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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

September 30, 2013 Hello Family!!!! how is everyone?! I loved the e-mails this week! It has been a particularly hard couple days, so the e-mails hvae really picked up my spirits! so thank you for being the BEST FAMILY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you all so much! so this week, we got to visit Sister T. again! Her 10 year old son joined in on the message we shared (which was amazing!!!!!) we were so so happy! We are just slowly getting to know her, and visiting! Hopefully we can get her to come to church soon! :) She is awesome!!!! we went on splits with the Asisters! (assistant to president sisters) and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! ((I had a super spiritual moment with sister blauer! I felt as though I wasn't being a very effective missionary, and had been pleading/praying to Heavenly Father to just show me one good thing i was doing! before Comp. Study She prayed and said exactly what I needed to hear! Needless to say we were both in tears! It was so great that God really does hear his missionaries also! :) ))Anyway! we taught S. and she is doing better than we had originally thought! We went through the baptismal questions with her, and she is totally ready! We pray that she can be baptized next month! so excited! we love her so so much! she has such great desires! We went finding that night, and met a man from Myanmar :) and he was sooooooo good! he loved that we gave him a book of mormon, and said he would like to meet with us! he can't meet for a while but i am so excited about it! than we met with less active member A. who has not been active sense he was a teenager (long time ago) we saw many miracles! Met a girl F. who is a religion we can't teach unless they come to us, and she wants to learn, so this is hugeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited! anyway! we prayed for faith every single hour, and let me tell you! I have a new testimony of prayer! I love it!!! I always pray!!! all the days!!!!!!!! :) The next day we met with W! a less active! And SHE CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we were so excited! it was the primary program, and she sends her children to church, so she came! She said she would like to start coming now! this is hugeeeee!!!!!! everyone has been trying to get her to come for a longgg time! the thing i love about Less Actives is that when they let us inside, you know that they still have a testimony, they know it's true, and they tell you why they haven't come to church. It really is so amazing to me! :) Also! we met with Elder Woo (area 70) his niece! She is so cute! her name is Gift, she is 23 from Thailand!!!! (Janette I thought of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) anyway!!!! I have to go to Thailand someday I decided! she is so great! we taught her and her boyfriend A, the first lesson and they were very accepting! it was so great! We have a return appointment and cant wait to meet with them again! her dad was baptized a year ago, and she noticed the huge diffrence it made in his life :) YAY! The gospel changes people I testify of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We taught w. with G "roeligio" he is so cool! anyway! It didn't go so well :( he didn't remember joseph smith which was super disapointing because we have taught him about Joseph Smith several times! so we really asked that he pray about Joseph Smith, and although we were sad, it was still a good lesson! He didn't come to church because he was sick, but hopefully we will meet on friday! :) We also got to meet with C, i dont konw if you remember her, we met with her my second day in singapore! she is super cute! i love her a lot! We went back to the basics which is really good! we talked about our loving Heavenly Father! :) She took us to a Hong Kong Dessert place! I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had Mochi! my fav... (as mom and dad know!) haha later that night we met with Sister J, Her 91 yr. old mom, her sister, and her neice We LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!! they are the most giving family ihave ever met! Sister J. is a member, but the rest of her family is not! sHe has like 13 siblings! anyway we really enjoy meeting with them! we taught them alittle about the plan of salavation :) so SUNDAY! was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! such a full day! we had the primary program (it's so cute here) there aren't a lot of kids so it was really something so special! we taught about service in gospel principles, and it went pretty well! i talked about how i have such amazing parents and family who have always been a great example of serving others! and not doing it for praise! i love that! :) anyway!!! AC CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she calls me her angel (its really adorable) she is the cutest crazy lady! haha we were so happy she came! Also! she started putting anti itch cream on my legs during sacrament meeting because we had studies at Yishun Park a couple days ago, and i go 43 bug bites on my legs :/ whoops!!!! haha anyay! it was hilarious!!!! We had a missionary fireside with the YSA and youth! which was so good! our ward mission leader organized it! We had a pannel of R.M and missionaries now (myself, sister trottier, elder moore, elder rassmussen) we answered questions, and they planned an activity they could each invite a friend to, who could learn more about the gospel! it was amazing! we also met with Brother Alan Teo,and shared a short message, and than met with the Soh family that night! We had a very full week! it was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have really learned the importance of being a Disciple of my Savior Jesus Christ at all times and in all places! Share the joy of the gospel to everyone! use facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. share messages, videos, etc. Share the gospel with people! it is our duty! now more than ever! the Lord is hastening his work! We CAN NOT DO IT ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every member a Missionary!!! I love you all so so much! thank you for the support it means the world to me!!! i love yoyu so s omuch!!!!!!! Love Eternally Sister Hailee Waldvogel

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