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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

October 28, 2013 Hello Family! Holy moly!!!! A lot has been going on at home! How is everyone?! A lot has been going on here as well! Sage and Rakell have their mission calls?! I hope they read this A MISSION IS THE MOST DIFFICULT, AMAZING, SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!! I love you guys and am so excited for you!!!!!!!! :) if you have any questions ask and email me! :) Crazy things have been going on this week! Sister Trottier was leaving so monday night we went to visit the Lim family! It was so fun! They loveeeeeee star wars! (I guess their daughter was transferred up to Enoch). But we related star wars to the gospel it was a fun time! haha Anyway! I went to Indonesia for a visa run! it was AMAZING!!!!! they had Louis Vuitton’s and Coco Chanel and Prada everywhere!!!! (you can all imagine how worldly that was for me!) haha it was really weird because we are not allowed to wear our tags or talk to people about our volunteer work! but it was so fun!!!!! I went with Elder Moore, Sister Bishop, Balyentyne, and Stokes! it was a blast! the people loved us! They wanted to take pictures with all the white people! haha it was awesome! I loved the people! They drove like crazy though! there were so many motorcycles and vespas and people drove all over the place! there were like no rules! It was terrifying! haha but it was a really good experience! very opposite from singapore! haha :) We had interviews with President! and house inspection! it was really good!!!! :) President loved OWL pops! He said that it's exactly what a mission is! he even used it in Sis. Trottiers meeting haha :) it was the best! :) here is for the big news!!!! I GOT MY TRAINEEEEEEE (greenie) Sister Zhang (sounds like jang) from China! She is super cute! She is 27 and joined the church about 2 years ago! From mainland china! She doesn't speak a lot of English so we are taking an extra hour (approved by president) for her to learn english. It has been a very slow couple day's haha, but i have learned a lot!!!!! mostly patience, and love! It's been going good! All the prayers are so very helpful! i love you all so much! Her first day we had an appointment with F. (a girl Sis. Blauer and I met while on splits) she is the sweetest! She felt the spirit so strong!!! It was hard cause I taught the whole lesson (which was terrifying!!!!!) but it was a good learning experience, and i really felt like i can do this!!!!!! :) i felt impressed to ask her to be baptized and she said YES!!!!!!!!!! <3 GO TEAM!!! anyway! she is amazing! she proceeded to tell us that she was feeling something in her heart that she has never felt before! IT WAS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we love her a lot a lot! the next day was very slow! haha we had studies, and then did a little planning, and then we went out to go contacting at Yishun Park! She was able to talk to someone in Chinese, and i was able to talk to the girls friend in English! It was a really cool experience! We then went to Bishops house for chilli Crab! (SEDAP) so delicious! Also! Elder Moore is still in woodlands with a trainee from Taipei Taiwan! He is ADORABLE!!!! he is such a hard worker, and is really trying to learn english! He is doing fantastic! talks to everyone he meets! He is such a good elder!!! Anyway! so we went to church and it was amazing! Everyone loved talking to sister Zhang! i started making her talk to everyone in English! :) Later that night we had a fireside with Clayton Christensen! He is so cool! has everyone heard of him?? he is a professor, scholar, business man who went to Harvard, very successful and has several books! I was talking to his wife in the bathroom but had no idea it was her!!! They are very, very humble! :) It was really amazing! thats about it for the week! it's been really good, and i'm looking forward to this coming week! praying that I can be an amazing trainer by making this experience so good for her! with owle of course!!! it really is so helpful!!! EVERYDAY!!! I really appreciate all the support it's so helpful!!! i love you all! Keep on keeping on! Love Eternally Sister Waldvogel O.W.L.E FOREVER <3

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