT EVEN TELL YOU!!!!! how much i want to be like that for my future life! it's their daughters wedding reception, and they are involving missionary work in it! we are making a lot of great plans to have some missionaries sing, and just talk to as many people as we can1 WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!! i really love this family! they are the best!!!! i'll have to let you know how everything ends up going! BUT! i'm stoked!!! anyway!!! this week we went with Elder H, and Elder S (Ang Mo Kio elders) to heart attack some members!! IT WAS WAYY FUN!!!! and we got some member appointments for next week!!!! So we are really happy!
Sister G. is AMAZING! she has served in this ward before, at the very beginning of her mission, and so she created a member book! with all the members pictures... facts... names.... and when we visited them! so we updated that on tuesday, and found some Less Active members! It was a really great day!!!!! BUT! sadly i got sick this week :( i'm going to go to the Dr. and get something to help me get better soon... i've been holding onto this cold for a long time! :( BUT! it's gonna be good! :) THURSDAY WAS MLC (missionary leadership council!) It's where President Mains, AP's, Zone Leaders, and Sister Training Leaders have a meeting :) IT'S AMAZING!!!! it's quite long, but you come out feeling very inspired, and pumped up!!! i really loved every second of it!!! we made a few changes for goals in the mission... and talked about a lot of different ideas to build up our mission! Leaders are Truly inspired! That's all i have to say about that!!!! My favorite part is at the end we go around and everyone bares their testimony! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the spirit was so strong, and you could tangibly feel the love that President Mains has for every missionary in this mission!!!! i feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to see first hand all the prayer, thought, and faith that goes into all the leadership!!!!! :) anyway! we were able to go on exchanges with 2 diffrent companionships this week! I went with Sister A, and Sister L :) IT WAS SO FUN!!!!!! the day with sister A was amazing, because 1st off she is like my bestie so it was a blast to be comps again! we had some really good heart to hearts during the day, and the spirit was really felt!!!! Sister L is an amazing missionary! She is so much fun, hard working, obedient, and has such a strong spirit with her!!! She and i were able to go contacting, and give a BOM to a girl who is from Myanmar and she was ill, and it was a really good experience to testify that she can find comfort through her savior Jesus Christ! :) We were also able to visit S. (1st RC)!!!! i was wayyyyy excited to talk to her! she is doing amazing, and i miss her a lot! she is the sweetest!!! That evening we went to Stake Confrence with elder Gong (area 70 president) and it was so cool! I was able to shake his hand several times over the two day period he was here! He is the funniest, most spiritual man! I really enjoyed hearing all he had to say about members and missionaries working together!!! on Sunday we went to stake confrence i saw AC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love that woman!!! haha she is the craziest sweetest old chinese lady ever! she was passing me notes during the meeting and i just couldn't help but laugh at how funny she is! I'm really glad she loves coming to church though :) she has a lot of friends and i ihope she is doing well! I was able to see several Woodlands Ward members!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!! i miss them a lot! It was really good to catch up with everyone, and see that they actually remember me! haha :) Also! we had a lot of great meetings with the AP's about leadership and really helping the missionaries catch the vision that Presidnet Mains has for us! :) and we also met with Elder H and Elder I (zone leaders) they wanted to involve us in this weeks zone meeting, so we are really excited! i'll send a picture of our ideas we wrote down on the board :) We have seen a lot of miracles this week!!!!!!!!! We were able to find a less active who has been LA since his wife passed away.. and we are praying we can meet with him this week! He has a lot of amazing potential! We are also really excited to find new investigators this week!!!! :) thats our goal!!! And We have loved getting to know the sisters more!!!! it's amazing! we have called each of them every week to see how they are doing, sing them a song, really give them words of encouragment! THEY ARE AMAZING and wonderful missionaries!!! I love them each so much!!!!!!!! IM CRAZY BLESSED!!!! the end! :)
well family!!!!! and friends!!! i love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 this church is true... miracles happen.... and God is mindful of each of his Children... and the Atonement will and has carried us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Sister Waldvogel
O.W.L.E <3
March 3, 2014

Hi family!!!! THIS WEEK WAS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Sister Guzman is an amazing companion! Not to mention we are like the same people!!! haha we have the same goals and desires for the area, and the sisters in the mission :) So! I'm STOKED to work with her!!! :) This week was so cool! We saw a lot of miracles!!! First, our investigators! S. and K!! The cutest kids ever!!! S. is a 15 year old boy and he loves to dance!!! So we are great friends!! haha and K. is the sweetest 12 year old girl! They are siblings and want to be baptized so badly!! We had a big fast for them yesterday as they asked permission from their parents... And although their parents didn't say yes... we still have faith that anything can happen!!! :) So we will continue to pray and fast! :) We had an amazing lesson with them! We compiled a whole bunch of scriptures about the Holy Ghost and how it can help lead and guide you! Then we had them write down what it was saying, and how it could apply to them! It was really neat to see how strong their testimonies are... even though they are still investigating the church!!! I love people who are so prepared!!! So! Ang Mo Kio Ward is really cool! Once a week they have an FHE for the recent Converts, less actives, and investigators :) and then they have a School of the Converts on wed. evenings where they read from the Book of Mormon together and it's just the coolest thing ever! They are ROCKIN RC in this ward!!! One of my favorites being Brother P! He’s a 65 year old man, who doesn't walk very well, but he is the funniest, most spiritual man! He loves the gospel and is an AMAZING member missionary! He shares the Book of Mormon with everyone! And follows us to several lessons!! He is a hugeeeeeeeee help!!! Sister A. is also amazing! I love her so much! She is so sweet and is willing to help us in whatever is needed! Needless to say I already LOVE this ward!!! So on Thursday we had an AMAZING planning session!!! It was really long, but we set a lot of amazing goals for the ward... we are striving to go to each auxiliary and have them set goals for missionary work, compile it into the wards goals and then break down to what each family needs to do in order to achieve those goals :) This is our ward mission goals and plan :) WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!! We have a lot of great plans to really get this ward PUMPED!!!! We also have a lot of plans for the Sisters in the mission and what we want to share with them! Our goal is to help them understand and feel the love that God has for them, the love we have for them, to be patient with themselves and to be happy now!!!!! So we are sharing the video on the atonement and how it applies to missionary work! (Everyone look it up on YouTube!!!) And helping them understand that the atonement can help them in all of these aspects!!! :) Another investigator, I. finally met with us! It's really difficult to meet with him! BUT! He feels so happy every time we meet with him, and we were able to help him see the importance of coming to church and obeying the commandments so he can be baptized and find joy! :) We had a very nice lesson with him... and although he didn't come to church we were glad that he felt the spirit!!

