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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

January 20, 2014 Hi Family!!!! How are you?! I love you and miss you all! Everything is going well in Singapore! Still in Woodlands!!!! :) whoot whoot! haha 7 months go team!! :) I love this ward, so it rocks! Anyway! A. is doing so well!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is on date for Feb. 9th!!!! YAY!!! It’s going really well.. We just need someone who speaks Mongolian because it's hard to really know if she understands everything! BUT! We know that the spirit is the ultimate teacher, and that is what brings true conversion! Anyway! Love her daughter M! She came to church and played with a little girl like all day! It was adorable!!! :) Anyway!!! This week was SO LONG!!!!! After Sister Black left there were a lot of tears :( but it's all good! She was amazing and we are so happy to have lived with her! :) Anyway! So if you could keep S. in your prayers this week it would be great, but it’s all going to work out :) we had a lot of appointments cancel this week :( which is crazy sad :( BUT! It’s alright... there will be hard times and I have learned to face them head on and keep going! Because it will make me stronger as I use Christ’s atonement to take his yoke upon me :) mission’s rock! We met with one of our LA and read the BOM with him, because this is one of my new goals for every person I work with for the rest of my mission! And I’m stoked to see how it really helps them! They feel the spirit and enjoy reading the Book of Mormon because they understand it!!! We met with AC and made her cookies, haha (she was like, too sweet!!!!!!! Asians can’t take sweet things!!!) She is amazing and we love her so much! She is going to come to church after Chinese New Year… This is going on right now! I have taken a few pictures, but there are decorations EVERYWHERE!!!!! Its soooo cool! It’s the year of the horse, so there are a lot of decorations with horses on them! We had a very spiritual lesson with A. on the POS focused on the atonement...and how we can be freed from guilt and shame through our savior Jesus Christ and she was like, how can I do that?! WHOOT! BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!! Always a miracle when that happens :) anyway! We had a ROCKIN lesson with S.S. and sister Lim! :) Sister Lim is like my favorite! She just tells it how it is and is able to really connect with those she teaches! I want to be like her!!!!!! She is so cool! :) Anyway!!!! WHOOT! IT WAS MY 6 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) It feels weird how fast/slow time goes!!!! Crazy! Anyway! We went to the open house at the Senkang chapel where we really hoped to have F. come, but she has been really sick so we are just praying that she can meet with us! We know she will find comfort in the message we share!!!!!!! But the open house was way fun!!! and we have decided to do a mini FHE and open house at the chapel we attend to get members and missionaries working together to find people to teach! :) Elder Robbins is our new district leader and new to Singapore and is serving in woodlands with us! He is so funny!!!!!!! He is from New Orleans!!! (My fav. place!!!!) We are excited to work with him and he is totally ready to build up this area! Sister Proffit and I have a lot of plans to work with WM and to find new investigators because we are ready to build up this area!!!!!!!! I want to go out with a BANG!!! :) :) anyway!!!!! We had an FHE at Sister E’s house with her 2 RC daughters J. and B. W. was there with Grandma V. and they are the CUTEST!!! We talked about Alma 32 and I had to improvise replacing a seed with an almond, ground with my bag, and water, sun, soil, etc. the flower ended up being a bow that we had in our bag, haha :) it was a little ridiculous but it was a very enjoyable night! We played a game and had some treats! And they were so cute, they told me "never leave woodlands sister" and I wanted to cry!!!!!! :) We went to church and people kept giving us cookies and treats for Chinese New Year!!! hahaha I’m super excited for my free day so I can try one!!! :) Anyway!!! Family! I Love you a lot!!!!! Miracles happen every day!!! ~ Alma 7:23 READ IT!!!!!!!!!!! Christ will always stand by us... as we strive to become like him, we will shine with his light!!!!! I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!! Love Eternally Sister Hailee Waldvogel <3 O.W.L.E <3

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