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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

December 1, 2014

Hi family!!
How are you all doing?? I can’t even believe its December!!! This week was really good!!! Our numbers were quite low, which was really hard! BUT! We have a lot of faith and a lot of great plans this coming week! So we are going to see miracles with the help of the Lord! :) We have been making a lot of really cute banners to put on peoples doors to express our love! And it's really opened the members up!!! We have seen a lot of miracles with the members asking us if we can help them reach out to their friends, less active members, and even some active members! We are really starting to work together with them!

This week we were able to go to a Thanksgiving dinner at the W. family’s home! it was AMAZING <3 they invited a lot of non-members, less actives, and it was a great opportunity to talk about what we were grateful for, share the gospel, and help them understand what we do here in Singapore! It’s been amazing to see how many of the members are really good at sharing the gospel with their friends and family!
We had a missionary presentation in church on Sunday where I talked about all the blessings I have seen from serving a mission and from participating in the Lords work! I have witnessed miracles! My favorite is seeing how close all of you have come together and how close all of you have come to Heavenly Father! The Lord has promised us many blessings as we do our part in the work of salvation! We just need to GO AND DO! That’s been my motto for this transfer! I want to be diligent in all things! It's been a little tough this transfer, but I have really seen how real miracles, and the Atonement of Christ is! We witness miracles every day!

And Ipersonally feel how Christ’s atonement is changing me, and how it is changing the lives of those we teach!

Most of our investigators were gone this week! :( But we were able to meet with a R!!! He ROCKS! I met him a long time ago when he had first met the missionaries! And now we get to meet with him every week! He is the BEST!

I love you so much family! I’m praying for you always! I hope each of you know how much God loves you, how aware he is of you and I pray you never forget to look to him! Look forward to Christ, especially during this time of year! He will lead and guide you in all things!!

I love you!!!! <3
Sister Waldvogel
November 24, 2014

Hi family!!! <3

How is everyone?!
Things are going really well in Bedok!!! Everyone better get their umbrellas cause its RAINNIG MIRACLES!!!! Cheesy but TRUE!!! We have been really focusing on finding new investigators through part member families in our ward! And we have been visiting a lot of less active members!! As we were walking to the low family’s home, my companion was like! I know a less active that lives here. I’ve met him before! He gave us food! She was like! We passed him to Bedok! There is no way this is him... guess what?! IT WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we went inside and visited with him and his wife! They are so amazing! AND still totally have testimonies! WE ARE SO excited to be working with them! We are having an FHE with them tomorrow night, and we hope to help their two sons prepare for missions! It’s amazing how the Lord is aware of every one of his children!
And lately it's CRAZY, we have had people come up to us wanting to know more about the gospel! And one sister came up to us, and said, you are missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints! She had learned from missionaries before so we got her phone number and invited her to church! We will be meeting with her this week! She isn't in our area, but we have seen so many miracles in this area! And we have created an AWESOME vision to work with the members; 1 Nephi 8:12 being our scripture!!! :) We are WAYYY excited!!!! We have a message to share to strengthen their faith and testimony in Christ and his atonement!

I know as I have been studying the atonement, it's become so much stronger to me! I have really come to understand that all things are possible through the atonement! And the atonement is the center of this gospel! We are nothing without it! But with it... everything can be possible for us! I love you so much family!!!! I’m praying for you!!!!

Sister Waldvogel
November 17, 2014

Hi family! <3

How are you?? This week was one of the CRAZIEST on my mission!!!! Let’s start out with I couldn't find my wallet in the morning... I thought, oh I just left it at the condo! So after we came home I searched high and low... and couldn't find it, so after a lot of prayers.... and panic attacks I called the mission office and told them to cancel my card cause I lost my wallet... (Also had my SD card with my mission photos from the beginning of my mission in it) :( I’m pretty sure it was stolen! Anyway... it was all figured out! They put money on my companion’s card for the rest of my mission! And it was all good...

