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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

January 6, 2014 Hi Family! :) How are you? I hope things are going well! This week has been sooooo crazy! And soooooo awesome! We have seen a lot of really neat miracles! First off on Monday we went to the D's home with K. and his wife J, and their ADORABLE kids T, M, and K! They are so adorable! I will send pics later! Anyway! We had a family home evening with them and helped each of them make their own missionary name tag! It was really great! They even had a non-member who lives with them that was joining in! Then we played Simon says... and related it to following Jesus Christ! :) We loved being with them! They are such a strong and good family! Anyway! We met with S.S. and she is doing really well! Very excited to learn about the temple, marriage, and church callings! She is doing so well! Everyone is getting sick though, a lot of people were sick this week! Including my roomies :( so I’m hoping I don’t catch anything haha! Anyway! MY FAVORITE STORY!!!! We met with A! The sweet lady from Mongolia and her daughter M. who is 2 and crazy adorable! We met in the nursery at church so that she could play and it was so funny! She would come up to me, and try to make me eat the "food" it was so cute! I missed nannying so much!!!!!!!!!!! But the lesson was soooooo good! The spirit was there despite the language barrier! We helped her come closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! It was so amazing! The little girl didn't want us to leave when we were walking away! haha she came up and grabbed our hands and wanted us to follow her! It was soooo cute! We really want them to stay in Singapore and not go back!!! haaha but we are really excited to keep meeting with her!!!!! we had New Missionary Training! Which was a lot of fun! There were SO MANY new missionaries! But it rocked! Each of us bore our testimonies and it was really amazing to lift each other up. Even President Mains commented on how much he sees how we love and uplift each other! We went to little India afterward and it was a blast! The A.Ps are hilarious! Elder Crosland and Elder Tony crack me up… I have this saying I picked up from my trainer "your honestly the worst..." or "are you joking?!" anyway! They all make fun of me for it! Also, I went on a trip to Indonesia!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOT! It was wayyy fun! I have some pictures to send… I went with Sister Stokes and Sister Tai it was wayyy fun to get to know sister tai more! We just walked around the mall and decided to just stay around there, much safer! But it was a blast!!!!!!!!! I got some bajutidurs, key chains, and bracelets! It was wayy fun! Anyway! CHRUCH!!!!!!! WAS THE BOMB!!!!!!! I am so proud of the members! They are all doing a fantastic job with Missionary work! They are all getting really excited and trying to help out more and more! We are definitely seeing the work hastening! They were telling stories about people they talked to on the MRT and while they were out and about! It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I was so proud!!!!!! :) Anyway! So we had a referral this week from (first time ever on my mission) but he wasn't very keen on meeting with us! SO! We dropped by a B.O.M as he requested and we want to try to contact him soon and pray that he meets with us!!!! He really wants to find out for himself! So we are praying that his heart opens to meeting with the missionaries! Sister Proffit rocks my world!!!!!!! She met this guy named A. 2 days ago while I was gone and he is from the Philippines! He came to church and is now an investigator! He is soooo good! The things he believes align with our churches belief and its so crazy! He rocks!!!!!! We sat after church and just talked with him for a long time, and he really wanted to learn more!!! Sadly we have to pass him! BUT! It was a miracle that sis. Proffit met him! This gospel is going to change his life! it’s amazing! Anyway!!!! Life is great! Things are going really well! We have zone conference next week, so expect a lot of pictures!!!! haha I love you guys so much!!!!! Stay strong and keep on keeping on!!!!! Love Eternally Sister Waldvogel O.W.L.E <3 "My yoke is easy.... my burden is light...."

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