We met with a brother P! HE ROCKS!!!! The spirit was there so strongly in that lesson! We talked about the priesthood...  So he is preparing himself... and that was a HUGE miracle!!!! :) We are soooo excited for him! He is so ready!! We made a super cute certificate of achievement for Brother P! He finished all his rc lessons! SO! I’ll send you a picture!! It’s adorable! We put a lot of stickers and colors on it! :) He loved it so much and said he was going to frame it!!! :) haha.

On Sunday I was able to bare my testimony and let the ward know how excited I am to serve with them and build up the area together!!! SO! I know that as we involve the Lord in his work we will see Miracles!!!!!!!!! That’s about all I’ve got this week!

Sister Waldvogel
February 25, 2014 Hello Family!!!!!!! Also Dear Friends!!!!!! <3 Well I have some news!!! I was transferred!!! Called to the Ang Mo Kio Ward, and I’m crazy excited!!! My companions name is Sister Guzman! She came out with my trainer, is from New York and her dad is in a I'm a Mormon message!!!!!!!! She is the best! I love her! ALSO, I was called as a SISTER TRAINING LEADER!!! It’s so crazy! All I can say is God can make weak things strong! And over the past two days I have felt so blessed to have first-hand been able to feel that! It’s amazing what happens when you are a missionary and put your faith in the Lord to lead and guide you! :) Anyway! This week has been CRAZY!!! We had a lot of things happen! In the 1st ward we had several sisters who took care of us, because I LOST MY VOICE FOR 4DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s so hard to be a missionary when you lose your voice! Anyway! We had many sisters make us soup and give us stuff to make me feel better! Anyway! We had a ROCKIN Zone Meeting where our zone leaders talked a lot about 1) praying 2) being a PMG missionary 3)using the book of Mormon and it was amazing! They are the BEST ZONE LEADERS EVER!!!! Elder Frey and Elder Black rock! And our zone is the best! I miss them a lot! I’m trying to convince the Assistants to President about transferring Sister Guzman and I to the North Zone, haha ;) anyway! So I have been sick a lot of this week! BUT!!! We just got a new investigator J! She is the cutest! She is a referral from President Woo's family and she is amazing!!! Has a lot of questions and really wants to continue meeting with us!!! :) I'm glad we were able to find a new Investigator for the Woodlands ward before I left!!! Yes I left woodlands :( :'( :( I cried!!!! a LOT! But I’m glad I’m still in Singapore! I'll still see them! :) A. went back to Mongolia, but she will be coming back soon! I hope to take a picture with her! She and M. are the cutest!!!!!! I miss them so much already!!!! She sent us an SMS thanking us, for showing her Jesus Christ... It made everything worth it!!!! I absolutely love when that happens!!!! SO! We met this super cute girl from china! Her Name is J. and we love her a lot! She lives in the same place we do! She came to a Chinese ward baptism with us! Where she met the Chinese elders! We are hoping to be able to meet with her soon! She is really sweet and we pray she wants to learn!! :) We also had a lot of miracles in the 1st ward!!! We went to a home, and they fed us AMAZING Korean food! It was the best!!! They are from Korea and have the most adorable little boy! He is six and so well behaved!!! Anyway!!! We had a super spiritual experience! We talked to them about how they first found the church and about his mission. We shared a message from (Helaman 5:12) and it was AMAZING!!! We gave the younger boy a BOM and invited them to read it together as a family! And the whole home just filled with the spirit! I love having those experiences! They make every part of missionary work, totally worth it!!! So we found out about transfers and here is what happened.... hahah it's sat. morning, Sister Proffit, Alfrey and myself are reading from the leadership section in the white handbook (of course haha) anyway! The phone rings and I look across the table, it's from President Mains... Sister Proffit grabs the phone and answers it... she smiles and hands it to me than starts dying of laughter!! I compose myself and he tells me I’ve received a new calling from the Lord and I was just shocked!!! Anyway!!! I was freaking out over the weekend trying to get everything packed and ready to go!!! I'm really sad to leave Sister Alfrey and Sister Proffit! I love them so much! BUT! I’m grateful that I was able to serve in woodlands ward! And I’m grateful that I have this opportunity to work with all the sisters in this mission!!!! I'm so excited to travel throughout Singapore and Malaysia!!! It's going to be an amazing chance to really forget about myself and get into the work!!! So! Monday (yesterday) I moved into the Senkang house and that morning we went to the airport and picked up all the new missionaries! THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I love them all! We took them contacting, which was fun!!! We kept talking to people who couldn't speak English!! haha! It was really funny cause that doesn’t normally happen!!! BUT! It was so fun! We then went to the chapel, held a meeting and then some breakout sessions! Sister Guzman and I gave a session on passing out a copy of the Book of Mormon, the First Vision, and a few mission rules! It was fun! We took them home to sleep and Sister Guzman and I went to an FHE for Ang Mo Kios recent Converts! We wrote thank you letters to other missionaries and had a little lesson :) it was wayyy fun!!! Then this morning! We went to the chapel and had New Missionary Orientation! I gave a talk on OWL!! (pops that was for you) and about going where the Lord wants you to go, Being who he wants you to be, and Saying what he wants you to say! It was really good! It went even better than I thought it would! :) haha I was nervous!!! Anyway!!! We just had lunch with Elder Tony, Elder Robinson (APs) Elder Black and Elder Frey, and Elder Harper and Elder Wang :) now we are here! And I’m super stoked for the rest of this week! I have really learned a lot about praying... and involving God and Christ in this work!!! Also! I have learned a lot on striving to be obedient to obtain the spirit! To have it with you always! Because you can't do this work without the spirit! I love you so much family!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU’RE AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Keep on keeping on!!!! <3 Love Eternally, Sister Waldvogel O.W.L.E <3
February 24, 2014 We received this nice email from Hailee's companion... Moms and Pops Waldvogel! Sister Alfrey here:) Ive been Sister Waldvogels companion for the past couple weeks. Im emailing you to inform you that your daughter ABSOLUTELY ROCKS and has been called to be a Sister Training Leader (no shocker there) and is picking up the new missionaries at the airport as I am typing this email! She wont be able to email today but I think the plan is for her to get on tomorrow evening sometime!