UNTIL my companion’s wallet was stolen and now we had no money; and she had no transport card! We were feeling a little disheartened because we had also through the week been dropped by all but 2 of our investigators... But! We are so very blessed because with permission from the mission president they pulled out enough money for us to last through the rest of the month! It was a miracle! So now everything is taken care of and we can get to our area!!! It’s quite far from where we stay! But! We were able to see a really cool miracle!!! While we were on our way to serve some of our members with our elders, we met a lady on the bus (her name was R.) and she was a member of our church! She was baptized many years ago, but has been less active for 8 years! So we went to visit her the next day! But before we went to visit her we had a Thanksgiving RS activity. While we were there we were talking with Sister Ra, a member and she was asking us what our plans were and we told her who we were going to visit. TURNS OUT she was the missionary who baptized this woman R! So she wanted to come visit her with us! And let me tell you! After the beginning of this week, it was AMAZING to be a part of this miracle! So we are going to be visiting her often and help her to come back to Christ! It’s amazing how the Lords hand is in EVERY aspect of every one of our Heavenly Fathers children’s life!

My companion taught me how to make cute little banners to hang on peoples doors! So we have started doing that for the members and they love it!!! We have literally had a dinner appointment every night with the members! They are so AMAZING! And we have received many referrals! We are really excited to just get this area going and work so hard core with the members!!! <3 it was a tough week at first! But the miracles are coming! And they are going to keep coming!!! I’m so grateful to be living with sister Pr! I love her and she has grown so much! She was helping me with exactly what we need to be doing for the people in Singapore! Just have to LOVE with all my heart, might, mind, and strength! One more step for Jesus! <3 a little saying we have in the mission! :) I love you so much family!!! :)

Sister Waldvogel

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014
Hi family!!! <3

Well not much has happened this week.. Except TRANSFERS!!!! I’m back in SINGAPORE!!! I looked at the transfer sheet and couldn't even believe it!! But! I’m in Bedok ward! And I LOVE IT! I also LOVE my companion so so much!!!!! Her name is Sister Hansen; she is from Arizona and is literally the girl version of Austin! We get along so well! I love her so much!!!!! We are having a blast!!! :) It was crazy sad to leave KL! But I’m so glad I was able to serve there! I LOVEEEEE them!! We were able to visit with M. though and that was AMAZING! She was soooo sweet! We were able to share a little of the Restoration with her and she is excited to learn more about what is so important to her daughter! I love her so much! I’m going to miss everyone like CRAZY! But I’m grateful for the people I was able to meet!!! I miss all the hijabs in KL, but! Singapore is AMAZING!!! It was so good to come back and see everyone!!! <3 I cried so hard on Sunday seeing everyone that I love so much!!!

I've been sick over the past few days, which has made it really hard to go out! BUT! We have been able to go through our area book and talk with our Elders to get to know our area! And I’m feeling better now! So we have a lot of great plans to work with the ward and just go out and BUILD IT UP!!!! <3 it's a little hard cause we are white washing (we are both brand new to the area) and it's kind of like we are opening; it was opened six weeks ago for sisters, but it kind of crumbled so it's going to be hard, but it's going to be ROCKIN! We are going to work with the members, see miracles, and just share Gods love with his children like CRAZY!!! I'm sorry i don’t have a lot
to say from this week! We have been able to visit with some less active and active members the past week! And we are really trying to meet with many potentials! But! We are looking forward to getting new investigators and really just hitting the ground running! I know that miracles happen every single day! The Lord is in every aspect of every one of our lives! He will always be there to comfort us! And his atonement can always change and help us to be better! I love you so much family!

