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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 15, 2014

HI FAMILY and FRIENDS!!!!!! <3

How are you this week??? :) Hope everything is going well!!!! I have been praying for you all a lot this week! WOW! This week has been CRAZY!!!! It took me a while to recover from being sick! I had this problem where I just didn't want to take time to recover! So it was a bit of a long week at the beginning! BUT! On Thursday things were great!!!!! And the week picked up from there! We have this AMAZING new investigator…

*Thank you previous Elder Loke*

His name is S. and he is literally the coolest! He has such a great perspective on life! And really wants to find "lasting happiness"! We were able to testify to him that he will find that here! :) It was neat as he shared experiences of times he felt the spirit with his friend who was a member of this church! He didn't know that it was the spirit he was feeling! BUT! We were able to teach him how to pray, and how he can receive an answer for himself! It ROCKED!

We have some CRAZY things going on with our invest. One of our families was kicked out of their living place and forced to find a new place to live! They hardly had any money and it was a miracle they found a place!!!!! It’s been crazy this week trying to help them in any way that we could! It was a little frustrating! BUT! Luckily my companion is a BOSS! We were able to help the best that we could! Ultimately we know that the Lord loves them and will take care of them! They know that as well! And have such great faith! :) A. and K. are doing really well! They are just amazing! They have such great questions that are really helping them to lead to that lasting conversion! I’m so excited for them! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! MIRACLE!!!! So F. our invest. from the Philippines! We haven't seen her for SOOOOO Long! She came to church this last week! We taught her! And she CRIED in the lesson! And told us how badly she wanted to be baptized!!!!! <3 Sister Hillier and I were just dying during the lesson! I couldn't hold my tears back! This woman is such an amazing example of great faith... humility... and love! She told us that many of the things she believed when she was young are in our church! People had told her that she was wrong! It’s just AMAZING! These beautiful people who have such simple testimonies are such a light!!!! It’s the best!!!! We have such amazing investigators! Who are progressing so well! We feel so blessed to just see miracles EVERYDAY!!!!! We actually had a lady from the Philippines who is going to university right now call us! She told us that she really loved the Mormon teachings and wanted to meet up and learn! :) WOW!!!! That just made our day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 this is the Lords work... it is a work of miracles!!!!

At zone conference this week we are talking about what we are doing to increase our faith so we can qualify for miracles!!! I know that I have a LONGGGG way to go! BUT! I know that if you set your sights toward Jesus Christ! ALL things will be possible for you! I am so grateful for the knowledge that the gospel gives us! Of who we can BECOME! I had such a neat experience the other day... we had just had a very, very difficult day. We came home and things just seemed to go wrong left and right! I was so frustrated that I just decided to pray... I locked myself in a room and prayed for a long time! I told my Heavenly Father everything that was going on... and asked him why he had forsaken me! I got an answer that is hard for me to ever forget! I realized he has NEVER and will NEVER forsake me! I have been so selfish in my life thinking solely of me! It’s not about me! This is about HIS work and HIS glory! This is about HIS children! I’m so grateful for the atonement and how it allows us to CHANGE if we let it! This gospel is true! Jesus IS the Christ!

I love you all soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Hailee Waldvogel <3

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 8, 2014


How are you??? :) WOW! This week was like a blur! Went by so fast!!! First off... we have a sister in our ward... Sister L. who follows us to several of our lessons and helps us so much! So we heart attacked her with the Elders this week! It was the best! Teaching elders how to heart attack is one of my fav. things! They just never really know what to do with themselves! But! It was really cool to see how much that meant to her! Showing our love in such a small way really touched her heart! :) We have decided to work with our Elders in really striving to serve our branch members and helping them understand we love them! We are really excited to see how it works! :) Our investigators S. and T. are on date!!!!! October 18!!!!! :) They are really amazing! And have such strong desires to be a part of this church and to come closer to Christ! They are just eager to learn more and more! :) M, who is an awesome member/RC in our branch! She is the BEST!!!! She follows us to many lessons and treats us so well!!!! :) We had an amazing meeting with her on Wednesday before we left for MLC, and we just were able to help her understand what it means to be a daughter of God. There is so much comfort given in the fact that is who we are! We are children of a LOVING heavenly Father! He knows us and is willing to help us! She is the best! And such a strong person! We love her!