February 17, 2014

 Hi Family!!!! How is everyone?! We are just a hot mess over here! haha we have been really sick this week, so it was a little slower! :( but! we still saw a lot of neat miracles! Monday night we met with a couple in the 4th ward and we asked them about their missionary experiences and how sharing the gospel was going for them! IT WAS AMAZING! They were doing an excellent job and made me want to be a better missionary! The husband was passing out copies of the Book of Mormon like crazy and trying to read it with his friends! He also had a really cool idea! He has been playing board games and puzzles and inviting a lot of people over :) anyway, it’s just awesome!!! We finally had a coordination with the Woodlands elders!!!! it's been so long, because our schedule has just been crazy! In this coordination meeting I felt really overwhelmed, like I had so much to do.. and I was sad I couldn't be doing it sooner! BUT! I realized I just need to take it one step at a time and learned a lot of really amazing new things to incorporate... I have learned a lot about how patient God is with us and how we can do SO MUCH when we include him in his work! I really am grateful that we aren't expected to be perfect... but we are expected to strive to be better and stretch ourselves! I love being able to learn and be humbled as a missionary! You realize that there is so much to learn! Life is a journey of becoming.. this is my new moto! :)
The family that emails you is from 4th ward, the M’s… BEST FAMILY EVER!!!! They rock our world!!!! We went to their house for dinner and let me just tell you! they ROCK at sharing the gospel! I want to be like them all the days!!!! This ward is really amazing at being disciples of Christ!!! Sister Alfrey and I were sick for about 2 days.. so we slept a lot and it was so nice!!!! Our Zone Leaders called us on Valentine’s day and sang to us and told us to get better! It was so nice!!! :) made us feel much better! It’s hard to just lay down and do nothing when your used to being up and doing something every moment of everyday!!!! haha :) we had a wayyy fun Chocolate dipping party!!! where I met a family who just bought a house in St. George close to ours!!! The C. family!!! Watch out for them! They will be living in Sage Hallow right off 2450 South, haha :) anyway!!! I also met Krista’s cousin!!!! The L’s!!! The Coolest!!!!! Their family rocks and the view from their house is INCREDIBLE!!!!! As for miracles this week!!!! We had to take a taxi the other day, and as we were riding in the taxi we contacted the driver. He was a Buddhist who had some bad experiences in the past with Christians. After we talked with him and learned more about him we shared the gospel and how it's something we come to invite people to pray to God and find for themselves that it is true. We were able to give him a copy of the Book of Mormon. He told us how we were unlike other American girls that he has met and he was very impressed with how we were living our lives. It was just a really amazing experience!!! This week has been a little difficult.. a lot of cancellations! BUT!!!! we are going to keep working hard, and we have a lot of amazing potential investigators!!! We just have to keep praying and working hard. And of course OWLE!!!! I have really come to realize that as long as you are doing your best and owle, Christ will make up for the rest and you will find the joy that comes from being a missionary!!!!!!!!
I LOVE YOU FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Waldvogel
O.W.L.E <3
February 10, 2014 FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 How are you all?? Well! A LOT happened this week! It was way crazy! I can't believe it's already Monday!! We have had a very busy week! Started off with P-day! We walked around raffles place, which was fun. I’ll send you a ton of pictures!!!! We went with the 4th ward and Bedok Elders so it was a blast! Then we went to our Bishop in 4th wards home for dinner the Q's and guess what?! Teisha and Tianna Thompson are Sister Q's nieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!! APA HAL!!!!! That’s soooo crazy!!!! It’s really weird how many connections I make even here in Singapore! The world is very small!!!! It was really great! We talked with their family a lot about God being mindful of them and them keeping a gratitude journal to always remember what Heavenly Father blesses them with!! :) HIGLIGHT OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had a lesson with A. (the investigator from Mongolia, super adorable doesn’t speak a lot of English) and we were teaching her the Plan of Salvation. It started off a little rocky and we weren't really sure why... but! We started talking about the atonement and read Alma chapter 7 vs. 11 - 12 with her... after reading it in Mongolian... Tears poured down her face... and she asked "he did that for everyone?? I can't believe he had to do that for everyone..." and she continued on really trying to understand and she felt the spirit so strongly! It was being testified to her that she had a Savior, Jesus Christ who died for her so she could come back to her Father in Heaven if she accepts Christ. Needless to say it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The spirit hit each of us like a round house kick to the face and it ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love being a missionary, the end!!!! Anyway!!! We have had a rockin lesson with our less active AT... we just really let the spirit guide and we can see how he is once again letting this gospel change his life :) Sadly we had SEVERAL cancelled lessons with former investigators, potential investigators, and current investigators... BUT!!! It’s okay, we are going to keep pushing and working!!!! Work like a john the Baptist "WILD WOMAN" (thanks pops) haha anyway!!! We also had a ROCKIN lesson with a less active from the 4th ward! Y! SHE IS AMAZING!!! She has really let the gospel change her! Truly she has taken Christ’s atonement and become a new person. She is so much happier and just ready to take on whatever comes her way!!!! IT’S SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we visited this rockin family!!! The smith family!!! And they made us do a talent show!!! haha I didn't know what to do!!! So we sang a song there is sunshine in my soul today (Sis. Proffit played guitar and we all sang :) anyway!!! (quick story about there is sunshine in my soul today... it all started when Elder Black told us that his comp was sick so we should call and sing to him... so we did and now we have called prob. every missionary, because everyone is sick, and sang to them! it's really ridiculous and quite fun!!!!) …back to the story! I also taught them how to waltz!!! It was so weird to try to dance without dancing hahaha, it was awkward... but it was a BLAST!!!! And they loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Church on Sunday was INSANE!!!! We were at a chapel on the other side of the island, then had to go to the other chapel and back again to the first chapel!!!! haha it was crazy! BUT! It was amazing and we saw a lot of miracles!!! :) A. came to church and she is doing great!!! We want her to be baptized here, but she might have to be in Mongolia! She sent us a sms saying how amazing the BOM is!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we also went to a baptism for two little girls in the 4th ward J. and N. :) Anyway!!!!!!! I bore my testimony in fast and testimony meeting on Sunday in the Woodlands Ward (it was this Sunday because last Sunday was short due to the Chinese New Year). Anyway!!! I BAWLED like a baby and was explaining how I may be transferred in 2 weeks... so I wanted to leave a last testimony and told them how much I loved them... testified of my savior and Joseph Smith and I absolutely am going to miss Woodlands!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway!!! Life has been great! We are really focusing on finding new investigators!!! SO! We are praying a lot, a lot!! Life is amazing!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE Eternally Sister Waldvogel O.W.L.E <3
