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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 13, 2014
WOW! What a week!!! FULL OF MIRALCES and a heart breaks! But! GOD IS GOOD! We have been trying to work SOO hard this week! It's been good! We had an AMAZING zone activity on Monday night where all the missionaries in KL zone came together and we went on exchanges with different missionaries (I went with sister A. from Japan, I LOVE HER) and we went contacting all around KL area! IT WAS AMAZING!!!! At first it was a little difficult because it seemed everyone sister A. and I talked to didn't want to learn! We took the council from President Mains to BE BOLD, and so it hurt more when people didn't want to listen, BUT!!!! At the end of the night we prayed specifically to know where God wanted us to go, and we found a girl named S. who was completely open. We told her about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon! We told her we have a special Message to share, and that God is her loving Heavenly Father! She was the sweetest girl; from Malaysia. She was raised Christian but hasn't been going to church for some while! We got her number and are setting up a meeting with her! It’s amazing how God really does prepare people and their hearts! We MUST follow the spirit, and align our will with the Fathers to accomplish his work!
The next day we had Zone Meeting and it was EXACTLY what I needed! It just helped give the confidence and Boost that I needed to REMEBER to forget about myself and GO TO WORK!!! LOSE MYSELF!!!! Just as Christ said... He who loses himself for my sake... shall find himself! IT’S TRUE!!! The more we lose ourselves in Christ the more we become like him! Of course we are not perfect! BUT! Through Faith in Christ we can accomplish Miracles!!!! It was an amazing zone meeting! :) We got to visit with the sweetest sister EVER!!!! She hasn't come to church for a while because of back pains, but she is so sweet! From India, and she has been a member for only a few years! BUT! she is An AMAZING missionary! She shares the gospel with so many people, and gave us a referral! I’m so amazed at how openly people share
the gospel! And it's because they understand what it means to be a TRUE DISCIPLE OF JESUS CHRIST! <3 I am giving a talk this coming Sunday and the topic is in John chapter 21 where Christ tells Peter to FEED MY SHEEP! And I have LOVED studying it!!! It’s been amazing to try and really understand this! When we were baptized we made a promise to keep his commandments... Christ has commanded us to FEED HIS SHEEP! Not just once, not just every once in a while, but to FEED HIS SHEEP FOREVER! And with Elder Hollands talk from conference I am sooo grateful to have heard his powerful testimony!!!! "IT’S NOT ABOUT STATISTICS... ITS ABOUT LOVE" and I testify that is TRUE! IF we truly love our savior Jesus Christ, and I pray we all do! If we truly understand what that means we would LOVE ONE ANOTHER! We would be eager and willing to share the same love that Christ has for us with our Brothers and Sisters! It’s something I have pondered a LOT on my mission! GOD is LOVE, and any man that abides in LOVE is of GOD, and KNOWS GOD! The center of the Gospel is Jesus Christ, and the center of Jesus Christ is love, in my opinion!

Conference was AMAZING! I’m really excited to go to the temple! It's something I feel very impressed about! And I’m grateful for the habits I have created on my mission; they will follow me for the rest of my life! I received a blessing not long ago when I was really sick, and I was told to "look toward my future" I had no idea what that meant!!! I thought apa hal! I’m on my mission! All I have to do is look at FINDING, TEACHING, BAPTIZING, REACTIVATING, AND RETAINING! Now, after conference it dawned on me! "WHERE DO YOU FACE?!" I pray that we can all answer this question with a firm voice saying. I FACE MY SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST! This is what I must look toward! This is who I am helping people look toward here in Malaysia! I am so grateful for our inspired Prophet and leaders! :)

Our investigators are doing really well!!! I. (D's friend) has been meeting with us and she is really sweet! We are hoping to help her gain a connection with prayer! It’s a little different for her! But she is going in a solid direction! :) B. IS AMAZING! He prayed with us last week and in his prayer thanked Heavenly Father for the Book of Mormon, and testified that it is true and from God! It was so amazing! S. is doing so well!!! She has been praying and reading the Book of Mormon; she loved General Conference! And when we finish meeting with her she just lights up with joy! The gospel is TRUE!!!! :) We have seen a lot of heart break this week with not being able to teach some of our investigators because of legal reasons, but we continue to pray and plead with Heavenly Father to bless and help them! It’s amazing what some people go through! I met a man from Iran the other day who was in prison for over 6 months being tortured to turn from Christianity to a different religion. His story brought tears to my eyes! All I could tell him is "you are inspiring, God bless you" and he replied with "It's all for Jesus!" I testify that this is all for Christ! 2 Nephi 25:26 IT's all centered on him! And BECAUSE OF HIM all things are possible to the Children of Men! <3
Keep on keeping on; I LOVE YOU!!!!!! <3
Sister Waldvogel

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