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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 26, 2014

How is everyone?? I pray you’re all doing well!! This week has been CRAZY!! Of course transfers are always crazy! BUT! It was a pretty good week! On Monday we went to East Coast Park beach and played volleyball/signed BR's it was wayyy fun! Luckily no elders chased me with a crab this time around!! We finally finished heart attacking all of the auxiliaries! And it's really helped strengthen our relationship with all of them! You can really tell that they appreciate it! And member missionary work is starting to peak! We are really excited to keep striving to help the AMK ward!! I. has been really sick, so we haven't been able to
meet with him! BUT! He came to church and we have a meeting with him tonight before FHE, so we are really praying that he comes tonight! He is totally ready for baptism!! We also set a new baptism date with S. and K! I'm wayyy stoked! We are praying hard for them! We are going to take some cookies over to their house and get to know their parents better! And K. wants to be baptized on her birthday June 11! SO!!! We are going to have a big fast and prayer to really have the Lords help in this!! They are all so AMAZING!! We also met with V. this week! She is an investigator from the Bedok ward, but coming to Ang Mo Kio now and is the CUTEST!!!! I love her so much! She was dating a YM from Singapore who is in Malaysia now! And I’m so glad that we get to meet with her! I met her at the beginning of my mission and she is just the coolest! I can't wait for her to be baptized! I told her she has to come visit me in America! :) Anyway this week has been busy with picking up new missionaries!! Sister S. (the one who went back to
Indonesia for visa problems) has a visa now!!! So we picked her up and now she is back in Singapore!!! We are so happy! <3 We also picked up Sister J. from the Philippines MTC and she is AMAZING! Wow! Poor thing! Her mom was sick, her friend passed away and so many other things were hitting her! BUT! She is staying and I just admire her strength and trust in God! I absolutely love her!!! She is the tinniest little Iban from Malaysia and she is ADORABLE!!! We were busy going back and forth from the airport all day Wednesday and Thursday! BUT! The new missionaries are AMAZING! Sister A. (my
grandchild!) Sister A. is training her, SHE IT THE COOLEST!!! She is an amazing dancer, haha yes I made her dance for me! She was trained in ballet and she is just totally ready for the work! She was talking with everyone on the MRT and she was so fired up! I loved it, because it got me fired up as well! Sister C. is so cute! She is the other sister that came in and she is serving in Woodlands!!!!!!!!!! <3 I’m so stoked for her! She is going to rock it! I love new missionaries because they are just so excited and cheerful, and ready to go and DO! I have really wanted to incorporate that into my own missionary work! It shouldn't be anything Mundane! It's the Lords work... that means it is a Joyous/happy work!!! :)

Oh oh!!! I FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON AGAIN!!!! <3 that was such joyous news!!! So I’m excited to read it again! I got a new clean copy and started marking it up as such

Blue= names of Jesus Christ
Pink= Jesus Christ’s words
Yellow= doctrine or principles in the book of Mormon
Orange= Christ’s characteristics!

I LOVE IT!!! It’s so amazing! I can testify so hard core that the Book of Mormon is the convincing witness that Jesus is the Christ! And I just want to read from it all the time by myself and with my future family!! It's amazing the spirit that it brings! It truly is the keystone of our religion!!

Anyway!! In new missionary orientation, I gave a talk about having an attitude of I'll go where you want me to go, I'll say what you want me to say and I'll be what you want me to be! And how we can do this through the atonement of Jesus Christ... he can make our weaknesses into
strengths! :) IT’S AMAZING!! <3 The coolest thing happened last night! A member (Brother K) and his wife (sister N) called us and shared a little message with us! They had just finished studies from the scriptures and wanted to share what they had learned! This was something so small, but made a hugeeeeeee difference to me! I have made that a goal now! I really want to share a little message of what I learn just over a phone call with others for the rest of my life! I think it's an amazing way to strengthen your testimony and help others to strengthen theirs as well!!! I have so many goals for my future family, and I just know that Jesus Christ will be the center of my life forever! And I’m so appreciative of how much I have learned on my mission! I just want to be a missionary forever! And constantly be learning so much about the love of my Father in Heaven!!! 

You’re all AMAZING! I love you so so so much!!!

Keep on keepin on!!!
Love Eternally,
Sister Waldvogel <3

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