Sister Waldvogel

Saturday, November 8, 2014

November 3, 2014

Hi Family <3

How are you??? This week has been AWESOME!!! And really CRAZY! It went by so fast! I can't even believe it! We had a great week this last week! Full of ups and downs, but full of miracles!!! We had 8 member present lessons which is HUGE!!!!! The standard of excellence for our district is 7 MP Lessons! It was a miracle! We are able to do much more with 4 of us! We also went on exchanges with the STL's Sister B. and I went with Sister H. into PJ area! It was so nice to be back!!! And Sister T. and Sister C. stayed in KL with Sister L! It was so fun to be with Sister H. again! We talked about all of our good times and talked about how J, A, KL, S and everyone was doing! J. is going to be baptized in December! I really hope I’m here to see it!!! :) When we were there we visited a Hindu couple whose son passed away about 1 year ago from Dengue fever. They miss him so much; we taught them about the plan of Salvation! It was amazing! The father was a little hard, he is still very upset and bitter... but the mom was crying and said she wants to pray and ask God if this plan is true! I’m so excited for the PJ sisters to continue meeting with them! The lesson was just full of the spirit! :) Our investigator S. is struggling really badly, we can't meet with her for a few weeks, but please keep her in your prayers! It's very difficult to watch people struggle! And it's so hard to see these people who don’t have very much! Many of them we can't share the gospel with, but I know that with the Lords help, we can find those who are prepared to accept the gospel and bring them into light!

MIRACLE!!!! While we were on exchanges the other sisters met with our investigator T, she doesn't speak a lot of English, but we brought a member that was able to translate for us! And SHE just LOVED it! She wants to come to church to learn more and to be baptized! We are really excited to keep working with her! Thanks to V! :) We also had an Open house at our chapel on Saturday, it was really stressful!!!!! But it was AMAZING! Over 20 non-members came to the open house! It was really cool! We had a service project going on, a family history room, the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (which was our station), and lunch was provided! It was a really neat open house! Such a great place for the spirit to touch the hearts of everyone that came! :)

The elders in our branch are the zone leaders and there was an elder who had to go home for health reasons; the comp of the elder who had gone home is staying with them, so we decided to heart attack them...but with stars... (didn't want any violations of pg. 33 of the white handbook) and we had made them planners for this next transfer and ditched them at their door. It was one of the most fun heart attacks ever! We had so much fun doing it together! :) On Sunday we went to the M. families home for dinner with all the YSA in the district and a few of our investigators, B. and Is! It was a thanksgiving dinner with them! It was SOOO GOOD! It’s been so long since I’ve had solid American food like that! hahaha! It was wayyy nice! I def. miss mom and grandmas cooking a lot!!!! :)

Sister M. has a referral for us that we are meeting on Wednesday! We are SOOO excited! It was a miracle that she is meeting with us! Sister M. is so excited to have her learn about the gospel! We are really praying that we can help her! She’s a young mom from Poland and is an art dealer with her two kids and husband; she wants her family to be closer together! And Sister M. brought up the church and she accepted to learn about it!!!!! :) Miracles are happening left and right, and we are finding those people that are ready for this message! The Lords work is moving forward! I'm so grateful for the gospel! This past week I was thinking a lot about second chances, and the Atonement as we apply it in our lives by making repentance a pattern of our life, we are aloud second chances! Christ’s arms are continually opened to us! Sister M. said something that I thought was very profound! It's the fact that the marks on Christ’s Hands are not for him to remember the sacrifice he gave... but for US to remember! I pray that I can always remember my savior and what he has done for every one of us! And I pray that we can each take that to the children of God who are around us!

