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I have been called to serve in the Singapore Mission, for 18 months! i am so excited and feel very blessed! i have an amazing family, and group of friends! 
~Doctrine and Covenants 84:88 

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

Hi family!
How is everyone?! :) This week was interesting! A lot of really awesome things happened! :) We were able to finally finish heart attacking ALL the auxiliaries this week! Which was awesome!!! You could really tell it meant a lot to them! It was fun to talk with everyone at church on Sunday! I feel like there is starting to become more of a connection in the ward with members and missionaries! :)

We had a zone meeting on Tuesday, it was pretty good! Sister R. and I gave training on "Lord I Believe" by Jeffery R. Holland! I LOVE THAT TALK!!! It’s so good! :) It talks a lot about the man who comes to Jesus Christ’s apostles and asks them to cast the devil out of his son, and the apostles can't do it.... At the moment when contention starts happening, Jesus Christ comes to them and asks what is going on! He then explains to the Father who is pleading for a glimmer of hope that "All things are possible to them who believe." he tells the master "ye Lord, I believe help thou mine unbelief." I love this story! Faith is belief that is turned into action! It's hoping for things which are not seen which are true! As we read in Alma 32! It's the first principle of the gospel, and the most important foundation that we can have (Faith in Jesus Christ)! :)

Wednesday we had a ROCKIN lesson with S. and K! haha we taught them about eternal marriage and then we used toilet paper to dress K. up in a wedding dress, and S. in a suit! It was really fun and we took a lot of pictures I’ll send! haha we had them write down the qualities they want in a future spouse and we got to read them! I can't even tell you how amazing these kids are! I wish I was like them when I was their age! They have such amazing faith, love of their savior, and solid testimonies!! I pray that they can be baptized soon!!! We have some awesome goals to aim for that! We are really hoping their parent’s hearts are softened as we invite them to come to church and meet with families in the ward! :)

We had a WAYYY awesome miracle after our planning session! So, we were getting ready to go and visit LAs, when we received a phone call from one of the sisters in the mission. She was going through a rough time and we were able to talk with her! Anyway we had to change some of our plans because of the time, and as we were trying to make new plans nothing was working. So we finally just narrowed down to visiting a sister who lived close to us! We went to the home and a man answered the door saying that we had the wrong person. Just as we were about to leave, a super adorable indian (Singaporean) lady comes to the door and says! Missionaries!!! Please come in come in! We were in shock! Come to find out this is another less active member we wanted to visit, she stays with her mom and husband! She and her mom are less active! We got to know them, and even set up a return appointment! They are going to make us Indian food!!! SO EXCITED!! :) They are the sweetest! Even tho it was really frustrating that our plans weren’t working out, we realized the Lord was directing us to them! IT WAS AMAZING!!!! haha I love everyday miracles! :)

Well, I GOT TO SEE SISTER TROTTIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 I met her family! She came back to Singapore to visit with her parents and sister! I was so happy to see her! It made my week! :)

I also went on exchanges with Sister Alfrey! And that was a blast!!! We went contacting down by Mariana Bay and got SUN BURNED hard core! But I have a great tan now hahaha! It was really nice to spend time with her! I love her so much! She is just an amazing missionary, and one of my best friends!!


We went to visit the cutest family the C. family! Dad from Australia Mom from China, and the CUTEST halfsy kids! Two girls and one boy! It was so fun to be around these kids! They are ADORABLE! The elders taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and we talked to them about faith and repentance! It was fun to teach little kids. It's so interesting how the gospel is SO simple, but we often try to make it so complicated! The gospel is amazing, and God loves each of his Children so much! As we trust in him and turn to him, he will take our hand and lead and guide us! Until that wonderful day that we can see him! :)

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Sister Waldvogel

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