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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 3, 2014

Hi family!!!! THIS WEEK WAS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Sister Guzman is an amazing companion! Not to mention we are like the same people!!! haha we have the same goals and desires for the area, and the sisters in the mission :) So! I'm STOKED to work with her!!! :) This week was so cool! We saw a lot of miracles!!! First, our investigators! S. and K!! The cutest kids ever!!! S. is a 15 year old boy and he loves to dance!!! So we are great friends!! haha and K. is the sweetest 12 year old girl! They are siblings and want to be baptized so badly!! We had a big fast for them yesterday as they asked permission from their parents... And although their parents didn't say yes... we still have faith that anything can happen!!! :) So we will continue to pray and fast! :) We had an amazing lesson with them! We compiled a whole bunch of scriptures about the Holy Ghost and how it can help lead and guide you! Then we had them write down what it was saying, and how it could apply to them! It was really neat to see how strong their testimonies are... even though they are still investigating the church!!! I love people who are so prepared!!! So! Ang Mo Kio Ward is really cool! Once a week they have an FHE for the recent Converts, less actives, and investigators :) and then they have a School of the Converts on wed. evenings where they read from the Book of Mormon together and it's just the coolest thing ever! They are ROCKIN RC in this ward!!! One of my favorites being Brother P! He’s a 65 year old man, who doesn't walk very well, but he is the funniest, most spiritual man! He loves the gospel and is an AMAZING member missionary! He shares the Book of Mormon with everyone! And follows us to several lessons!! He is a hugeeeeeeeee help!!! Sister A. is also amazing! I love her so much! She is so sweet and is willing to help us in whatever is needed! Needless to say I already LOVE this ward!!! So on Thursday we had an AMAZING planning session!!! It was really long, but we set a lot of amazing goals for the ward... we are striving to go to each auxiliary and have them set goals for missionary work, compile it into the wards goals and then break down to what each family needs to do in order to achieve those goals :) This is our ward mission goals and plan :) WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!! We have a lot of great plans to really get this ward PUMPED!!!! We also have a lot of plans for the Sisters in the mission and what we want to share with them! Our goal is to help them understand and feel the love that God has for them, the love we have for them, to be patient with themselves and to be happy now!!!!! So we are sharing the video on the atonement and how it applies to missionary work! (Everyone look it up on YouTube!!!) And helping them understand that the atonement can help them in all of these aspects!!! :) Another investigator, I. finally met with us! It's really difficult to meet with him! BUT! He feels so happy every time we meet with him, and we were able to help him see the importance of coming to church and obeying the commandments so he can be baptized and find joy! :) We had a very nice lesson with him... and although he didn't come to church we were glad that he felt the spirit!!

We met with a brother P! HE ROCKS!!!! The spirit was there so strongly in that lesson! We talked about the priesthood...  So he is preparing himself... and that was a HUGE miracle!!!! :) We are soooo excited for him! He is so ready!! We made a super cute certificate of achievement for Brother P! He finished all his rc lessons! SO! I’ll send you a picture!! It’s adorable! We put a lot of stickers and colors on it! :) He loved it so much and said he was going to frame it!!! :) haha.

On Sunday I was able to bare my testimony and let the ward know how excited I am to serve with them and build up the area together!!! SO! I know that as we involve the Lord in his work we will see Miracles!!!!!!!!! That’s about all I’ve got this week!

Sister Waldvogel

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