February 3, 2014 HI FAMILY!!!!!!!!<3 How is everyone?! WOW! I love you all! This week has been CRAZY!!!!!!! First things first! I am now training 2 sisters!!! (Everyone calls them the twins because they both have blonde hair and blue eyes) haha anyway! It's Sister Proffit still and now Sister Alfrey (my roommate)! It's been CRAZY!!! Because we are now over both Woodlands and 4th wards! Sis. Alfrey’s comp. had to go back to her hometown because of visa issues, but she will hopefully only be there for a month or two until she can get a work permit! :) We miss her! BUT! It's been a BLAST these past couple days :) We visited a lot of ward members this week because it's Chinese New Year! :) So it's been really fun! We have had A LOT of hot pot! Which is SOOOOO GOOD!!!!! I can’t wait to introduce it to everyone in America! And we have received a lot of ang poa, they are red packets with money in them! I always feel horrible accepting them, but it's rude not to :( anyway!!! This week has been pretty low on numbers, but we have received a TON of referrals, met a lot of prepared people and we are working really well with the ward members in both wards! My comp was sick for a few days, but she is feeling much better! She wouldn't rest even though she needed to haha. I really played mom that day! hahahaha :) it was fun! Anyway!!!!! Planning this past week was soooooo HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our week is going to be CRAZY!!! But it's going to ROCK!!!!!!!! #life of being a missionary, it's fine!!! :) hahaha it took so long!!!! A lot of prayers were said within those few hours haha :) I am so proud of the Woodlands ward; they are all doing such a great job in each of their missionary efforts! And it's so important that the missionaries and members work together, because this is what has been asked of us!!!! And we all know the promise that is given... When God asks something of us he will ALWAYS prepare a way for use to fulfil it!!! IT’S TRUE EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway! There is an RM in our ward WW and he is so cool!!!! He just returned from Taiwan! And it was really cool to pick his brain over hot pot :) I just always want to be a missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU LEARN SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway!!! It was really hard this week! BUT! I know that God is preparing me for something... and I know that each trial helps us grow!!! This is why I’m so grateful for the atonement!!! It covers so much! Our sins, weaknesses, trials, suffering, and all the things in between :) we visited G. and T. <3 Love them soooooo much! They are AMAZING!!!! We ate, sang, talked, and had a ROCKIN spiritual message that went a little different than planned, but that’s the importance of listening to the spirit! And always being worthy to have it... So that you can understand what you need to say!!!!! God knows and is mindful of all his Children... we are just to be tools in his hands :) We sent Sister O. (comp. that went home) off with President and Sister Mains :( it was soooo sad! BUT! I’m really glad to have the opportunity to really stretch myself!!! It’s already been full of miracles!!! I’ll have to send you pictures of the houses in the neighborhood everyone in 4th ward lives in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS IN CULTURE SHOCK! I CAN'T EVER COME BACK TO AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha but seriously!!!!! It was really hard to try to adjust haha but! It’s really fun to try and use a fork and knife now!!!! #i'mpracticallysingaporean :) Our investigators have been so busy!!!! BUT!!!!! S.S. is doing well, she could def. use the prayers still. A. just got back from Malaysia and now she is meeting with us this week. I’m very sad she has to go back so soon! :( But we will have to take a picture and send it to you!!! We met K, one of our Former invest. the other day and set up an appointment!!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! Sorry this email is all over the place!!! BUT!!!! We have just a lot of great potentials and this next week is going to be amazing!!!!!!!! I love you all so much!!!! GOSPEL IS TRUE!!!!!!! Keep on keeping on!!!! Love Eternally Sister Waldvogel O.W.L.E <3
January 27, 2014 Hi Family!!!! Well this week has been CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!! :) We had zone meeting this week which ROCKED!!!! It was centered on being master finders and was so uplifting!!!!! The sisters sang a musical number and we had brilliant trainings!! Our zone pretty much rocks my world!!! The next district (those who know of the district will understand) anyway!!! For role plays they made me do one in front of everyone!!! It was with my zone leader, centered on a person who has not so great intentions, haha needless to say it was awkward, but I learned a lot! I have really made it a point to focus on how to begin teaching!!! Best PMG chapter ever! Anyway!!! We also watched a video about the atonement and how it applies to missionary work!!!! *everyone watch it* it will change your life! It’s so amazing!!!! We go through hard things, because we are allowed to feel just a token of the price he paid! It wasn't easy for him...why should it be easy for us?! It was the greatest day ever! Anyway! We were able to stop by and visit S. for dinner! It was so nice to talk with her and see how she is doing! It's hard for her to be in a different ward, but she is really doing well! Couldn’t be more proud of her!!!! We went on splits with the Assisters!!! And it was a blast!!!!!!! I went with Sister Bishop!!! LOVE HER!!!! She is my old house mate and is the greatest person ever! :) We had a really good RC lesson with S.S! She is so good! Practically taught us the restoration! :) We met with one of our less Actives and the lesson was completely lead by the spirit! It was one of those lessons that make being a missionary completely worth it!!!! :) I love being able to feel the spirit!!!!! "You know your teaching by the spirit when you learn from your own words...." Also, we had interviews with President!!!! He is the most inspired man ever!!!! SO COOL!!!!! When he blessed our house we all felt such a huge lift in our hearts!!!!! The power of the spirit after he left was so amazing!!!!!!! Interviews were awesome! We have some work to do on our area book and finding new investigators! BUT!!!!!! We already had a lot of plans for this week!!! And were ready to ACT!!!!!! We finally met with F!!!! It was so good! She just called us up and asked if we could meet!!!!! We shared a message about the priesthood and invited her to receive a priesthood blessing... she needs a lot of prayers right now!!!!!!!!! We are really striving to help her!!! :) We had a really hard experience with one of our investigators and their family... it was very difficult, but I am putting complete faith in the Lord that all things will work together as we all do what is right! It’s really crazy how many things we go through on missions!!!! I wish I could share the experiences but for confidential purposes I can't. I have really learned about relying on the spirit!!! THAT’S FOR SURE!!!!!!! Anyway!!! A. came to a baptism with us, and she LOVED it!!!!!!! We are sad because she is going to be baptized in Mongolia, but we feel very blessed to have been a part of her story and conversion experience!!! WE LOVE HER AND M!!!!!!