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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 28, 2014


How are you??? This week was CRAZY!!! Also the BEST!!!! We had 5 investigators come to church this week!! #MIRACLE!!!! It was AMAZING! We were able to meet with our investigator A. on wed. and President T. followed us! It was such an amazing lesson; she was recovering from Dengue fever so we haven't been able to meet with her for the past month! We talked a lot about the BoM and faith, and really just let her know how she can receive her answers through the Holy Ghost! It was such a spiritual lesson! She even prayed... committed to read the Book of Mormon, and she came to church! She really opened up to us, and explained how she thinks this is the church for her! WHOOT!!!! We love her so much! And are excited to keep meeting with her! Later that same evening we went with Sister L. (a member in our branch) to visit some of her friends who only spoke Chinese... so it was hard to communicate but they were the sweetest people in the WORLD! They fed us so, so much! And were so kind! They had a really cute grandma there, and she just kept holding my hand talking to me in Chinese! It was adorable!!! :) I pretty much am in love with all the people here! They are so humble!!!! And give soooo much!!!

On Thursday we went to PENANG!!!! It was AWESOME!!! We went on exchanges with sister A.and Sister L! And it was the best time of my life!!! Sister L. is literally the most amazing friend I have ever had!!! We had so much fun together! We went to visit a potential investigator and met with him and his wonderful family who made us TONS of chicken curry and rice. His sister was from Indonesia and didn't speak English, but she is so kind!!! And is so prepared to learn about the gospel! They didn't have a lot... but they served us sooo much! I can't get over how much people just give and give! I really admire it! And just pray that God blesses them so much! Anyway! Sister L. and I talked a lot about life... and how our missions have changed us! It was so cool to talk with her... and talk about how we can't go back! "You can't go back Peter" (a joke we have from a talk one of the Elders gave) I can't go back to the same person I used to be... I have started my mission and it's not going to end at 18 months! I have made the choice to be a disciple of my savior Jesus Christ for the rest of my life! <3 anyway! We had some good convos! :) The best part of the day was when we walked through a cemetery at 9 at night and sang primary songs and hymns as I clenched so tight on sister Lewis hand! I was scared out of my BRAINS!!! But it was all good cause than we saw people ballroom dancing at a park near their house and went to watch! I told them I had done ballroom dancing in America and they invited me to come dance with them.... sadly I had to deny.. :( BUT! It was a great contacting tool! So that was awesome!!! Really made me miss dancing though! :)

This Sunday was the BEST!!! I gave a talk in sacrament meeting and the topic was search, ponder, and pray! It was really cool, because so many of our investigators were there! It was a complete miracle! It’s been hard because we have had such a hard time meeting with all of them since I’ve been here, and so it was amazing to finally see them all at church! J. brought her two girls, and Amy brought one of her girls (they are friends, so it was excellent to see them helping each other at church!) the best part was teaching F! This is the sweet, sweet lady from the Philippines with 7 children... we taught her about the Godhead and went through who God our Heavenly Father is... his Son Jesus Christ... and The holy Ghost. We testified of God’s love for her... and the spirit was so tangible in that room! It was the most amazing experience ever! I just felt how much God loved her... and I just loved her so much! She prayed and was even brought to tears and she wants to come to church every Sunday! :) That's the only time we can meet her, but she is sooooo prepared, and such a beautiful person!

This week was so fun! It was kind of all over the place! BUT! something really cool we are doing with our branch is called 21 DAYS... it’s a promise given by someone in the quorum of the 70 that you write down 10 specific people who you could share the gospel with... and pray for them each day and read a scripture from the chart for 21 days and at least 1 person will want to learn about the gospel! :) SO COOL!!!!!!! We are really excited to see how it goes! :) Anyway! Sorry I’m quite scatter brained today! But! If there is one thing I especially learned this week it is about God being our Loving Heavenly Father.... doesn't matter who you are... what diff. religions we are... or ANYTHING! GOD LOVES HIS CHILDREN! He is the same FOREVER! I know that he is aware of every single one of us... he knows us... and he is ALWAYS there for us! Let us always share that love with our brothers and sisters... regardless of differences! <3

Keep on keeping on!!! <3

Sister Waldvogel <3

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