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! Keep on keeping on <3

Sister Waldvogel

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October 27, 2014
Hi family,
How are you? I have been praying for you a lot this week! This week has been both amazing and really hard! We got our new companion Sister T. from Tahiti! She has been out 4 months and she is a ROCKIN missionary! She has a great testimony and has amazing experiences in her life that have helped her to be where she is now! Things are very interesting as a foursome companionship! It can be really difficult, but we see a lot of miracles! And we are able to get a lot of work done! :) We went heart attacking this week with the elders; we do this after district meeting (which we had in a subway near the KLIA train station when we picked up our new companion; that was interesting, but we had a great district meeting where we learned that missionary work is a lot like dating... haha, and we read the talk about following up! it was an unforgettable training)! Anyway! It’s been really cool< 3 attacking! I feel like it really is helping us to get to know the branch members better! It’s also really fun to watch elders try to cut out and decorate hearts ;) we keep getting caught though! But it's all good! They usually feed us and we share a message! :)
The coolest miracle EVER happened on Wednesday though! The lovely Uncle Bill and Aunt Stacie met a girl named C. while they were in Northern Utah! C. is from Malaysia, and when they found that out they gave her my email so she could send a referral! She emailed me and I seriously love her! She is the best! Her mom lives here in Kuala Lumpur actually like a 5 min. walk from where I live! She gave us her mom’s address, so after much prayer, we went to visit her on Wednesday! After the miracle of getting past security, and getting past the gate (there was a cardboard block on the gate that made it impossible to get to the doorbell) we finally reached the bell! She came out and asked who it was, I asked if her name was M, then I told her "I’m Sister Waldvogel from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we have a message to share with you, do you have time to talk??" she started to reject and I felt very prompted to say "M, we have been sent here by your daughter C, and she loves you very much..." I couldn't say anything else as I had started to cry. And what happened next was a miracle... She opened the door! As she opened the gate, tears flooded her eyes, as well as mine! I walked up to her and just gave her a big hug. She then invited us in. She asked so many questions about how we came here? How we knew C?? So I explained the story of how it all happened! We were all crying at this point; she then told us that we were an answer to her prayers!! 
We gave her a plan of salvation pamphlet committing her to read it, and she said she would come to church! She couldn't make it on Sunday, but she wants to come! The spirit we all felt that day was STRONG!
Needless to say! THIS WAS A MIRACLE!!! I have never in my life felt the spirit so strongly! I know that this is why I am here! I know that God is real! I know that he only gives good gifts! And that he is merciful, and he reaches out to his children! We must follow his promptings that we receive through the Holy Ghost! The rest of this week was a little difficult with our investigators progression and finding new investigators, but we see miracles! They are happening! GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS!

We were able to meet several investigators that we haven't been able to meet with in quite some time! And we have a lot of great potential investigators! Because the Members in KL ROCK! And invite so many of their friends to learn about the gospel!!! <3 YA! Family! I love you so much! I can't even tell you! But I know that the Lord will bless you! And I pray that you feel his love for you! I know that this church is true! I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith, and I know that Jesus is the Christ and that HE LIVES! HE LOVES and because of this we too will live again... And we too must love as he loves!
Keep on keeping on<3
Sister Hailee Waldvogel <3