<3 that’s her daughter and they are the cutest!!!!!!! AC is so Fun!!!!!!!! I love that lady so much! She gave us love letter cookies (Chinese New Year thing) she is so funny and wants us to make her cookies!!! So during nightly planning we whipped up some cookies to give to her! hahah luckily my comp rocks and knows how to cook and bake and she is AMAZING!!!!!!!! This week she has just seriously stepped up her game on everything! She is a wonderful example of how to be a true disciple of Christ! And she just wants so badly to be the best she can!!!! WOW! She rocks!!! The end! :) We met with sister J. at little India!!! She said to say hello to you! It was an amazing experience!!! We love her! She talked to us about a lot of concerns she has with leaving her family for her mission and how to prepare! She is just amazing! And has such great life experience and she is going to be the best missionary ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! S.S. is being a rocking Member missionary! We met with her and one of her friends and shared the book of Mormon with her friend!!!!! We hope that she will really want to learn and pray that S.S. will continue to be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Church was so good!!!!! A. T. had his farewell this Sunday!!!!!! It was so sad!!!!!!!! He did an amazing job!!! I know that he will be a rockin missionary!!! He talked a lot about the atonement! He rocks!! Anyway! I was sitting in church and realized I was wayyy to comfortable there! It feels like my home ward now!!!! I love the people a lot!!!! It’s going to be so hard to leave :( I really want to focus on just building this area up!!!! Helping the Ward members be member missionaries and really finding new investigators!!! So next week we will have a lot to report on!!! It’s gonna be good!!!!!! I love you all soooooo much!!!! You are amazing! I appreciate the emails and the prayers!!! I feel them! It’s been a little bit of a rough week with a few break downs, but I know God is aware of everything we go through!!!!! :) I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep on keeping on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Eternally Sister Waldvogel O.W.L.E <3 "One cardinal lesson of the parable, apart from the representation of actual conditions present and future is that of patience, long suffering, and toleration... each an attribute of Deity and a trait of character that all men should cultivate." Jesus the Christ <3
January 20, 2014 Hi Family!!!! How are you?! I love you and miss you all! Everything is going well in Singapore! Still in Woodlands!!!! :) whoot whoot! haha 7 months go team!! :) I love this ward, so it rocks! Anyway! A. is doing so well!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is on date for Feb. 9th!!!! YAY!!! It’s going really well.. We just need someone who speaks Mongolian because it's hard to really know if she understands everything! BUT! We know that the spirit is the ultimate teacher, and that is what brings true conversion! Anyway! Love her daughter M! She came to church and played with a little girl like all day! It was adorable!!! :) Anyway!!! This week was SO LONG!!!!! After Sister Black left there were a lot of tears :( but it's all good! She was amazing and we are so happy to have lived with her! :) Anyway! So if you could keep S. in your prayers this week it would be great, but it’s all going to work out :) we had a lot of appointments cancel this week :( which is crazy sad :( BUT! It’s alright... there will be hard times and I have learned to face them head on and keep going! Because it will make me stronger as I use Christ’s atonement to take his yoke upon me :) mission’s rock! We met with one of our LA and read the BOM with him, because this is one of my new goals for every person I work with for the rest of my mission! And I’m stoked to see how it really helps them! They feel the spirit and enjoy reading the Book of Mormon because they understand it!!! We met with AC and made her cookies, haha (she was like, too sweet!!!!!!! Asians can’t take sweet things!!!) She is amazing and we love her so much! She is going to come to church after Chinese New Year… This is going on right now! I have taken a few pictures, but there are decorations EVERYWHERE!!!!! Its soooo cool! It’s the year of the horse, so there are a lot of decorations with horses on them! We had a very spiritual lesson with A. on the POS focused on the atonement...and how we can be freed from guilt and shame through our savior Jesus Christ and she was like, how can I do that?! WHOOT! BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!! Always a miracle when that happens :) anyway! We had a ROCKIN lesson with S.S. and sister Lim! :) Sister Lim is like my favorite! She just tells it how it is and is able to really connect with those she teaches! I want to be like her!!!!!! She is so cool! :) Anyway!!!! WHOOT! IT WAS MY 6 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) It feels weird how fast/slow time goes!!!! Crazy! Anyway! We went to the open house at the Senkang chapel where we really hoped to have F. come, but she has been really sick so we are just praying that she can meet with us! We know she will find comfort in the message we share!!!!!!! But the open house was way fun!!! and we have decided to do a mini FHE and open house at the chapel we attend to get members and missionaries working together to find people to teach! :) Elder Robbins is our new district leader and new to Singapore and is serving in woodlands with us! He is so funny!!!!!!! He is from New Orleans!!! (My fav. place!!!!) We are excited to work with him and he is totally ready to build up this area! Sister Proffit and I have a lot of plans to work with WM and to find new investigators because we are ready to build up this area!!!!!!!! I want to go out with a BANG!!! :) :) anyway!!!!! We had an FHE at Sister E’s house with her 2 RC daughters J. and B. W. was there with Grandma V. and they are the CUTEST!!! We talked about Alma 32 and I had to improvise replacing a seed with an almond, ground with my bag, and water, sun, soil, etc. the flower ended up being a bow that we had in our bag, haha :) it was a little ridiculous but it was a very enjoyable night! We played a game and had some treats! And they were so cute, they told me "never leave woodlands sister" and I wanted to cry!!!!!! :) We went to church and people kept giving us cookies and treats for Chinese New Year!!! hahaha I’m super excited for my free day so I can try one!!! :) Anyway!!! Family! I Love you a lot!!!!! Miracles happen every day!!! ~ Alma 7:23 READ IT!!!!!!!!!!! Christ will always stand by us... as we strive to become like him, we will shine with his light!!!!! I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!! Love Eternally Sister Hailee Waldvogel <3 O.W.L.E <3
