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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 24, 2013 PART 1 hi family!!! wow i love and miss you all so much! but it has been amazing here!!! the first day was so hard, as you will tell from my letter, i wanted to go home! i kept reminding myself to loose myself in the work! and so i tried! and each day has gotten so much better! i truely love it here! i received all the packages and i LOVE them!!!!!!!!! my district is jealous haha they are great we are like a family! it was like that the second day! i love them! my companions name is sister hillier and she is from the uk! :) she is great and keeps me obedient which is what i need! i have been called as the sister training leader which is like the zone leaders :) i am so excited i start for reals tonight! i can't wait! i love it here so much! i have made so many friends, and have grown to love all the people i come in contact with! the lord answers prayers! i was struggling so bad the first day so i pleaded with him to let me see someone i know, especiall austin! guess who i saw?! chanelle, kim, ashlee, and about 10 other people i love! it was AMAZING!!! I knew from there that the lord wanted me do be on a mission! and i have just found so much comfort in him, and the mercy he gives me! i aslo was so blessed to see austin last night! he was obedient ( i wanted to hug him) he shook my hand haha! it was so amazing we got pictures! i will send them later! i dont have a lot of time! it was so amazing kim brought him to me, she has been an angel to me! given me notes, pep talks, and prayed for me! i surely have learned so much from everyone around me! i have grown to love the MTC!!! how are you?! tell me everything! I just seriuosly love getting letters from you! USE DEARELDER WRITE ME!!! ITS QUICK AND I GET TO READ IT MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK!!!!!!! please ;) haha i love you all! i seriously am so excited to go to singapore! i am so ready to get out there! teaching is hard!!!! any advice would be very accepted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am teaching Nathan, and Alexandre right now they are amazing sons of God, and although i am stumbling through each lesson, i am learning and hoping that they will be patient with me, as i try to teach with the spirit!!!!!!! seriously though any advice! I can't beleive it has been a week! it's crazy!!! just think! i'll be in singapore in 6 days speaking of which! i prob. wont have a p day for a while so you may not hear from me, dont freak out! i will be fine! The Lord has blessed me so imensley!!! i can't even tell you! i have been humbled DAILY at the MTC and i am so greatful for it! wow i'm trying to put a week of everything in the email and it is so hard! but keep sending letters please SEND LETTERS!!! it helps me so very much! i'm less homesick when i have something to read at the end of the day! i love you all so much!!!!! how is camping?! CELESTE BETTER WRITE ME!!!!! ;) oh and special thanks to the beautiful SADIE HANNIG if she reads this, i will write you soon but i thank you for being the first to write, beside my family, it helped lift my spirits, and i love you so much!!! I am hoping later today i can send pictures to you!!!! but i love you let me know how your doing! God loves you, i know that! i have seen his hand in my life so often here at the MTC, and although this is the hardest i have ever worked in my whole life, it is molding me to become who i need and want to be! i really truely have a love for this gospel and the opportunties that come with this MISSION! i am so excited to hear from you, and be in singapore soon! Dad i have been able to give you O.W.L talk to so many people and they love you for that! it has been my moto here, and i have seriously just loved this work!!!!!!! I love you, and will write soon! Love for eternity Sister Hailee Waldvogel PART 2 Hi family!!! I found some more time to e-mail, my companion needed to e-mail :) How are you all?? how is camping???!!! guess who is in my new zone?! spencer jackson! hahah thats crazy huh?! I told all the elders in my district to give him a hard time! :) i'm so excited to see him! i give the 2 new districts in our zone a tour, activity, testimony thing tonght haha it should be pretty fun! i am really excited! It should be really cool getting to know the two new districts! i love my district i wrote about it in the letter but all the elders are just like austin!!! haha they all cried as i talked to austin at the devotional yesterday! it was pretty great! So Any advice from R.M's for the mission field would be much appreciated! i really want to know all that i can before i leave! which is 6 days!!! crazyness! i can't wait! I feel like i have really told you everything! I am trying so hard to focous on investigators, and let the spirit take over my thoughts and words, but this is a hard thing to try and master! you can never really master it! But it is a great learning experience i have really felt the spirit guide some lessons! It is amazing!!! i really hope i can have that in Singapore, so that they can know i speak of the truth! I can't even tell you how much Heavnely father has blessed me with tender mercies in 1 week!!!! it's almost not even fair! It seems whenever i get down because i had a bad lesson, i pray, and he blesses me! Always! it may just be something littel but i love it!!! I have been saying welcome to the MTC to everyone with an orange tag!!! haha i'm starting to annoy my companion! But it's so important to make them feel that love that Heavnely Father has for them! I have really come to rely on loving peple, and thinking of them dressed in white to foucus on them! It helps, a lot! I seriuosly love the MTC because i talk to everyone, or smile, or say hi! and you have an instant friend!!! i love that i have met so many amazing people! there is a beautiful samoan sister i love!!!! her mother died on tuesday and she came to the mtc wed! she is amazing! her an i have become friends, and we love talking to each other every chance we get! i love the spirit that is here! i have neve felt the spirt so much in my whole life! it's the most wonderful feeling in the world!!!! I absolutley love it!!!! I feel like i'm just rambeling! haha i really donw have much time, but i am trying to get as much out in e-mail as i can! i seriously miss you guys so much, but i know this is where i need to be!!! I strive to be exactly obedient, work so hard (lost myself in the work), love every person that i come in contatct with. Most of all be an Example, and wake up every morning cheerful, and excited about the work! I often go to the blessing i received and look for guidence in it! it gives me so much comfort! My companion is very british! you would all love her! she is very reserved, and very smart! she thinks very diffrently from me, so it's nice to be able to get to know how other people think :) I appreciate how much i learn from her! Sister Stokes ( the one from krispy kreme) is in my district her and i have become good friends! she is very sweet, and very giving! I have really just become like a close knit family with my district! there is Sister Hillier(my companion), sister Stokes, Sister Kramer. Elder Anderson , Elder MIsa A' l' Fua( zone leaders), Elder Hunsaker (District Leader), Elder Moore, Elder kim, Elder jonas, and Elder Murdoc! they are the greatest! the last 3 are going to guam! so it's pretty cool!!! well ilove you, i hope this makes up for me not being able to write for a while! i love you so sososososoososososos much!!!! i pray often for you!!! keep on keeping on my family and friends! love eternally Sister Hailee Waldvogel O.W.L.E <3

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