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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

August 19, 2013 Wow! can you believe its been a month?! I surely can't!! crazy! Anyway, a lot has happened this week! We are meeting with this super cute elderly lady, her name is AC! she is crazy! haha she is so stinking funny! she likes just talking with the missionaries, and usually doesn't really like to do the commitments we extend. But! she called the other day and was like Sisters!!! guess what?! i turned off my T.V and i took out the restoration pamphlet and the B,O.M and read! she is so funny, and we cant wait to meet with her this week! She lovesssss to laugh! its so great! We also met with the sweetest old man, R! he was so cute, and we committed him to pray, sadly we have to pass him :( but hopefully he will keep meeting with us! We met with R! it was so amazing! she fed us, and her home is so beautiful! She lives with a family who practically adopted her when she was 16, and they have a convertible BENTLY!!!!!!!!!!! you can imagine how much i love singapore with all these amazing cars! haha anyway she came to church, loved it, and we gave a BOM to her friends as well! We pray that she accepts this cause she is so prepared! We love her so much! We put W. on Date, and taught him the Plan of Salvation, and he is doing really well! i have the cutest cut outs for the POS, and it's a fun time! haha we taught at the Cortez's home! they are such a GREAT family! I love them! they have kids all over but two left at home G a RM, and a girl T who is 12 they are the best family ever! I asked G. for advice for a mission, and this is what he said in a text he sent He said "Sister waldvogel dont be afraid, remember your ordination, and love your comp." This made me laugh cause it was a joke from earlier in the night. Anyway We also have another investigator! her name is S, and we put her on date the second time we met! she has been going to church off and on for over a year, so we are just trying to help her get past the Word of Wisdom. hopefully we can help her! she really wants to be baptized! :) thank you for all the prayers they are amazing! I just talked to a girl on the MRT on the way to e-mailing her name is Ri! i love her so so much! i got her # and set up a tentative appointment to meet! i hope she becomes an investigator, cause we clicked! anyway! We also taught a man named M! We met him on Hari Ria (muslim celebration) He is a muslim, quite old, and very sad! but he met with us last night! he was so kind, and although his wife wasn't really interested he is very interested! Oh and get this!!!!!!!! CRAZY!!!! Sister Trottier has really wanted to meet with a contact she had on the MRT a couple months ago, but he wouldn't answer our SMS or Calls. We hadn't talked about him for like 2 days and out of the blue during a prayer i just thought lets call E, and we did! and guess what?! HE ANSWERED!!!!!!! we set up a possible appointment, and it was the craziest experience i have had! God really impresses things upon you, and its the most humbling thing! Anyway! I have really learned the importance of loving, serving, patience, and smiling all the time this week! also having a positive attitude! I am taking it all step by step. :) How have you all been?????? So on FB i'll probably have some people adding me from here you can add them :) haha just a heads up! I really enjoy hearing from all of you! guess what video they showed yesterday in Relief Society?! the one about Annie Rowan! crazy ya! haha it was really cool, i just think God sends little tender mercies to me to keep me going! :) The mission is really getting to be personal! i love the people here so much! i love our ward! oh my goodness i love them all so much! So watch the videos after G.C. look for a beyond 5 video we were filmed quite a few times! and the people of SIngapore lovedddddddddddd them!!!! haha it was really a huge thing when they were here! Okay pops!!!! i will look! they have some kimonos but we are going to shopping capitol today (bugis) so i will look! :) how was brents birthday???!!!! I really love you all so much!!!!!!!!! I have started to learn a bit of malay and can say a little of my testimony in Malay, but i will hopefully be able to say it all in a few months haha! :) i love you so much! i'm praying for you, i can feel your prayers really! The mission is so amazing! it is up and down, and it's really hard to overcome my own self but with the Lord i can do Hard things!!!!! we passed out 13 B.O.M last week so we are working hard!!!!! last night we had fun, the four of us were dancing around and i taught the other sisters in my apartment how to cha cha, it was really great! I am learning to find joy in the journey as well as working hard! It's amazing here! I love you!!! keep on keeping on family!!!!! Love For Eternity Sister Waldvogel O.W.L.E <3

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