January 13, 2014 Hello Family!!!! <3 How are you?! All is well in Singapore!!! This week was CRAZY!!!! Also AWESOME!!!!! It rocked my world! First off! Monday night we went to dinner with the rockin investigator I told you about last week A. He took us to a soup place and it was fantastic! I loved it! Ate with chopsticks!!! WHOOT! I’m learning! haha :) anyway! We had to end up passing him off to the 3rd ward sisters (Filipino ward) which made us sad, but we are so glad he is being taught and wants to learn more about the gospel! He is so prepared!!! Tuesday was crazy! We had a super crazy fun activity at the chapel with all the missionaries from West Malaysia and Singapore! So that means a TON of my favorite missionaries came in and we had a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 I was so stoked! Anyway! We also cleaned the chapel, but they made like a game out of it so it was pretty fun! I’ll send you some pictures! All the sisters and I had a little too much fun with the cleaning supplies... things got out of hand ;) jk jk! But! Zone conference rocked!!!! It was a mission tour with Elder Wilson and his wife. He is an area 70 from Asia and they did an amazing job!!! This zone conference was so uplifting!!! Sister Wilson gave an analogy of a clay pot that has cracks in it. If you were to put a candle inside, the candle would still shine through the cracks! This relates to us!!!! We don’t have to be perfect to shine with the light of Christ... we just have to keep the light shining within us and though our imperfections! :) Because it will shine!!!!!!!!! Anyway! let’s just say it rocked! I made a goal to read the BOM with our investigators, LA and RC because Elder Wilson gave us that challenge! So it's been doing wonders!!!!!!!!!! We did that with S.S. and she loved it! She understood what was happening and couldn’t wait to know what happened next! It was really cool! It really invited the spirit in also which made our lessons ROCK!!! :) Anyway! This week was awesome!! We had dinner at bishop Lohs home where I ate Duck brain, foot, and neck.... also pig stomach!!!! WHOOT! I’m adventurous!!! It was a little ridiculous, but I went for it and it was quite an experience! Haha! Anyway!!! This week was kind of hard also! We met with a new investigator and in the middle of our first lesson, another guy leans over and gives him a paper that with anti-Mormon stuff on it..... It was really hard, but we were able to testify of simple truths and invite the spirit to touch his heart! We pray that he will meet with us again.... he has cancelled, but we are really having faith! :) Also, another investigator called us and told us she didn't believe in the BOM or Joseph Smith and that our church gave feelings that satan makes us feel..... It was a very long and difficult 20 min. conversation! BUT!!! I got through it with the spirit and was able to testify of Jesus Christ... and that she can't know it's true until she actually opens the book and reads from it! Anyway! It was good because we made another time to meet to answer her questions with the Chinese Sisters, so, It will be really great! :) I’m so glad I was able to be patient and listen, that’s the key!!!!! LISTENING!!! And LOVING!!!! Good stuff! Anyway!!!! I love the Woodlands Ward! I’m pretty sure I’m staying this transfer, but g-boy is the best! He came up to me and was like... please don’t leave! I almost wanted to cry!!!! I really love this ward and they are all doing an EXCELLENT job and getting into the groove of missionary work, which is what needs to happen! I feel very blessed to see the change in each of them! Mission’s rock!!!! I’m wayyy sad Sister Black leaves this week! But we are going to be besties for life! SO! It’s okay! :) I love you guys so much!!!!!!!! That’s about all I have for this week! BUT!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep on keeping on!!!! Also!!!! WRITE ME LETTERS!!!!! <3 :) And... SHOUT OUT TO BALLROOM PEEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all rock at emailing me! I love you so much and if I don’t send you an email right away I’m working on writing!!!!!!!! I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Sister Waldvogel O.W.L.E <3
January 6, 2014 Hi Family! :) How are you? I hope things are going well! This week has been sooooo crazy! And soooooo awesome! We have seen a lot of really neat miracles! First off on Monday we went to the D's home with K. and his wife J, and their ADORABLE kids T, M, and K! They are so adorable! I will send pics later! Anyway! We had a family home evening with them and helped each of them make their own missionary name tag! It was really great! They even had a non-member who lives with them that was joining in! Then we played Simon says... and related it to following Jesus Christ! :) We loved being with them! They are such a strong and good family! Anyway! We met with S.S. and she is doing really well! Very excited to learn about the temple, marriage, and church callings! She is doing so well! Everyone is getting sick though, a lot of people were sick this week! Including my roomies :( so I’m hoping I don’t catch anything haha! Anyway! MY FAVORITE STORY!!!! We met with A! The sweet lady from Mongolia and her daughter M. who is 2 and crazy adorable! We met in the nursery at church so that she could play and it was so funny! She would come up to me, and try to make me eat the "food" it was so cute! I missed nannying so much!!!!!!!!!!! But the lesson was soooooo good! The spirit was there despite the language barrier! We helped her come closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! It was so amazing! The little girl didn't want us to leave when we were walking away! haha she came up and grabbed our hands and wanted us to follow her! It was soooo cute! We really want them to stay in Singapore and not go back!!! haaha but we are really excited to keep meeting with her!!!!! we had New Missionary Training! Which was a lot of fun! There were SO MANY new missionaries! But it rocked! Each of us bore our testimonies and it was really amazing to lift each other up. Even President Mains commented on how much he sees how we love and uplift each other! We went to little India afterward and it was a blast! The A.Ps are hilarious! Elder Crosland and Elder Tony crack me up… I have this saying I picked up from my trainer "your honestly the worst..." or "are you joking?!" anyway! They all make fun of me for it! Also, I went on a trip to Indonesia!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOT! It was wayyy fun! I have some pictures to send… I went with Sister Stokes and Sister Tai it was wayyy fun to get to know sister tai more! We just walked around the mall and decided to just stay around there, much safer! But it was a blast!!!!!!!!! I got some bajutidurs, key chains, and bracelets! It was wayy fun! Anyway! CHRUCH!!!!!!! WAS THE BOMB!!!!!!! I am so proud of the members! They are all doing a fantastic job with Missionary work! They are all getting really excited and trying to help out more and more! We are definitely seeing the work hastening! They were telling stories about people they talked to on the MRT and while they were out and about! It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I was so proud!!!!!! :) Anyway! So we had a referral this week from (first time ever on my mission) but he wasn't very keen on meeting with us! SO! We dropped by a B.O.M as he requested and we want to try to contact him soon and pray that he meets with us!!!! He really wants to find out for himself! So we are praying that his heart opens to meeting with the missionaries! Sister Proffit rocks my world!!!!!!! She met this guy named A. 2 days ago while I was gone and he is from the Philippines! He came to church and is now an investigator! He is soooo good! The things he believes align with our churches belief and its so crazy! He rocks!!!!!! We sat after church and just talked with him for a long time, and he really wanted to learn more!!! Sadly we have to pass him! BUT! It was a miracle that sis. Proffit met him! This gospel is going to change his life! it’s amazing! Anyway!!!! Life is great! Things are going really well! We have zone conference next week, so expect a lot of pictures!!!! haha I love you guys so much!!!!! Stay strong and keep on keeping on!!!!! Love Eternally Sister Waldvogel O.W.L.E <3 "My yoke is easy.... my burden is light...."
