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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014
Hi family!!!!!! 

How are you?! I had to email late this week! We went to a trampoline jump place with all the missionaries! It was so much fun!!! So we e-mailed really late this week!

BUT! TRANSFER NEWS!!!!!!! I’m staying in Ang Mo Kio as an STL, but with Sister G. finishing her mission, I am now with Sister R! She is soooo amazing! And CRAZY! But I love her to death!! I’m crazy excited! Really sad to see Sister G. go, because she is def. one of my favorites!!!! This week was AWESOME!!!! We went to the river safari last p-day, with Elder H, I, H, and S! Also C. (RC from ang mo kio) went with us and it was a BLAST!!!! The river safari is like the zoo! :) It's so much fun! I saw a PANDA BEAR!!!!!! And was so excited!!! :) I took about 200 pictures! It was really fun! We went on a little boat and looked at some different animals that was pretty cool… we also got up close and personal with some monkeys! That terrified me haha!

Anyway! This week has been so, so busy!!! We had Zone Conference! It was awesome!!! In our mission we have 3 diff. zone conferences and Sister G. and I attended 2 of them for our calling! We were able to speak and give training/break out sessions at both! It was a really good experience! The topic for our talks were how we are striving to become a PMG missionary! I talked about the Study, Apply, and Evaluate pattern... and a lot about obedience!

My favorite Quote:

"When you love the Lord, Obedience ceases to be a burden... Obedience becomes a delight..."
It's SOOOO true!!!! I continued in saying that if we are obedient we will have the spirit with us! And we can't do this work without the spirit! We MUST preach his gospel by his spirit!!!! <3 it's truth! I wanted them to really understand that as they Love the Lord... are obedient, study PMG, they will be effective missionaries!! Anyway! Our break out session was about working with ward Members! It was fun! We decorated the white board to show how we would heart attack ward members..
We also explained about the member book that Sister G. created for AMK ward. We really focused on 4 main things 1) gaining their trust 2) love/serving them 3) inviting them to come unto Christ/teaching them 4) working together and helping them see the urgency behind the work of salvation!!! IT’S TRUE!!!!!!! This work is sooo important! And we need every hand giving their part!!! :) I had so much fun with all the missionaries I got to see! I’ll send pictures!!! :) IT WAS SO FUN!!!!!!! A bit too much! haha  

We also had MLC (Mission Leadership Council) this week which was fun! It was really a good reminder of the fact that we need to reevaluate ourselves.. And to make sure we are doing what we need to set a good example, and to be internalizing our Singapore mission plan! It's true though! I've almost reached my half way point and I really don’t want to feel like this is routine! I want to push myself… find new ways of being a better missionary! And really come even close to my Savior! This week was cool!
We didn't have a ton of time in our area! Sadly, but we did see miracles! Our investigator I. came to church again; we had a lesson with him, and put him on a baptismal date!!!! <3 that is a HUGE!!!! Miracle!! We have set goals as to best help build up AMK ward and I pray that I can just work so, so hard to build it up!!!! I had an amazing study on grace the other day! "His grace is sufficient." ~Brad Wilcox (READ IT!!!!!!) its sooo good! We aren't expected to be perfect... God just wants us to TRY! To Practice! To strive to become like our savior Jesus Christ!

He will be with us every step of the way... it's different for every person, but that is the beauty of the Atonement it can encompass each of us in our own personal matters! IT’S AMAZING!!!! The Woman’s conference was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I missed mom during it A LOT!!!!! But it was so cool! They really incorporated hands into this session! During the videos, musical numbers, etc. it was always people using their hands!!!! WE ARE THE LORDS HANDS!!!!!!! Let's be worthy instruments so we may bless the lives of our Fathers children!!!

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep on keeping on, have an amazing week!!!!

Sister Waldvogel


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