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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Monday, March 10, 2014

FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!!! <3 How is everyone?! :) i hope your all doing FANTASTIC!! Singapore is AMAZING as always!!! this week was sooooo busy, and cool, and hard, and all of the above!!! :) IT ROCKED!!! lets start with monday!! :) we went to the Zoo with Sister A, H, G and Elders C, H, F, and Ha! IT WAS A BLAST!!!!!!! i'll send lots of pictures! we went to the elephant show, and a sea lion show! took a million ridiculous pictures and had a lot of laughs!! :) We went to the A. families house later that evening for dinner and had an AMAZING experience! Their daughter is getting married next month, and they are having a reception in Singapore before they go to the Hong Kong Temple! And they really want to involve the missionaries! and share the gospel during it!!! I WAS AMAZED!!! at all the ideas they had! they want us to come early, and just talk with lots of people, and they also want to have some mormon messages playing, and talk about how families can be together forever! I CANT EVEN TELL YOU!!!!! how much i want to be like that for my future life! it's their daughters wedding reception, and they are involving missionary work in it! we are making a lot of great plans to have some missionaries sing, and just talk to as many people as we can1 WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!! i really love this family! they are the best!!!! i'll have to let you know how everything ends up going! BUT! i'm stoked!!! anyway!!! this week we went with Elder H, and Elder S (Ang Mo Kio elders) to heart attack some members!! IT WAS WAYY FUN!!!! and we got some member appointments for next week!!!! So we are really happy!
Sister G. is AMAZING! she has served in this ward before, at the very beginning of her mission, and so she created a member book! with all the members pictures... facts... names.... and when we visited them! so we updated that on tuesday, and found some Less Active members! It was a really great day!!!!! BUT! sadly i got sick this week :( i'm going to go to the Dr. and get something to help me get better soon... i've been holding onto this cold for a long time! :( BUT! it's gonna be good! :) THURSDAY WAS MLC (missionary leadership council!) It's where President Mains, AP's, Zone Leaders, and Sister Training Leaders have a meeting :) IT'S AMAZING!!!! it's quite long, but you come out feeling very inspired, and pumped up!!! i really loved every second of it!!! we made a few changes for goals in the mission... and talked about a lot of different ideas to build up our mission! Leaders are Truly inspired! That's all i have to say about that!!!! My favorite part is at the end we go around and everyone bares their testimony! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the spirit was so strong, and you could tangibly feel the love that President Mains has for every missionary in this mission!!!! i feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to see first hand all the prayer, thought, and faith that goes into all the leadership!!!!! :) anyway! we were able to go on exchanges with 2 diffrent companionships this week! I went with Sister A, and Sister L :) IT WAS SO FUN!!!!!! the day with sister A was amazing, because 1st off she is like my bestie so it was a blast to be comps again! we had some really good heart to hearts during the day, and the spirit was really felt!!!! Sister L is an amazing missionary! She is so much fun, hard working, obedient, and has such a strong spirit with her!!! She and i were able to go contacting, and give a BOM to a girl who is from Myanmar and she was ill, and it was a really good experience to testify that she can find comfort through her savior Jesus Christ! :) We were also able to visit S. (1st RC)!!!! i was wayyyyy excited to talk to her! she is doing amazing, and i miss her a lot! she is the sweetest!!! That evening we went to Stake Confrence with elder Gong (area 70 president) and it was so cool! I was able to shake his hand several times over the two day period he was here! He is the funniest, most spiritual man! I really enjoyed hearing all he had to say about members and missionaries working together!!! on Sunday we went to stake confrence i saw AC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love that woman!!! haha she is the craziest sweetest old chinese lady ever! she was passing me notes during the meeting and i just couldn't help but laugh at how funny she is! I'm really glad she loves coming to church though :) she has a lot of friends and i ihope she is doing well! I was able to see several Woodlands Ward members!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!! i miss them a lot! It was really good to catch up with everyone, and see that they actually remember me! haha :) Also! we had a lot of great meetings with the AP's about leadership and really helping the missionaries catch the vision that Presidnet Mains has for us! :) and we also met with Elder H and Elder I (zone leaders) they wanted to involve us in this weeks zone meeting, so we are really excited! i'll send a picture of our ideas we wrote down on the board :) We have seen a lot of miracles this week!!!!!!!!! We were able to find a less active who has been LA since his wife passed away.. and we are praying we can meet with him this week! He has a lot of amazing potential! We are also really excited to find new investigators this week!!!! :) thats our goal!!! And We have loved getting to know the sisters more!!!! it's amazing! we have called each of them every week to see how they are doing, sing them a song, really give them words of encouragment! THEY ARE AMAZING and wonderful missionaries!!! I love them each so much!!!!!!!! IM CRAZY BLESSED!!!! the end! :)
well family!!!!! and friends!!! i love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 this church is true... miracles happen.... and God is mindful of each of his Children... and the Atonement will and has carried us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Sister Waldvogel
O.W.L.E <3

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