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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

August 26, 2013 hi family! Some sad news... An elder in our mission passed away last night, he was hit by a car while riding his bike his name is Elder W, if you could pray and maybe put his families name on the prayer role i would be so grateful. Also Elder H (his companion) needs some prayers as well. The feeling here is quite sad, but i know that there is a plan, he is with God, and he is amazing. I have really been so blessed with the spiritual strength to help all those around me! I honestly know that God has blessed me so so much! Now for something more upbeat WOWOWOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! they are getting married apa hal!!!!!!!!!! (what the heck) haha jk CONGRATSSSSSSSSSSSSS i love you, john your finally gonna be part of the family! and i wish i could be there, just dont everyone have the babies without me k??!!!! haha :) I will fast for Christie and Bray i pray everyday for all of you! and i know that with Christ everything is possible! I really hope that he can get baptized! my mp3 player is great, but the speakers are dead already :( i think its the humidity! i was super sad! but anyway its been a very good week! We had zone conference which was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! i learned so much and my fav. quote the whole day was "people everywhere are pulling for you, Christ is pulling FOR and WITH you!" It was cool to see everyone from my MTC group and i will send you pics that we took! it was so uplifting and i was able to sing in the choir, and do a group number with the sisters! Also we learned that there will be over 100 new missionaries in Singapore by the end of the year! crazy!!! so i will most likely train in a few months haha Scary!!!! it's all good, it will be a blast! i look forward to it, because in the MTC being a Sister Training Leader i was able to better forget about myself!!! We went on splits with assistant to the president sisters! it was really cool! i learned a lot about really loving the people, your companion, and really think about your investigators always! Also! That day is when sis. Trottier met with E, but we get to meet with him tonight! I'm excited to meet him! he is cool! But the other night we went to the Gardens by the bay (the one with the huge man made trees in all the pics) IT was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we went on the sky-way part, and i will send some pics it was the most amazing thing ever! we went with our new invest. her name is M. and she is super cute! an 18 year old girl from Malaysia who is going to a singing school, and she is wayyyyyy good! we love her so much! So i finally got to see marina bay! it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! i just fell in love with it! At church we taught the lesson, i was terrified cause we hadn't prepared like at all! but it was nice having two of us! haha anyway! so how is life?! still can't believe they are getting married without me!!!!!!!!!! haha jk! i really am so happy for them! Mom: I LOVE YOU never forget it! I seriously am so grateful for you! you have been such an amazing example to me of how strong you are! i could not have had a better mom! you have taught me so much, and i appreciate the strength you are for me, and for the love you give me! I know i haven't always shown it but you are truly my best friend, forever, and i could never tell you how much you mean to me! what kind of things do you want from singapore??? sad about that movie! i see commercials and posters everywhere!!!! haha Dad: you want a thing like what M. wore?? CAN! I'll find one :) they are so so cool! so many people wear them here, this is the coolest place! I LOVE YOU POPS! thanks for being such an amazing example to me, and always being so wise! you are truly my hero, i appreciate everything you have done for me! You are also my best friend, and i can't imagine where i would be without you! i'm so blessed to have the best parents ever! I will keep the look out for these outfits!!!! I'm so happy your going to meet sister Lim! her mom is the coolest lady ever! haha she is the BEST! also her brother s is a Star Wars Fanatic (we became instant friends) haha! anyway! I really have learned so much on being patient, loving EVERYONE!, and i have really learned to appreciate all of you! I have really relied on God using prayer, and trying to overcome myself! Christs grace is sufficient for us! He doesnt just wait at the finish line for us to cross, he is with us every step of the way! We are never alone! I can never express how hard a mission is, but it is so WORTH IT! I really have tried to push myself, although i can always do better, and i get very frustrated with myself, i know that God is patient with me! I am so eternally grateful for him! I have seriously fallen in love with the people! i just keep meeting these super awesome people! we become like best friends instantly! Also if i have FB friend invites would you accept them please?? thank you! Sometimes i am very afraid to talk to the people, but the times i'm not i really just click with them! i really pray we can teach all these people we are contacting! anyway! i love you all so so so so sososososos much!!!!!!!!!!! i pray for you all the time! please keep me updated! Write me letters they are so uplifting!!!!! i miss you all so much! But i know that being here is the best place i could be right now! I love you! keep on keeping on! love Eternally Sister Hailee Waldvogel O.W.L.E <3 FOREVER

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