Monday, October 20, 2014

October 20, 2014

How are you?? I hope you are doing well! I am praying for all of you!!! <3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to POPS, AUSTIN, JAEL and BRAY!!!! <3 so sorry! I sent all of you letters, so I hope they get there!!! <3 WELL! The weeks are just FLYING by! We are busy, and really trying to work so hard! Also! Found out news! We are not just a trio anymore but a foursome!!!! We are getting another companion from Tahiti! She has been out for a few months and is coming over from Singapore! Her name is Sister T! So it should be interesting how it will work out for the next 2 weeks! We are really excited to build up KL!  This last week was amazing! We went bowling with the YSA in our branch and had one of our investigators come as well! It was a blast! I was AWFUL! But it was a lot of fun to get to know the YSA better! And many of them are preparing for missions, so it's been really awesome just talking with them about their preparations! We have seen a lot of miracles!!! I. prayed in our lesson! She has been struggling, and wouldn't accept baptism but she prayed at the end, and she really wants to have that relationship with God; so we are really trying to help her have a good experience with praying! She is so amazing! And we want her to understand how our Heavenly Father sees her! She is his precious daughter and he is ALWAYS there for her! This week we also got to meet with a girl from Nigeria! She can't be baptized until she goes back home, but! She is the strongest woman I have ever met! She is so sweet! And has such a love for Jesus Christ! She misses her family so much and has faced many heart breaks and hard ships, but her faith is so strong! And is the only thing that she has! I can't even get over how beautiful the hearts of the people in this country are! It is inspiring! We were also able to meet with a less active sister who has no testimony of the Book of Mormon, but loves the Doctrine & Covenants! I have never bore such a heartfelt testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the blessings that it brings into your life! And how it works hand in hand with the Bible to truly testify of Christ, and help us come unto him and partake of his goodness! We promised her that if she made the time to read it God would bless her! We gave her a specific scripture to read, and pray that she has a good experience in reading! We also had an AMAZING lesson with S. this last week! We taught her about the plan of salvation and she had so many amazing questions; some were really difficult to answer at times, but we were able to testify to her that God has a plan for her and that he wants her to return to him!
We just want her to find hope in the
message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! And know that it will help her overcome any trial that she faces! AIYO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We also met with B. this week! Found out he can't be baptized quite yet :( we are so sad! The status he holds in Malaysia keeps him from doing so! BUT! We are really praying that next year he will be able to! He IS AMAZING!!!! We were teaching the Word of Wisdom, and he said to us... “You know our church (YA HE CALLED IT OUR CHURCH AHHH <3) should be in Myanmar! You guys need to teach these things to the youth there!" I can't even tell you how it amazes me the testimony and strength that these people have! They know who their center is! And it is Christ! 
I gave my talk yesterday in church and the topic was john 21:15-17! This has become a topic very dear and close to my heart! Christ has commissioned us to FEED HIS SHEEP!!! To be true Disciples of Christ we must feed his sheep! We must follow him! What Christ needs are Disciples... and he needs them FOREVER! "YOU CANT GO BACK"... this is what Christ has told peter and I feel so strongly that this is what Christ has told me... my wonderful companions take joy in reminding me how much time I have in the mission! And all I can tell myself is that you can't go back! My mission has changed me! I know who I stand for, I know what I must do; I know who I must follow and I know that there are sheep to feed for the rest of my life! I want to be able to answer my Lord in saying.. "Yea lord thou knowest I love thee..." and do my very best to feed his sheep! Like Jeffery R. Holland stated... "I may not be my brother’s keeper... but I am my brothers brother" it's my prayer that we NEVER forget this! We are brothers and sisters! Here to lift, love, and serve each other! Let us Love as our savior did! And never go back!!!
Keep on keeping on family!!! LOVE  YOU!!!
<3 EternallySister Waldvogel

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 13, 2014
WOW! What a week!!! FULL OF MIRALCES and a heart breaks! But! GOD IS GOOD! We have been trying to work SOO hard this week! It's been good! We had an AMAZING zone activity on Monday night where all the missionaries in KL zone came together and we went on exchanges with different missionaries (I went with sister A. from Japan, I LOVE HER) and we went contacting all around KL area! IT WAS AMAZING!!!! At first it was a little difficult because it seemed everyone sister A. and I talked to didn't want to learn! We took the council from President Mains to BE BOLD, and so it hurt more when people didn't want to listen, BUT!!!! At the end of the night we prayed specifically to know where God wanted us to go, and we found a girl named S. who was completely open. We told her about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon! We told her we have a special Message to share, and that God is her loving Heavenly Father! She was the sweetest girl; from Malaysia. She was raised Christian but hasn't been going to church for some while! We got her number and are setting up a meeting with her! It’s amazing how God really does prepare people and their hearts! We MUST follow the spirit, and align our will with the Fathers to accomplish his work!
The next day we had Zone Meeting and it was EXACTLY what I needed! It just helped give the confidence and Boost that I needed to REMEBER to forget about myself and GO TO WORK!!! LOSE MYSELF!!!! Just as Christ said... He who loses himself for my sake... shall find himself! IT’S TRUE!!! The more we lose ourselves in Christ the more we become like him! Of course we are not perfect! BUT! Through Faith in Christ we can accomplish Miracles!!!! It was an amazing zone meeting! :) We got to visit with the sweetest sister EVER!!!! She hasn't come to church for a while because of back pains, but she is so sweet! From India, and she has been a member for only a few years! BUT! she is An AMAZING missionary! She shares the gospel with so many people, and gave us a referral! I’m so amazed at how openly people share
the gospel! And it's because they understand what it means to be a TRUE DISCIPLE OF JESUS CHRIST! <3 I am giving a talk this coming Sunday and the topic is in John chapter 21 where Christ tells Peter to FEED MY SHEEP! And I have LOVED studying it!!! It’s been amazing to try and really understand this! When we were baptized we made a promise to keep his commandments... Christ has commanded us to FEED HIS SHEEP! Not just once, not just every once in a while, but to FEED HIS SHEEP FOREVER! And with Elder Hollands talk from conference I am sooo grateful to have heard his powerful testimony!!!! "IT’S NOT ABOUT STATISTICS... ITS ABOUT LOVE" and I testify that is TRUE! IF we truly love our savior Jesus Christ, and I pray we all do! If we truly understand what that means we would LOVE ONE ANOTHER! We would be eager and willing to share the same love that Christ has for us with our Brothers and Sisters! It’s something I have pondered a LOT on my mission! GOD is LOVE, and any man that abides in LOVE is of GOD, and KNOWS GOD! The center of the Gospel is Jesus Christ, and the center of Jesus Christ is love, in my opinion!

