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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

October 6, 2014


WOW! This week went by SO fast!!! But it started off on a right note!!! Playing ultimate Frisbee for a few hours in the TYPHOON POURING RAIN!!! <3 it was the best!! Some of the Elders may have gotten a few cuts and bruises, but it was SO much fun! :) The only part that was the worst was getting onto a bus or LRT where the air con was BLASTING... That’s the first time I have been cold on my mission! Gotta love rainy season! It’s how our everyday goes… for the next month or two :)
We have been able to visit so many amazing people this week!!! And we have been so blessed to meet many new investigators, referrals, and potentials!!! we met with B. and T. and their beautiful family from Pakistan with their brother J! We read
through 3 Nephi 18, and talked about the importance of the sacrament, and coming to church! Many of our investigators seem to struggle with attending church! So we are putting a huge focus on helping our investigators, Less Active, and everyone to come to church! It was amazing! THEY CAME <3 :) we were so happy when they came through the doors! :) They are the sweetest though! Taught me how to make chapatti! I may or may not have totally ruined it :/ but! She fixed it and it was really yummy! (It’s like Indian/Pakistani bread that’s similar to a tortilla! SO GOOD!) We also met with D’s friend I! SHE IS THE BEST! So is D!!! He is seriously the best member missionary I have EVER met! He made a goal to give the missionaries 10 referrals!!! :O WOW! Anyway! His friend is the sweetest! She is a Chinese/Malaysian, and she felt good after we had taught her how to pray; and she tried it herself! She wants to learn more about our church, and we really pray as she feels the spirit she will come to know TRUTH! Truth is something I have been studying about a lot lately! Especially the fact that truth is unchangeable! Truth will NEVER change! GOD IS THE SOURCE OF ALL TRUTH! If we want to know truth, the best way is to look toward him! (Sorry for the tangent).

Anyway! We also met with a potential invest. Who became a new investigator! Her name is S! SHE IS SO KIND!!! She felt A LOT of comfort meeting with us and she even came to church!!!! We are so excited to keep teaching her, because we know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will bless her life immensely!!! <3 we also went to visit with M, Ma, and A (family, grandma, mom, daughter) and her other daughter U. who is an investigator! Totally ready to be baptized, they just need to come to church!!! She is sooooo good! We are teaching a girl who works at their beauty salon that they own. We wanted to teach her the Plan of Salvation so we reviewed it with U. and asked if she would help us teach it! SO CUTE!!!! We even taught one of the ladies that came into the shop to have her hair done. U. taught her and said "SISTER! Which place to you want to go???" the lady replied "the celestial Kingdom!" it was prob. one of the coolest things of my life! We aren't able to teach this woman sadly :( BUT! The faith and testimony of a sweet 10 year old girl is just amazing! :) This week we also went to visit with P. and his family! They are the CUTEST!!!!! I love them so much! And there was another woman who stays with them, her name is A! She is so sweet and told us... I only believe in the bible... I ONLY read the bible... but when I read the Book of Mormon.. I believe! I WAS LIKE :O "APA!" it was the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 so we taught them the plan of Salvation, and even though they don’t understand a lot of English, the spirit, joy, and love that is in their home is SOOO strong! I just LOVE the humble people in Malaysia!!! They are the most beautiful people I have met!!! God loves them SOOO much!!

I got to see the AMAZING general woman’s conference and it was EVERYTHING I needed to hear!!! WOW! President Uchtdorf is AMAZING!!! He just testified of how much God loves his daughters! Not only for whom we are now... but who he knows we can become! I also really enjoyed the focus on the Temple... and preparing to receive the blessings that are promised there! I miss the temple so much! BUT! I am grateful for the blessings that come from the temple!! I also really enjoyed the story of the 10 woman with the oil and lamps
waiting for the Bridegroom! I want to be prepared like the 5 wise women who brought extra oil! We should each be asking ourselves! What am I doing to fill my lamp? It's the little things that we do day to day, to strive to become more like our savior Jesus Christ! I’m so grateful for the habits I have created on my mission! For the Love I have for my savior... And the Love I have for his children! GOD IS SO GOOD! I love you so much family! I am praying for you always! Keep on keeping on!!!! <3          
Love Eternally,
Sister Waldvogel
OWLE FOREVER >3 ------------------------------------>

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