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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 31, 2014 hi FAMILY and FRIENDS!!!!! <3
Such Cute Children in Ang Mo Kio
How is everyone?! Singapore/Malaysia is GREAT!!!!!! We had a CRAZY week, full of exchanges, plane rides, eating durian cakes, seeing missionaries from other missions, planning for zone conference and seeing MIRCALES!!!! <3 I just love being a missionary!! :) Anyway!!! So last Monday we went to the National Museum of Singapore with like a million different missionaries and it was a BLAST!!!! <3 haha we were really board, but we made it fun taking too many crazy pictures! :) Oh P days are the best! Later we went to FHE for Ang Mo Kio and it was AMAZING!!!! We did something called the tea bag experiment! You hold a tea bag on your hand... After taking out the tea... light it on fire... and it floats up, then you read Alma 38:5 :) TRUST IN GOD!!!!! We than had each Recent convert/less active write a scripture on a paper and I WILL TRUST IN GOD AND HE IN ME... it was a really great FHE lesson! :) I have really learned the importance of doing the little things in life to maintain the spirit, and have it with you EVERYDAY!!!! SO IMPORTANT!!!! Tuesday we went heart attacking some of the new auxiliaries...        
less actives... it was a lot of fun! We took sister A. with us!!! <3 haha I loveeee Sister A. she is the coolest recent convert ever!!!!!!! <3 We went to Penang this week!!!! It’s an island in Malaysia really known for a tourist attraction! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!

So we had checked in our bags... went through security... and were in the waiting area for boarding the plane. I look across the way and see 2 young men clean cut, dressed in suits with side bags and I tell Sister Guzman "Hey! they look like missionaries!!!" they were on a flight going to Manila Philippines! So I see them take their jackets off and low and behold!!! A planner and a celestial smile!!!! WHAT?! So I pull out a copy of the BOM hoping they will look over at us... cause I can't leave the area to talk to them! So, we see two other elders come over and shake the other ones hands and at that moment I was like THEY ARE TOTALLY MISSIONARIES!!!!!! So I freaked out and of course grab my name tag (cause we can't wear them through customs) and start jumping up and down like a mad man!!!! for 15 min. they don’t look! Then I ask Guzy... if I pray do you think they will look up?? She said yes of course!! So it may seem silly friends but I did!!!!!!!!!!! And GUESS WHAT?! The second I looked up and held up the BOM one more time, one of the elders looked up and they all noticed us! We grabbed our cameras and started taking pictures of each other. Sadly we had to board really quickly! BUT! I know God answers prayers even for little things! And what’s even cooler!!! WE are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!!! So cool!!!

Anyway! We made it to Penang! With sisters R. and B!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!! :) It was soooo much fun!!! We went to a family’s home for dinner (the P family) my FAVORITE!!! Sister P. is a hoot!!! I totally want to be her when I grow up!!! She is hilarious, super down to earth, a public speaker and an AMAZING member missionary!!!
The next day I went on exchanges with Sister B. who is a TROOPER!!! She has been really sick sense she came out, but works so hard!!! She was very diligent and worked her butt off!! It was a miracle all the things we were able to accomplish! We met with a Potential Investigator... made an app. and met with a less active... and I'm so amazed to see the Faith of the sisters in the Mission! And how amazing their testimonies are! SHE IS A ROCK STAR!!! We had so much fun with those sisters!!! They are hilarious!! Sadly we had to go home! BUT!!!! I have really come to LOVE Singapore!!!! I really don’t ever want to leave!!!

Anyway!!! We went and helped move/clean for the T. family (from the Philippines) they have the cutest daughter F!!! She is wayyy too cute!!!!!!! I LOVE HER!!!!! And then we went to... Wait for it.... an 8 COUSE DINNER AT A CHINESE RESTRUANT/COUNTRY CLUB!!!!! It was so fancy!!!! haha ward member (The A. family) took us, and brought their niece who is the coolest person ever!!!!! She is wayy super cool and we are meeting with her in 2 weeks. We are praying that she is willing to take the discussions!!! :) This gospel would completely change her life for the better!!! Anyway!!! It was so much fun and an amazing opportunity to just explain to her why I’m on a mission! It was cool! I told her all about the things I have been learning... how close I have come to my Father in Heaven... and how wonderful it is to share what you love!!! Anyway!!!! Church was AWESOME!!!! It was the 5th Sunday (focused on missionary work!!!) so it was really fun to hear all the speakers (Sister G. spoke and did an AMAZING job!) NOW IS THE TIME FOR MEMBERS AND MISSIONAREIS TO WORK TOGETHER!!!!! It’s a true story!!! The work is going to progress whether we catch on or not! BUT! It will BOOM if we catch on!!!! So LETS DO IT TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

A. (our RC) we have been working with came to church on time to take the sacrament... I. our invest. who fell off the face of the earth for over a month called us!!!!!! and then came to church!!!!! We had 4 invest. come to church!!!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!! The work is booming!!!! And although it's difficult because we don’t have a ton of time in our area, we can really see the hand of the Lord in ALL THINGS!!!!!! It’s amazing what happens as you do ALL that you can!!!! and then give God the rest!!!! JUST TRY <3

Fun fact: Durian cake is DISGUSTING!!!! haha is was sister R. (sister from Cambodia who stays with us..) birthday and she lovessss durian (most ppl in Asia do!) and I was so ill!!! hahaha anyway!!!

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep on keeping on!!!!!

Sister Waldvogel
O.W.L.E <3

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