Conference was AMAZING! I’m really excited to go to the temple! It's something I feel very impressed about! And I’m grateful for the habits I have created on my mission; they will follow me for the rest of my life! I received a blessing not long ago when I was really sick, and I was told to "look toward my future" I had no idea what that meant!!! I thought apa hal! I’m on my mission! All I have to do is look at FINDING, TEACHING, BAPTIZING, REACTIVATING, AND RETAINING! Now, after conference it dawned on me! "WHERE DO YOU FACE?!" I pray that we can all answer this question with a firm voice saying. I FACE MY SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST! This is what I must look toward! This is who I am helping people look toward here in Malaysia! I am so grateful for our inspired Prophet and leaders! :)

Our investigators are doing really well!!! I. (D's friend) has been meeting with us and she is really sweet! We are hoping to help her gain a connection with prayer! It’s a little different for her! But she is going in a solid direction! :) B. IS AMAZING! He prayed with us last week and in his prayer thanked Heavenly Father for the Book of Mormon, and testified that it is true and from God! It was so amazing! S. is doing so well!!! She has been praying and reading the Book of Mormon; she loved General Conference! And when we finish meeting with her she just lights up with joy! The gospel is TRUE!!!! :) We have seen a lot of heart break this week with not being able to teach some of our investigators because of legal reasons, but we continue to pray and plead with Heavenly Father to bless and help them! It’s amazing what some people go through! I met a man from Iran the other day who was in prison for over 6 months being tortured to turn from Christianity to a different religion. His story brought tears to my eyes! All I could tell him is "you are inspiring, God bless you" and he replied with "It's all for Jesus!" I testify that this is all for Christ! 2 Nephi 25:26 IT's all centered on him! And BECAUSE OF HIM all things are possible to the Children of Men! <3
Keep on keeping on; I LOVE YOU!!!!!! <3
Sister Waldvogel

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 6, 2014


WOW! This week went by SO fast!!! But it started off on a right note!!! Playing ultimate Frisbee for a few hours in the TYPHOON POURING RAIN!!! <3 it was the best!! Some of the Elders may have gotten a few cuts and bruises, but it was SO much fun! :) The only part that was the worst was getting onto a bus or LRT where the air con was BLASTING... That’s the first time I have been cold on my mission! Gotta love rainy season! It’s how our everyday goes… for the next month or two :)
We have been able to visit so many amazing people this week!!! And we have been so blessed to meet many new investigators, referrals, and potentials!!! we met with B. and T. and their beautiful family from Pakistan with their brother J! We read
through 3 Nephi 18, and talked about the importance of the sacrament, and coming to church! Many of our investigators seem to struggle with attending church! So we are putting a huge focus on helping our investigators, Less Active, and everyone to come to church! It was amazing! THEY CAME <3 :) we were so happy when they came through the doors! :) They are the sweetest though! Taught me how to make chapatti! I may or may not have totally ruined it :/ but! She fixed it and it was really yummy! (It’s like Indian/Pakistani bread that’s similar to a tortilla! SO GOOD!) We also met with D’s friend I! SHE IS THE BEST! So is D!!! He is seriously the best member missionary I have EVER met! He made a goal to give the missionaries 10 referrals!!! :O WOW! Anyway! His friend is the sweetest! She is a Chinese/Malaysian, and she felt good after we had taught her how to pray; and she tried it herself! She wants to learn more about our church, and we really pray as she feels the spirit she will come to know TRUTH! Truth is something I have been studying about a lot lately! Especially the fact that truth is unchangeable! Truth will NEVER change! GOD IS THE SOURCE OF ALL TRUTH! If we want to know truth, the best way is to look toward him! (Sorry for the tangent).

