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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 21, 2014


How are you??? This week was CRAZY AWESOME!!! I taught my companion and all my housemates how to 1) Ballroom dance (cha-cha, waltz, tango, jive) 2) ballet - it was the most HILARIOUS thing of my life! I’ll send some pictures! We have too much fun at our house... pillow talks are the BEST!!! ;) SO! I went to the top of the Petronius towers last Monday and that was really cool! It’s the tallest attached skyscraper in the world now I guess! :) We went out this week with some of the YSA and went to this place called the Burger Lab! IT WAS AMAZING! Wow! It’s better than In-N-Out! It was fun getting to know all of them and one of the Sisters served in this mission and knew everyone from Woodlands, so we of course talked for an hour about that ward! I love them! :)

Anyway our invest. A. was really sick with Dengue fever! So we haven't been able to meet with her at all! Sister Hillier and I thought it would be a good idea to make her some cookies and take it to her house hoping that she would be there! Sadly she was not :( but it's all good! CAUSE! That same day she was finally discharged from the hospital and came home to cookies and a note, she sent us such a sweet sms thanking us and now she wants to meet this week! We are really praying that we can help her to come to church and feel the spirit! :) She is amazing and reads her kids the children’s BOM every night! We have ROCKIN investigators! :)

This week was really cool because we went to Ipoh!!!! I LOVED it there so much! The people are AMAZING!!! We went on exchanges with Sister Rigby and Sister LeBaron! It was a BLAST!!! First off we took a train from KL to Ipoh where the legendary Sister C. picked us up! :) She then took us to a Vietnamese restaurant where we ate SO MUCH!!!! But it was SO GOOD!!! The next day we had appointments like CRAZY! It was ROCKIN! The people in Ipoh are so prepared! It was really neat to see the sister’s work hand in hand with the members in Ipoh, and they were so good! They did EVERYTHING with the missionaries! I’m going to be a member missionary like that! They drove them and followed to every appointment, went knocking with them, visit LA, and did service! Took them for dinner, it was simply AMAZING! The members were so cute! They told me at the end of the day... "Sister when are you coming to serve in Ipoh?? You need to stay..." haha I told them I would pray my way there! haha so here’s to hoping!! ;) The next day we came back to PJ, and I fell back in love with my people here! hahah you just can't win! ;) We taught RS class, and we taught the Restoration but had the sisters break up into groups to teach us! It was really cool! It was a good way for the sisters to bond as well! :)


 WE GOT A NEW INVESTIGATOR!!! Her name is F. and she is from the Philippines, she is the most beautiful humble person I have ever met! She has seven children. It was the most heart wrenching feeling when she was explaining her story, but the spirit was so strong when we testified to her of how much God loves her and how he is aware of her! We taught the Restoration, and she grew up Christian so she has a lot of questions about the Godhead, but we invited her to pray and to ask God herself; and she is really interested in learning more! Sister I, the most AMAZING woman from Indonesia in our branch referred her to us! We love her a lot! This sister is always giving the missionaries referrals! She is the best missionary I have ever met! :) I want to be like her! It was such a good Sunday! We have a lot of new families that are from America and working here! It was weird to see so many white people, but they are all so nice! We are really looking forward to meeting with all of the new families! I wish everyone could experience church in Malaysia, we have the most FAITHFUL members ever here! I am amazed at how much they Love God and Trust him! It’s such a testimony builder to me!

This week was really good! It was A LOT of traveling! But I was able to see a lot of Kampongs (little villages where people live that don’t have a lot) It was a really neat experience to see some really humble people! It's the story when Alma is teaching the people who have been kicked out of the Synagogue... but he tells them how blessed they are because of their humility! It's amazing how much you learn from the people around you! :)

It's been difficult for me just adjusting to so much in Malaysia, but I'm grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ! He is my perfect example! At the moments when he most could have turned inward... he turned outward... he submitted himself to the will of God, and I want to have that unselfish love and submission to the will of my God! I'm grateful for Repentance and how great of a gift Christ’s grace is! It allows us to change and to be better… To BECOME like our savior! This gospel is perfect... we may not be... but we don’t have to be because we won’t be in this life! We just need to keep trying... keep on keeping on! <3

Sister Waldvogel

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