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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 16, 2014


HAPPY FATHERS DAY POPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 LOVE YOU!!!!!!! How is everyone?! I pray you’re all doing well! WOW! This week was AMAZING/CRAZY!!! We are really trying to be diligent in all things! And it's paying off! We are seeing so many miracles!! First things first! (I.) GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! I’ll send a picture! But funny story! We show up on Saturday to the chapel... and the roof (right above the car park) is leaking like a waterfall!!!! We freak out and run up the stairs to the baptismal font in fear that we broke the church! But it was okay! All was well in life! Except the baptismal font wasn't filling up! So we decided we needed to plug the drain... so what’s our first thought? A plate from the kitchen (hahhaha)! Nobody is in properly attired to enter the water so I volunteer as tribute (because I’m in a black skirt) and I get SOAKED!!!! Meanwhile we are praying this will work.... it doesn't... ;( BUT! The kind custodian comes to the rescue! Meanwhile we are FREKING OUT because our investigator is sooooo late!!! And sister Lebaron and I are about to have a panic attack when I. comes out of the elevator and all he says is "I'm here..." and goes the bathroom to change!! WOW! We about died! It was all a lot funnier and stressful in the moment... but it makes for a good story! All was well... even though Satan tried hard, HE FAILED!!! Roundhouse kick to the face ;) okay! So now to talk about this week! I bought a really cool scroll from Chinatown that says ‘Families are Forever’!!!! and I got it at a discount because I started talking about the gospel and agency to the woman who worked at the store... she asked me "Why do some Christians do bad things!" and I answered simply with the fact that God loves us so much he gave us our Agency to choose! And some people don’t make choices that are in line with what God wants us to do! BUT! God is just :) anyway! It was cool! :) She wasn't interested, but it was really nice to talk with her! And spend time with the missionaries in Chinatown! Where we met a guy who tried to hug me.... nothing can make a Sister Missionary feel more
'Families Are Forever'
squirrelly than when some random guy tries to go in for a hug and you diss it with a nice forward hand shake! ;) We had a ROCKIN Zone meeting thanks to Elder Johnson and Isberto! It was set up like MLC and we had a council about a vision we want to create for our Zone! :) It was soooo cool!!! :) The spirit was sooo strong!! I know that God loves his Children so much! And I’m grateful my mission has helped me come to that knowledge! We are trying to go to malls in Singapore and set up a Family History Booth to invite people to come and learn more about the website! (no proselyting allowed) and so this week we worked really hard trying to talk to several different malls! It’s been CRAZY!!! And most malls can't allow it but, we have seen a lot of miracles as well! :) We are going to keep working toward it! :) Went on several exchanges this week with some of the sisters! They are AMAZING!!! Our mission really has the best sisters!! I love them so, so much! They each have such great desires and work so hard! I'm really grateful that I am able to learn so much from their wonderful examples!!

Eating Duck Intestines
After I’s baptism, we were able to visit a less active sister who is going through a hard time and helped her to really feel Gods love and Awareness of her! It was such a neat experience to bring the spirit in and help her to come tochurch! Everything is going really well! We found 2 new invest. this week!!! MIRACLE!!!!! We have been working a lot with part member families! Visited Sister G's family! And her ADORABLE son C.J. told me I was Snow White and looked like I was from fairy tale land!!! I wanted to die it was so cute! We are going to teach the lessons to her family (who are members) and her husband (who is not) :) Please pray for them!!! :)

Well family! This week was excellent! Worked really hard... and really felt the Love God has for his children! I really hope that you guys know how much God loves you!!! And how much I love you!!! I'm so grateful to have DAD in my life! You have taught me what it means to be a real Man by how you love Heavenly Father and how you love Mom and our Family! I'm SOOOO eternally Grateful for you! <3 LOvE YOU FAMILY!!!! And friends!!!!! <3

Love eternally
Sister Waldvogel

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