Anyway! We also met with a potential invest. Who became a new investigator! Her name is S! SHE IS SO KIND!!! She felt A LOT of comfort meeting with us and she even came to church!!!! We are so excited to keep teaching her, because we know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will bless her life immensely!!! <3 we also went to visit with M, Ma, and A (family, grandma, mom, daughter) and her other daughter U. who is an investigator! Totally ready to be baptized, they just need to come to church!!! She is sooooo good! We are teaching a girl who works at their beauty salon that they own. We wanted to teach her the Plan of Salvation so we reviewed it with U. and asked if she would help us teach it! SO CUTE!!!! We even taught one of the ladies that came into the shop to have her hair done. U. taught her and said "SISTER! Which place to you want to go???" the lady replied "the celestial Kingdom!" it was prob. one of the coolest things of my life! We aren't able to teach this woman sadly :( BUT! The faith and testimony of a sweet 10 year old girl is just amazing! :) This week we also went to visit with P. and his family! They are the CUTEST!!!!! I love them so much! And there was another woman who stays with them, her name is A! She is so sweet and told us... I only believe in the bible... I ONLY read the bible... but when I read the Book of Mormon.. I believe! I WAS LIKE :O "APA!" it was the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 so we taught them the plan of Salvation, and even though they don’t understand a lot of English, the spirit, joy, and love that is in their home is SOOO strong! I just LOVE the humble people in Malaysia!!! They are the most beautiful people I have met!!! God loves them SOOO much!!

I got to see the AMAZING general woman’s conference and it was EVERYTHING I needed to hear!!! WOW! President Uchtdorf is AMAZING!!! He just testified of how much God loves his daughters! Not only for whom we are now... but who he knows we can become! I also really enjoyed the focus on the Temple... and preparing to receive the blessings that are promised there! I miss the temple so much! BUT! I am grateful for the blessings that come from the temple!! I also really enjoyed the story of the 10 woman with the oil and lamps
waiting for the Bridegroom! I want to be prepared like the 5 wise women who brought extra oil! We should each be asking ourselves! What am I doing to fill my lamp? It's the little things that we do day to day, to strive to become more like our savior Jesus Christ! I’m so grateful for the habits I have created on my mission! For the Love I have for my savior... And the Love I have for his children! GOD IS SO GOOD! I love you so much family! I am praying for you always! Keep on keeping on!!!! <3          
Love Eternally,
Sister Waldvogel
OWLE FOREVER >3 ------------------------------------>