December 30, 2013 Hi family!!!!! How is everyone?! I can't believe it's the last week of 2013, that went by so fast! It was AMAZING to Skype! It was so fun!! The rest of Christmas was really cool! We met a lot of really awesome people, gave out a copy of the Book of Mormon, and said Merry Christmas to every person we could on the streets! It was fun! First off for Christmas Eve! We went to Sister J’s house, with her daughter N. (and her two sons) I. and R! It was so fun! There was a huge party with all their family! Also, Sis. J's son and his wife and ADORABLE baby came from America! He is so hilarious! Reminds me so much of Brent! Anyway! We chatted with him and all her wonderful family and ate a TON of AMAZING Indian food! I had a lot! It was so great! Then on Christmas Day we went to visit a part member family, and also visited S, she had to work! So it was a good Christmas! We wrote a note to all the missionaries in Singapore which was a really good experience! They loved it! We are really trying to get to know all the missionaries so we can all work together! :) It’s rocking! Our ward mission leader, G. left for Hawaii so we met with his family and it was a BLAST!!! They are the most fun family ever! We loved visiting with them so much! We shared a message about setting goals to become more Christ like, it was really cool! :) S.S. was confirmed on Sunday!!!! Which is wayyyy exciting! We are so happy! We met with her and she is just so much happier then she used to be!!! it’s really great to see people change! So Saturday was crazy! We met a whole bunch of AMAZING people! We noticed that we had stopped praying to meet people who were prepared, and so we started doing that again and it works!!!!!!!!! Prayer rocks my world! We were able to meet 5 different people that day, who were really amazing! Mostly people who were visiting from the Philippines! But it was really neat to hear their experiences they have had with missionaries!!!! Things totally happen for a reason! Anyway! It’s been really hard this week, because we had some investigators drop us, and a lot of them just aren’t answering our phone calls or SMS, so it's been really sad. BUT!!!! We are really striving to work with the ward members to find people to teach! There was a really awesome combined lesson about this that G. gave as his last bang! Now Sam L. is the new Ward Mission Leader!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOT! We are so excited! Anyway! This is our new big goal for this next year! IT’S GOING TO BE AWESOME!! We met with the sweetest lady ever! Her name is A! She is from Mongolia and has a 2 year old daughter M! We taught her yesterday and she really wants to continue to learn! We are sooooo stoked! She is the sweetest, loved coming to church, and really wants to come closer to God! Last night we were able to go with the Elders to give a blessing to a sister who is studying in Australia, but is here for the Holidays and it was really nice! She was the sweetest and really felt the power of the priesthood! The spirit was so strong! We have had a lot of crazy days and experiences this week! BUT! The ward yesterday rocked! We spoke to several people who just opened up to us, and I really feel so much love for them!!! I have never felt so much love for people in my life! So! We are very excited to see how this New Year goes!!! I Love you all and am praying for you!!!!!!!!! Keep on keeping on!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ETERNALLY!!!!!!!!!!! Love Sister Hailee Waldvogel O.W.L.E FOREVER
December 23, 2013 HELLO FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 How are all of you?! Life is great here! Really feeling the Christmas Spirit! It’s really strange being away from home and having it so hot here! BUT! I love the idea of really having Christmas the way that Christ would! Sharing the joy, and serving others! SO! I really couldn't be happier with how this Christmas will be! WHAT ARE YOUR CHRISTMAS PLANS?! :) ALSO!!!!!!! S.S. GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOT!!!!!!!! She rocks! Two other people were baptized also! J. and B! They are all really close! IT was truly amazing! I have pictures to send! Elder Isberto (Woodlands elder DL) baptized S.S., Elder Tseng baptized B. and Sam L. baptized J! It was really neat! And every one of the girls after they came out of the font cried with tears of joy, peace, and filled with the spirit! It was such a sweet experience to be there! That was the biggest miracle of the week!!!!!!! SO! We had a Christmas program with President and Sister Mains which was really fun! They read the Christmas story to us and we did a nativity, it was really nice! We sang a lot! And did a little service! Filling stockings for kids at a hospital, it was really fun! We met this really awesome lady on the MRT and she was a recent convert to Christianity! So we met with her and had one of the hardest lessons of my mission!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT! It was really good, the spirit was there and we were able to help answer several questions, and help her to feel of God’s love for her! We have to pass her, but I'm so glad that we had the opportunity to invite her to come unto Christ! We had Christmas dinner at the W’s home!!!!!! IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! I do miss American food sometimes haha! I'm going to miss Grandmas cooking on Christmas SOOO MUCH!!!!! They invited the friends from thanksgiving over and it was really good to talk with them again! The elders are going to be teaching them! And hopefully they will come to church soon! F. was a little worried about coming to church and we prayed a lot to understand a way that we can help her! My AWESOME Companion had the amazing idea to give her a tour of the church! So that’s what we are doing tonight! And hopefully she can feel a little more comfortable, and really feel the spirit there! We have seen a lot of miracles from trying to be aware of people around us, opportunities to serve, and striving to gain the trust of members! There is still so much to do! BUT! We are heading in a good direction and I love that we are able to see God's hand in everything we do! The sisters we live with (Sister Black and Sister Alfrey) ROCK!!!!!! They are really great!!! They have made this last transfer the best one yet!!!!!!! I pray that everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you all and am praying for you! I hope that you can feel the love of our Savior Jesus Christ and share it with those around you! We are so blessed! Let us thank Heavenly father and our Prince of Peace by giving gifts of love and service!!!!! I know that we will find that peace and joy through Christ!!!!!!!! Keep on keeping on!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Eternally Sister Waldvogel O.W.L.E <3
