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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

February 25, 2014 Hello Family!!!!!!! Also Dear Friends!!!!!! <3 Well I have some news!!! I was transferred!!! Called to the Ang Mo Kio Ward, and I’m crazy excited!!! My companions name is Sister Guzman! She came out with my trainer, is from New York and her dad is in a I'm a Mormon message!!!!!!!! She is the best! I love her! ALSO, I was called as a SISTER TRAINING LEADER!!! It’s so crazy! All I can say is God can make weak things strong! And over the past two days I have felt so blessed to have first-hand been able to feel that! It’s amazing what happens when you are a missionary and put your faith in the Lord to lead and guide you! :) Anyway! This week has been CRAZY!!! We had a lot of things happen! In the 1st ward we had several sisters who took care of us, because I LOST MY VOICE FOR 4DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s so hard to be a missionary when you lose your voice! Anyway! We had many sisters make us soup and give us stuff to make me feel better! Anyway! We had a ROCKIN Zone Meeting where our zone leaders talked a lot about 1) praying 2) being a PMG missionary 3)using the book of Mormon and it was amazing! They are the BEST ZONE LEADERS EVER!!!! Elder Frey and Elder Black rock! And our zone is the best! I miss them a lot! I’m trying to convince the Assistants to President about transferring Sister Guzman and I to the North Zone, haha ;) anyway! So I have been sick a lot of this week! BUT!!! We just got a new investigator J! She is the cutest! She is a referral from President Woo's family and she is amazing!!! Has a lot of questions and really wants to continue meeting with us!!! :) I'm glad we were able to find a new Investigator for the Woodlands ward before I left!!! Yes I left woodlands :( :'( :( I cried!!!! a LOT! But I’m glad I’m still in Singapore! I'll still see them! :) A. went back to Mongolia, but she will be coming back soon! I hope to take a picture with her! She and M. are the cutest!!!!!! I miss them so much already!!!! She sent us an SMS thanking us, for showing her Jesus Christ... It made everything worth it!!!! I absolutely love when that happens!!!! SO! We met this super cute girl from china! Her Name is J. and we love her a lot! She lives in the same place we do! She came to a Chinese ward baptism with us! Where she met the Chinese elders! We are hoping to be able to meet with her soon! She is really sweet and we pray she wants to learn!! :) We also had a lot of miracles in the 1st ward!!! We went to a home, and they fed us AMAZING Korean food! It was the best!!! They are from Korea and have the most adorable little boy! He is six and so well behaved!!! Anyway!!! We had a super spiritual experience! We talked to them about how they first found the church and about his mission. We shared a message from (Helaman 5:12) and it was AMAZING!!! We gave the younger boy a BOM and invited them to read it together as a family! And the whole home just filled with the spirit! I love having those experiences! They make every part of missionary work, totally worth it!!! So we found out about transfers and here is what happened.... hahah it's sat. morning, Sister Proffit, Alfrey and myself are reading from the leadership section in the white handbook (of course haha) anyway! The phone rings and I look across the table, it's from President Mains... Sister Proffit grabs the phone and answers it... she smiles and hands it to me than starts dying of laughter!! I compose myself and he tells me I’ve received a new calling from the Lord and I was just shocked!!! Anyway!!! I was freaking out over the weekend trying to get everything packed and ready to go!!! I'm really sad to leave Sister Alfrey and Sister Proffit! I love them so much! BUT! I’m grateful that I was able to serve in woodlands ward! And I’m grateful that I have this opportunity to work with all the sisters in this mission!!!! I'm so excited to travel throughout Singapore and Malaysia!!! It's going to be an amazing chance to really forget about myself and get into the work!!! So! Monday (yesterday) I moved into the Senkang house and that morning we went to the airport and picked up all the new missionaries! THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I love them all! We took them contacting, which was fun!!! We kept talking to people who couldn't speak English!! haha! It was really funny cause that doesn’t normally happen!!! BUT! It was so fun! We then went to the chapel, held a meeting and then some breakout sessions! Sister Guzman and I gave a session on passing out a copy of the Book of Mormon, the First Vision, and a few mission rules! It was fun! We took them home to sleep and Sister Guzman and I went to an FHE for Ang Mo Kios recent Converts! We wrote thank you letters to other missionaries and had a little lesson :) it was wayyy fun!!! Then this morning! We went to the chapel and had New Missionary Orientation! I gave a talk on OWL!! (pops that was for you) and about going where the Lord wants you to go, Being who he wants you to be, and Saying what he wants you to say! It was really good! It went even better than I thought it would! :) haha I was nervous!!! Anyway!!! We just had lunch with Elder Tony, Elder Robinson (APs) Elder Black and Elder Frey, and Elder Harper and Elder Wang :) now we are here! And I’m super stoked for the rest of this week! I have really learned a lot about praying... and involving God and Christ in this work!!! Also! I have learned a lot on striving to be obedient to obtain the spirit! To have it with you always! Because you can't do this work without the spirit! I love you so much family!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU’RE AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Keep on keeping on!!!! <3 Love Eternally, Sister Waldvogel O.W.L.E <3

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