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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

October 21, 2013 Dear Family, WOW! I have def. learned a lot of patience this week! It has been a really good week! I did get a really bad cold :( luckily I got over it very quickly!!!!!! but there were two days my trainer made me take a nap in which i passed out! I couldn't function! luckily we only had 1 or 2 appointments on those days!!!!!!!! yay! haha now i'm feeling a lot more energized! anyway! so this week was so amazing! We have been trying to see everyone that we can before my trainer leaves! :) Monday night we went to see the C. family! They have the son G. who follows us to lessons, and he is the coolest! He went to the Philippines on his mish, and his younger sister A. is the cutest!!!!!! we love her! she is 13 and we took her to ice cream and it was the best!!!!! She made little BR entries for each of us! its the cutest!!!!!!! i love her!!!!! anyway! so we talked about General Conference with their family, and they really opened up to us. They told us several things, trials, and personal things it was one of the most spiritual lessons i have ever had! i can't even remember half of the stuff i said! The spirit was no doubt leading my words! i love that after lessons… i can tell when the spirit was directing my thoughts and words! IT's all because of God! this is HIS work and HIS glory!!!! and how cool that we are all called here at this time to be a part of it!!! <3 AMAZING! anyway! we played a way fun game with them also! it's scrabble with mormon words haha it was a blast! we love them! Anyway! We heart attacked Sister Joslins mom this week! and this time we were not caught!!!! YAY! haha but sis. jos knew who it was right away! called us and was sooo beyond happy! she said her mom sent two angels!!!! isn't that so cute!!!! WE LOVE HER!!!!! anyway! can't wait to see her again! :) She is the best! really takes care of us! we had S. baptismal interview and found out she took tea a few days ago and so she can't get baptized :( we were heart broken, but we know she can get there! We are just praying like crazy!!!!! I was really sick the next day and so we didn't do much :( But the next day we met with AC and it was the most spiritual lesson we ever had with her!!!!!!!!!!! i love her so much! we were so close to getting her on date!!!!!! It was really amazing!!! we love her sooo much!!!!! anyway!!!! We met with a girl C. who is a member. she lives in a home (which is crazy rare unless your super wealthy!!!!!!) we went in her house and it was GORGEOUS!!!!! she is 15 and the cutest! we love her! She was in Sis. Trottiers last ward :) We went to stake conference that night which we met the RM sisters in our ward!!! they are the BEST! Felicia and The woo's daughter, they are the best and want to follow us!!! haha they gave amazing testimonies and are so nice! can't wait to get to know them better! ALSO! on sunday we watched the work of salvation video (specifically made for Asia haha) it was amazing! this is so good, because it's what we have been praying for!!!!!!!!! and the ward members are even more excited about missionary work! Jeffery R. Holland was just called to be over Asia YA YA!!!! haha we all want him to come to Singapore so bad!!!!!! :) anyway! we went to a free concert last night at the esplanade theater and it was sooooooo cool! it is a huggeeee theater you should google it!!!! it's so nice! the orchestra was so amazing! i was very impressed! we went with our investigator T! She is super cute! that night we also taught the YSA FHE and it was sooo good! we talked about conversion and testimony, and it was from elder bednars talk converted unto the Lord IT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE READ IT!!!!!!! the ysa gave us 7 referrals which is a HUGE DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! we were so grateful last night!!!!!!!! i just couldn't help but be soooo happy!!!!!!!!!!! anyway!!!!! it's been a very difficult week, with several things but it has been amazing as i can really see Gods hand in all of this work!!! just have to work super hard, and keep pressing forward!!!!!!!! i love you all so much! i am praying for you!!!!! keep the letters/emails coming!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Sister Waldvogel O.W.L.E FOREVER <3 "being a disciple of Jesus Christ isn't simply a periodic activity, but a way of life."

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