We flew to Singapore that night for MLC where we had the special guests of Elder Funk (quorum of the 70) and Elder Allen (supervisor of missionary work). They gave us training at MLC and it was AMAZING!!!!!!! I have never in my life felt so humbled and spiritually uplifted at the same time!!! Elder Funk wrote on the board in the high council room (where we usually have MLC) "the Singapore mission is..." and we had to list several things! SO! We started to list many things that we strive to be as part of our Singapore Mission Vision... Elder Allen took over and helped us see that this is where we WANT to be... then he helped us see the reality of where we are now.... as we hit the reality of where we are as a mission, Elder Allen than gave us a training on many different things we can do as leaders to help us individually... And to help our missionaries as well! It was really cool!!! He emphasized a lot on watching "the district" videos and really studying those! So as a household we have been watching a lot more of those! :) It’s been really good! Something I really took from this training was understanding people... if you understand someone, you will love them! You will have compassion and charity for them! Because charity is something I am really striving to focus on, I felt this is something I could really work on! Trying to understand people more! It was just amazing! He really touched on going back to the basics of what we have! We have been given the tools to be successful in this work! We just have to USE them!!!! :)

We got back to KL and went on exchanges with the Sisters in KL branch! I went with Sister B. from Germany! I love her! She is the cutest!!! We had a really good day! Met with a family from Pakistan! They are soooo sweet! And met with one of their LA and her daughter who is an invest. And they were the sweetest! This little girl who was ten was such a sweetheart! She has such a love for the gospel! And was so intelligent! We asked her how God has blessed her for keeping his commandments and she told us how much he has blessed her, and how she wants to be a good girl! It was adorable!!! The exchange was awesome! :)

That night I got really, really sick! And wasn't able to go to church; I was really upset about that! BUT! We had several invest. come to church! A. and K. are progressing SOOO well! They are just doing AMAZING! I’m so happy for them! J. is doing well also! She has been traveling around a lot! But looked for the church where she was traveling! So! We have just been so blessed! We are meeting with a potential invest. tomorrow! And have many plans to find new investigators this week! SO! Things are going very, very well!!!! I’m really excited to just keep on keeping on!!!!!

I love you so much family!!!!!! I pray for you always!!!!! Keep on keeping on!!!

Sister Waldvogel

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September 1, 2014

Hi FAMILY!!!! <3

How are you?? Sorry I’m emailing soooo late! An amazing member in our branch, brother R. had his mom in the hospital for months and she just passed away! The funeral was today so we decided to go; she was over 90 so it was a blessing she wasn't suffering anymore! BUT! I am so grateful for the knowledge that our families can be together forever! There was so much heart ache at the funeral. It was a very interesting traditional Hindu funeral, and I have lots of pictures to send you next week! There was a lot of symbolic acts with flowers and fire with lots of chants and prayers. It was really cool! The family is still in mourning, so if you could keep them in your prayers that would be great! :)

I don’t have a lot of time! But for p-day today we also went with our YSA branch members to the city farm where we got to pet all kinds of animals!!! It was SOOO cool!!!! :) I loved it!!!!! Coolest animals I pet was a deer and a skunk! Also lots of reptiles!!! hahaha anyway! This week was FULL of miracles!!! We had an AMAZING lesson with our investigator J! She is just progressing so much! And LOVING the book of Mormon! We talked about the commandments and she has really been able to see how the commandments are there as a way for us to exercise our faith and receive blessings! It’s amazing how she is growing! WE love hearing her bare her testimony to us every week! Our other investigator A. is doing AWESOME!!! She and her husband K. have been coming to church every week and we had an amazing lesson where K. really was interested!!!!! We decided to focus on him and center it really on God, our Loving Heavenly Father and he asked a question about a Heavenly Mother which started the lesson out a little roughly, but!!!! We ended up turning it around and HE PRAYED IN THE END!!! It was so amazing! I couldn't even get over his desire to know if God is really there! We are really excited to be working with this wonderful family!!! WE LOVE THEM!!!

We went to Penang for exchanges and I was able to go with Sister Alfrey (my child!!!) and it was the BEST!!! She is such a hard worker and an AMAZING missionary! I absolutely LOVE her so, so much! She talked to me a lot about the WHY of being on a mission and it really made me think about mine... I was able to see how much she has changed and grown! I love her so much, she is the BEST!!!! we taught this AMAZING family while we were there; the dads name is K, with a wife and 2 kids from Pakistan. They are Christian and were being persecuted where they lived, so they came to Malaysia. They don’t have a lot... but they do have FAITH! A LOT of it! And they love the gospel! They love Jesus Christ and it's such a light to me to see what it really means to STAND for CHRIST!!! LIFE IS AMAZING!!!!!!

I love you guys so much! I am sorry I don’t have a lot of time, but I’ll write more next week! I know that Jesus Is the Christ! I know that he suffered the Atonement for us and that through him ALL things are possible, and we can BECOME like him!!!

I LOVE You!!!!!!

Sister Waldvogel