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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

August 5, 2013 Mom, Dad, and everyone who will read this! WOW!!!! how i miss you! it's been really hard the first couple days, it's very different! but I LOVE IT!!!! the food is good, the people are really hard to understand (which is what makes contacting so hard) and i love my trainer! My Trainers name is sister Trottier! (its french) she is super bubbly, fun, and crazy! we tried indian food the first day! it was so hot i thought i was going to die!!!!!! it was called Masala! ohhh so hot!!! haha i have been getting use to hot foods here! anyway i also tried a fruit called Durian! so nasty!!!! ewwwww!!! look it up! haha if you come! you will have to try it! i also tried jack fruit, which isn't as bad, but it's still pretty gross! the members are amazing!!!!! the most amazing thing i have had is called rottibaum (????? sp) haha its like bread with condensed milk! so amazing! we have eaten at someones house every night! they take great care of us! we love them! I have been getting a little better at contacting, i have given away several cards with our names, number, church websites, church times on it so thats good!!! it's just hard because in this culutre, nobody talks to anyone!!!! it's so werid! haha so investigators!!!!!!!!!! i have C! love her, she is so super cute and sweet! she dances, and does yoga! she is so funny! Her and i became great friends, but she doesn't want to be baptized but wants to hear lessons! so thats good! Pray for her pretty please! we will talk to her next week! W. is another investigator he is really funny, super chinese awesome quarky guy! we will meet with him on tuesday! anyway we have met a couple really cool people while contacting that we will hopefully get to teach! it's so hard trying to understand the people here! i have really turned it over to God, and pray that i will be strong enough, have enough courage, and understand them and have them understand me! it's been helping but it will take some time! It's so hot humid and rainy here! but i love it! we really spend most of our time inside, or on the MRT, which is like a subway. its underground, and super popular we usually are standing, because there are so many people in it! I miss my district but luckily elder Moore is in my same ward that were in! it called woodlands ward! they are amazing, and we have really connected with them (they love sister missionaries!) heyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! look out for a sister Lim in St. George! her family is in my ward, and they are feeding us dinner! so maybe you could have her over for dinner! It's been fun getting to know the different Sisters and elders in the mission! i am going to seriously talk so funny when i get home! they say weird things, and dont speak very well! i already see my english decreasing! but i am really trying hard! it's been very hard but so worth it! i have never felt such love for an investigator before in my life! I just cry after i meet with them! it's amazing! i just pray that every day i do better! they are baby steps, but i am really trying!!!!!! i want to be able to Do the work of our Heavenly Father and make him proud! i am so blessed to have you guys in my life! i can't even tell you enough!!! you have all taught me so much!!! i love the girls in my room there are four of us! we all share clothes, etc.! they all love you already!!! i have showed them so many pictures!! they all plan to come visit you guys after their missions! haha it's really amazing here! you really would all love it! my mission is probably the best mission in the world! it's hard, but so worth it! The time has gone by so fast! i have almost been out for 3 weeks!!! isn't that crazy!!!!! wow! haha anyways shout outs now!!!! DAD: i love you, seriously i talk about your teachings all the time, and people here love you as well!!!!! I seriously miss you, but all your advice has helped me so so much!!!!! MOM: i love and miss you!!! i was looking at pictures of us, and every one of my roomies think we are adorable (they say your super pretty) haha i appreciate your advice, and sounds like everything is great!!! PS: mom and dad mission president and his wife love you, and appreciate you so much! CHRISTIE: HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!! yessssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! date that boy! haha jk jk! thats embarrassing sorry! love you!!!! miss you and bray i'll wirte soon! BRENT: It's almost your birthday! ill write a little something!!!!! :) JAEL: wow i love you! i saw the note in my journal, it fell out and i cried! it brought my spirits up so much! i just think you are amazing! so glad your in my family! FRIENDS: YOU ALL FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have not gotten an e-mail or letter from anyone!!!!!!!!!!!! except Corrnina!!! (love you girl!!!) Anyway! i really love you! how is everything there? how was uncle lynns birthday?? hows work mom?? thats pretty cool new people!!! how about you dad??? it was so amazing to hear your voice!!!!! oh my gosh! i loved that! the laws here are so strict, and everything is so expensive!!! especially american things! but we are going to china town today so i will see what cheap things i can pick up! yayayyy! i love you so much!!!!!! i am praying for you! :) love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 love for eternity Sister Hailee Waldvogel O.W.L.E <3 PS: the example part is so crucial on this mission, because you have to act as a representative of christ at all times!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's so important! people are watching you! mostly cuase i'm white haha! but really this mission motto is amazing pops! it's inspired, and i love you for this! :)

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