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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

October 14, 2013 Hi family! Hope everyone is doing well! It was so amazing to see all these pics! I can't believe that Sarah is married! Bray is soooo old! And BALLROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss it so much, I keep dreaming about dancing! haha but everyone looks amazing! Can’t wait to see more pics!!! So many crazy things going on over in America!!! wow! Fun things going on here! :) Remember the jelly shoes i had when i was young?? they were clear and i would wear them all the time! i found some here and they are the cutest!!!!! haha they were super cheap so I got a pair! they are the best things ever! haha anyway! So!!!!! this week all of our appointments cancelled on us :( except 1! yay! it has been a very very difficult week! A lot of praying, and being on our knees! We had zone meeting, and they talked about really being yourself in missionary work, and how to effectively share the gospel with people! I have really enjoyed finding little ways to do service! we saw a lady walking with huge bags so we helped her, gave her a bom, and that was a really cool experience! Zone meeting was really good! But the coolest thing was! we went heart attacking to a family in the ward who we really felt the need to do something nice for them! We tried to be secretive but they caught us :( always happens, haha! Anyway! It was wayyyyy amazing! they loved it soooo much! The wife started to cry, and told us how stressed and alone she felt! I had such an impression to do something for them just that Sunday before, and I knew that God works through each of us! He uses us as a tool in his hands! we must be prepared to receive these impressions! they are so vital to building up the kingdom of God! That was so amazing! Anyway! We taught S. the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it was the most spiritual/fun lesson we have had with her! it was really good! We are so excited for her baptism! We ended up having service that night with the elders, our ward mission leader, so we met for dinner just before and found out one of our investigators has a crazy video on FB! he has gone viral, it's a video of him screaming at someone and so we had to drop him. He was just very disrespectful at church, and really was not meeting with us for the right reasons. :( so it's been pretty difficult, we dont have very many investigators now, and a lot of people dont want to learn or listen! It can be frustrating! BUT!!!!!!! keep going, be diligent, and be patient! That’s what I have learned this week! :) We met with Sister L, in our ward, and she is the sweetest lady ever! she took us to a Chinese restaurant where I made a fool of myself trying to use chop sticks haha! anyway! it was sooooo good! I ate so much Durian though! EWWWWWWWWW! haha anyway! We had a HUGEEEEE miracle!!!!! A lady that had come to chruch last sunday, C. is a helper here from the Philippines! She has a daughter, and just recently divorced! Her daughter is back in the Philippines, and she has not seen her for years!!!! she never gets to go back to see her :( It's so sad! We thought she was not a member so we were prepared to teach her the 1st lesson, but she was a member! She hadn't known where the church was for 6 years! so we relied heavily on the spirit and were able to help her feel the spirit and say what she needed to hear! We were able to find someone to give her a blessing of comfort! She really is so amazing! she told us how happy she was that she found the church, and how God is so good to her! this experience humbled me so much! I am so beyond blessed! She is a great example of making the best out of your situation! I really enjoy meeting with her! :) General conference was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I took at least 15 pages of notes! it was sooo good! EVERY MEMBER A MISSIONARY! thats all I have to say! haha :) My favorite talk was Brother Dube! he was sooooo awesome! Also Ballard, and Utchdorf! We all need to lift where we stand! We can move mountains, and move this work along! We have really had a lot of up and down moments this week, but i know that God is aware of us! It's so hard every day to have people not listen, or not want to learn, but i know that i'm planting seeds! all of us are! This is an important work! Keep on keeping on! Tell myself that daily! I really love all of you and your amazing support, i feel the prayers every day! It brings me such great strength! Please pray for S! She has amazing desires and we are so excited for her to come unto Christ! EVERYONE!!!!! As stated in general conference, please think of someone you can share the gospel with, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! Seriously not trying to get all high school musical hahah but we are! "Who’s on the Lords side who???" Now is the time everyone! LET’S DO THIS!!!!!!!!!! :) I love you soooo much!!! keep on keeping on family! Love Eternally Sister Waldvogel O.W.L.E <3

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