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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

October 7, 2013 Hi Family!!!! How is everyone?! this week has been so crazy! Not going to lie! It has been so HARD! but thats life! :) I have learned a lot, and been able to experience a lot! It was awesome! first things first, we had to drop W. :( which was really sad, because we really thought he could grow a lot! Also we have so much time, and hardly any investiagtors so it was a very long, and prayerful decision! But we were lead by the spirit! We had no desire to learn, and felt obligated to meet with us. So after holding back several tears, we had one last Super Spiritual lesson with him! It was left on a good note, and we continue to pray for him daily! It was still really hard, but we are here to find people that are willing to come unto Christ :) Anywyay!!! This week was really interesting! Everyone was cancelling on us :( But! it's okay, because we have been able to really see the Lords Hand in our days! It really is amazing! We got together with the Woodlands Elders (elder moore and Rasmussen) to do service for our ward mission leader! (we made brownies and heart attacked his door using shapes in stead of hearts) haha it was a blast! Except we weren't sneaky enough because people leave their doors open here, Everyone lives in a flat (apartment) haha so they caught us! It was fun to chat with their family though, and we were able to come in time for their family scripture reading! We taught S! and guess what?! SHE IS GETTING BAPTISED THIS MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYYYYY! on dads birthday actually! :) we are so excited about it! She really is so good, and has great desires! She has a wonderful spirit! :) we were able to go visit SU!!!!!! BEST DAY EVER <3 seriously! we were so happy He is the best kid ever! he reminds me so much of Bray! Thats why i love him so much! We got to meet with Gi and A. again! :) I loveeeeeeee them! they are the cutest couple ever! they are soooo good! We have talked to them more about the BOM, and we are so sad that we have to pass them :( They have great desires and hope they continue to learn! That night we had to drop wilson, but G Boy one of his fellowshipers in the ward was there! And he helped us a lot! so grateful for him!!!!!! Anyway! the next day all of our appointments cancelled! We were so sad because it was such a full day of appointments!!!! Anyway! we went out to our area after studies and L. (one of our investigators who is about 16) SHE CALLED Us!!!!!! she wanted to meet with us! It was the best ever! After we met with her we went to find some less actives, and although they did not answer we left a little scripture card we made for each of them :) We went to go get some dinner and ran into another investigator! It was cool we had a lesson with him, and than G Boy followed us to go meet someone who we found while knocking doors! he was not home :( BUT! we talked to a lady from the Philippines (whcih is where G boy is from) and he talked to her in tagolog it was the coolest thing ever! haha I talked to a filipino woman on the bus who was soooo sweet! Her sister is a member in the phillipines so i hope she will meet with us!!!!! :) Church was really good!!! (yes pops i teach gospel principles once a month :) We visited with K, a hindu lady who is very old and is on Dialysis. She is so sweet! BUT it happened!!!!! I ATE SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! i have never felt so ill before! She made us Chicken Curry and had Bread! My wonderful trainer kept putting more food on my plate, because sister k. kept saying eat eat! OIVEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was so bad! hahaha that was a rough bus ride home! it was good to meet with her though! she really loves the company! Her Husband reads the BOM to her every night :) which is sooooo cute! We love her! Thats about everything i can think of! I love you so so much!!! i pray for you always! I can't tell you what it means to me, to have words of encouragement! It's what really gets me through hard times!!! I love you soooo much!!!!! keep on keeping on family!!!1 Love Eternally Sister Hailee Waldvogel O.W.L.E <3

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