Monday, October 6, 2014

September 29, 2014

HI FAMILY!!!!! <3
How is everyone doing??? I LOVE you all so much and am praying for you!!! Especially Uncle Russ and Aunt Kim!!!! LOVE YOU BOTH!!!
This week was AMAZING!!!!! I miss PJ, and all of the investigators and members there a ton! But! I’m now in K.L. Branch with Sister Borcherding from Germany and Sister Chan from England! And I seriously LOVE them so much! And the Branch is AMAZING!!!!! We are super pumped up!!! We have such amazing investigators! B. from Myanmar and he is on date for baptism! He is sooooo good! Really just loves the gospel and loves to learn! We are really working on committing him to read the Book of Mormon; he knows that it is really important! And knows that it is the word of God, he just needs to read it! He’s such a hard working guy, is around 25ish, and is helping support his brother as well! Just a really good guy! We’re also working with a girl named U; her grandma and mom are members who are recently coming back! M and M! U. is the SWEETEST little girl I have ever met!!!! They own a Hindu beauty shop, so we go there to teach them and another girl who works there! It’s the BEST!!! We have also been working with a lot of different families from Pakistan; B.and T, and P. and his family! They are AMAZING! I have never met such humble followers of Christ! They love Christ so much, and they are such amazing people!
We have found 2 new investigators this week! And we have a busy week ahead of us!!!!!! I feel so stinking blessed to have such amazing companions and such a wonderful area! I am STOKED to just go HARD! I was studying the other day about serving with all of your heart, might, mind and strength... and thought a lot about that... I was thinking to myself, have I been doing this?? and thought about the goals I set for myself this week; and found myself reading about the suffering of Christ in the garden of Gethsemane in ‘Jesus the Christ’. (Talmage has such an amazing way of just bringing you there!) It was interesting to me that Christ had asked his apostles to Pray so they would not enter into temptation... he later finds Peter, James and John asleep and asks them, if they could not have stayed awake with him for an hour... then goes on to explain "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak" tying this back to praying to not enter into temptation... I realized how weak I am... how weak the natural man is! And we cannot do this without Christ! BUT! The spirit is WILLING! CHRIST IS THERE! His arms are outstretched if we just come unto him! That is the beauty of the atonement! Yes we are weak, yes we make mistakes, and yes we are imperfect! BUT WE DONT HAVE TO STAY THAT WAY!!!! Through repentance and Christ’s atonement we CAN change! I am so grateful for my Savior! I am so grateful for be able to share the good news that "HE LIVES" with the people in Malaysia right now! I may not be perfect, BUT! Our God is a LOVING God, who is patient with us, and as we DO OUR VERY BEST and give Christ THE REST... we will see miracles!
I love you so much family! Keep on keeping on!
Sister Waldvogel <3
September 22, 2014

HI FAMILY!!!!!! <3

I am going to the KL branch in a trio with Sister Borcherding, and Sister Chan! WOW! I'm really excited! Super sad to leave PJ and our AMAZING investigators! but! it's going to be good! anyway! This week was AMAZING! started out by being in Singapore on P-Day! it was so good to see all the missionaries in Singapore! we had Zone Conference combined with Singapore this time around! anyway! it was SOOOOO good! Sister Fa (STL In Singapore) and I gave a talk on "how we are increasing our faith so we can qualify for miracles" it was amazing to hear other peoples experiences and what they are doing! I was able to really take a lot of what they were saying and set goals and make plans to apply them! I felt really impressed to evaluate how I am trying to allow the spirit to be my "Senior Companion"! I really need to just not stand in the way of the spirit being the true teacher, and guiding us to where we need to go to find those who God has prepared! it was a really great zone conference! We gave a training with the singapore STL's also! so it was a really great experience! President Mains is such an inspired man! we really just were pumped up to go out and be BOLD after this! People are seeing so many miracles now! I'm so so excited to see how this mission keeps growing! :)

Anyway! got back to KL and had an AMAZING week! we were able to meet with A and K who are just the BEST!!! their little girl N came out and showed us her frozen dress, she is so cute,and than she maped out the plan of salvation with our little cut outs! it was precious!!!!! anyway! they are ROCKIN! we had a Distirct youth activity where it was an MTC day! it was wayy cool! we met at one of the members homes where the youth got their "mission call" and sister Hillier and I brought Amy to be our investigator where a group of about 8 youth came to teach! we taught her the word of wisdom and it went really really well!!!! it was AMAZING! it was a really cool activity and i'm grateful we were able to be apart of it!!!
That night we went to a baptism in KL branch (oh fancy that?!) and it was prob. one of the funniet things of my life! the font wasn't filling up so we had to grab huge buckets and fill them in the bathrooms and take them to the font! it was crazy! than the power went out, and many things were going wrong! BUT! that was the most spiritual baptism i have ever attended! the spirit was so strong it was tangable!!! :) i loveEEEEEE baptisms! they are amazing! :)

All of our investigators are doing well!!!! I'm going to miss them all so much! J, A, K, N, F, T, S, S and A! It's amazing how these people mean so much to you! i just really pray that I can be the disciple of Christ that God needs me to be for the next few months! I'm going to Go Hard! I'm going to increase my faith, love like Christ, and keep on keepin on! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Waldvogel