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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

September 23, 2013 Hi Family!!!! How are you?! wow! sounds like some crazy awesome things are happing back at home!!!!! will you please tell the Hannigs Congrats for me?! how fun! where did they adopt her from?! she is beautiful! i'll be writing to sadie today! haha I just love that family! can't wait to see her someday! This week has been soooooo good!!!! :) first off! Sister Noh (the new sister) knows RYANN WOODBURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness! i hope someone tells her that! i was so excited! it's such a small world! anyway her and i have become besties! she is so fun! We had S. (sis. lims brother) follow us! We visited our new investigator J. He is super crazy haha but he has a good heart! so willing to learn and so open! Anyway we went contacting after that and Sam and I met 3 AMAZING Filipinos!! I love Filipinos! they are such beautiful people! they are so open! Each of them wanted a B.O.M and loved it! sadly we had to pass them, but they were the kindest ladies i have ever met! they were all helpers, and really supported each other! We met them at a park while the kids they watched played! :) We also met with AC where I ate CHICKEN FEET!!!!!!!!!! ewwwwwww!!!!!! so gross! haha also I ate shark! haha i have tried some crazy things! oh miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!! we went less active finding after planning, because ward shepherding night was cancelled. We went to visit Sister T. and she was there and let us in!!!! we love her, she has been inactive for a long time. She was on the dont visit list, but she let us in and invited us to come back!!!!! AWESOME right?! we love her, and she is just so strong, and good! She has several sons and has been married twice! She loves Jesus christ, and really just wants to belong somewhere! yay! finally a less active let us in! :) Anyway! We also went door knocking for my first time ever!!!!!!!!! it was the scariest thing i have ever done! haha just joking! It was really good! two people let us in! a young 15 year old boy, who was really open. I'm not sure he wants to meet again but i am glad we got to give him a copy of the BOM :) The second was a grandma with her two grandkids! they are Hindu, and the young 9 year old boy S. Is our favorite!!! She didn't speak english but he did, and she wants us to teach him! We gave them a BOM copy, and asked if we could come back to meet! So we did! And the mom was there! we taught him about God, and Jesus Christ, and how he died for us! It was amazing! he loved it! We hope that the mom will let us come back and teach, but she seems a little hesitant :( we are praying all goes well! I just love him so much he is so good! such a smart little boy! anyway! We also taught S! Our last lesson was really bad :( she ranted for like and 1 and a half about things that didn't make sense! we tried to keep her on topic, but it didin't work! :( Sister Lim was there also, and she tried helping often! Finally at the end after we had the prayer i took her aside and really told her about Jesus Christ, and how he can help her rid herself of Beetlenut. Really tried to get the lesson we prepared in, and she really knew how i felt! Most importantly she knew How God and Jesus Christ felt! YAY! she came to chruch, and she is doing much better! now we need to just keep finding ways to help her understand the doctrine so she can be baptized! :) also! W. FINALLY FELT THE SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!! yay! haha we went to bishop's home for lunch and had a lesson on the sacrament, and the holy ghost! He said he is understanding the BOM better, and that he feels the peace/ spirit that comes with it! Also he said he felt it during the lesson! SO HAPPY!!!! :) yay! it's taken a while for that! he is excited to be baptized! Our days have been up and down, but i have been really relying on God! i have started to read a talk, and im not sure what it's called! But if you can find it you should read it! It's an e-mail to an elder from someone who served a mission and he was explaining his mission experience! (Elder Folkerson) you should see if you can find it! Remember when you said "Go on a mission hailee and kick Satans Butt!!!!" pops?? i found a quote!!!!!!!!!!!!!! perfect!!!!! "if you want to punch satan in the mouth..... PREACH!!!!!" <3 Anyway! life is really good, it's hard every day but i really am trying to stretch myself, to be an effective missionary! How are all of you doing??!!! I miss and love all of you so so much!!!!!!!! SO MANY BIRTHDAYS THIS NEXT WHILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just know i love all of you! i'm working on letters, and i am thinking of all of you on your special day! :) Thats about it for my week!! Oh i did meet the kindest lady on the bus! She has this braclet that i complemented to get a conversation going! And she was so nice she gave it to me!!!!! turns out she told me when you soak it in salt water over night than wear it! It matches to you (takes in your aura) haha it's really cool! like a mood braclet! Anyway, there are amazing people everywhere! i really am just falling in love with singapore! i would serve a mission for the rest of my life if i could! except i would have you all here with me! But this year and a half is the best thing FOR my life! i'm so happy i chose to come, and i love it here! my comp is super awesome also! we are already planning to party when we get home haha! anyway!!!!!! keep on keeping on family! i love you so so much!!!!!! LOVE YOU MOM AND DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love eternally Sister Hailee Waldvogel O.W.L.E <3 (obedience, work, love, example)

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