December 16, 2013 FAMILY!!!!! <3 How are you?! I hope everyone is doing well!!!! This week has been CRAZY!!!!!! Also AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! We have a baptism next Sunday!!! Super stoked, it's S.S. and she is doing so well! She is progressing a lot and we have seen many things fall right in place! We are trying to pray more, and have found that many miracles have come from it! :) It's really amazing! So! Monday! It was wayyy fun! We went to the Merlion for my greenie! *WHO ROCKS* she is the best! and then we had an appointment with the C. family! Which was wayyy good… being with them really was uplifting! The spirit was so strong in our lesson! We heart attacked a family in our ward, and they caught us as we were running away! hahah but they appreciated it so much! You could tell it meant a lot! I love when we are able to help people feel loved!!!!!!!!! We also met with S. and had our first recent convert lesson! It was really great! you can really tell that she has a whole new light about her! She gave me the sweetest Christmas card!!!!!!!!! It was in broken English and so sweet! :) Also! WE MET WITH F.!!!!!!! I’m so excited about it! She was having a really hard time, but has been praying and reading the BOM and knows that when she does, it brings her comfort! SHE IS GOLDEN!!!! And we love her so much! Next step is to get her to church! This time of year everyone is going on holiday to Malaysia, the Philippines, or China!!!! haha so it's hard to meet with people sometimes!!! But we read Alma 32 with her, and she felt the spirit and was so excited!!! I love her a lot! ALSO! When we met with S.S, we have been teaching her the commandments, it’s gone really, really well!!!!!! She just accepts it, and has a strong testimony of how they can help in her life! And she still comes to church even after her grandma told her she didn't want her to!!!! ROCKIN!!!!! We met with AC! Convinced her to come to church next week, for God, and so we pray that she will come on Sunday!!! She is the best as ever! Love her a lot!!! We went to visit Sister J! I gave her your love, and she loves you guys!!! We met with her daughter N. (who I had a really amazing talk with) and her two sons, R and I (cutest little boys I have ever met!!!) anyway! The daughter is so amazing! And they invited us to a Christmas party on Christmas Eve!!!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!! Missionary work is really moving along!!! :) We went to the T. Families home where we watched the New Testament video, and had a very spiritual thought!!! IT WAS SO COOL!!!!!!!!! The spirit was very tangible there! We had our ward Christmas party!!! It was so fun! Then we taught Sha Sha! Genesis followed us and we taught the law of chastity! (All I could think of was how dad had that pic with the bunny) anyway! It was really nerve racking but it was amazing! She really was able to feel peace from being able to keep Gods Commandments! Then church!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We met a super awesome lady on the MRT and she was like, I love that you guys are out here as missionaries!!!!!! SO! We hope to meet with her and teach her about what makes our church different!!!! And we pray that it goes well, her name is Y. :) we also had a walk in at church a lady from Mongolia with her 2 year old daughter who didn't speak English, but we had fun anyway!!!! haha she and I made faces at each other! It was fun :) and the mom wants to meet with us next Sunday!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited!!!! Another miracle!!! We were invited to the N. family’s home for dinner where they had 2 nonmember families, less active and active families!!!! It was awesome to just get to know all of them, share a spiritual message, and help them to really bring missionary work together!!!!!! :) WHOOT!!! Miracles galore this week! It has been really good and we have thought of a lot of things to do to help get the ward more involved. I am just really excited to work with Sister Proffit and build up this area!!!!! YAYA! Anyway!!! I love you all and I pray for you often!!!!! Keep on keeping on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Sister Waldvogel O.W.L.E
December 9, 2013 Hello Family!!!!!!!!!!! How is everyone?! I hope your all doing AMAZING! I love you all a lot! This week has been CRAZY!!!! but awesome! I love it!!!! so!!!! We went to the zoo on Monday!!! WHICH ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really loved it! it was so cool, the animals are so close, and the zoo is so natural looking! I loved it! We went with a hugeeeeee group, so it was a blast!! I RODE AN ELEPHANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it rocked my world! haha We visited a lot of ward members this week, because Sister Zhang is now a Chinese speaking sister! WHICH IS CRAZY COOL!!!! so she said goodbye to some families! It rocked!!!!! We had steam boat at the W. families house and it was sooooo good! I ate with chopsticks!!! it was the bomb! It was really sad! a lot of my favorite missionaries left Singapore!!!! Sister Trottier (miri) Chinese elders all left! and Elder Moore went to Melaka! so on Wednesday for lunch we all met at subway and had signed BR (book of remembrance) and so many of the Elders LOVE dad! haha they all wrote about him in my BR it was hilarious! anyway! It was SO SAD!!! but all the new missionaries ROCK! This mission is soooo big now! We had 13 sisters come in this last transfer! which leads me to..... IM A MOM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 it is sooooo cool! Her name is sister Proffit! She is from St. George, Utah and knows DANI LEAVITT!!!! Which is soooo cool! and she is the best! We are going to be besties, I can tell! She is ready to work hard, and she was born to be a missionary! so! this is going to rock! anyway! S.S. is doing GREAT!!! She wants to be baptized at the end of December!!! THIS IS SO COOL! This means woodlands ward will have 5 baptisms at the end of the year!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!!!!! We are soooo excited! S. was confirmed on Sunday and she has this new amazing light about her! I'm so excited to see how she progresses more and more! We are finally going to meet with F. this week! it's been too long! I miss her a lot! this week has been crazy!!!! we moved from Senkang to Khatib (other side of the island in our area) which I’m stoked about!!!!!!!!!!! and our house is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! It's so nice. I have pictures of the view to send! anyway! I’m also learning how to pray in Malay! Sister Black lives with us now, with her greenie sister Alfrey (who I reallllyyyyy want to write Austin!!!!) and they are the best! we are literally all besties!!!! I love them! anyway! We are making a lot of really good plans for our area! I'm excited that it's starting to grow!!!!! little miracles are just happening daily! We are striving to have more faith, by praying more! and it makes a HUGE difference!!!! EVERYONE!!!!!!!! Prayer works!!! do it!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited about this new week! we have a lot of appointments with investigators, members, and less active members!!!!!!!!! it's going to be so good! also! I’m just so glad that we live in our area now!!!! yay!!!! Anyway!!! I love you, and I’m praying for you all! I FEEL YOUR PRAYERS!!!!!!! Thank you! keep on keeping on family!!!!! I love you!!!! Love, eternally Sister Waldvogel O.W.L.E <3